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Does the Singapore Government owe us a Commission of Inquiry on the obviously frequent flash floods?

Question: Does the Singapore Government owe us a Commission of Inquiry on the obviously frequent flash floods?

I think the answer is a resounding YES.

On 16 June, just a month ago, shopping district Orchard Road was flooded after a heavy morning downpour, resulting in millions dollars of losses. Businesses were disrupted, retail goods were damaged, fittings and fixtures badly damaged and they needed million dollars of renovation. Such "freak" incident happened was due to a choked drain - as pinpointed by the PUB. Debris from the choked drain were supposedly cleared and this once-in-50-years "freak" event should not happen again.

Weeks later on, Orchard Road suffered yet another flash flood, after having spent money renovating their premises. If floods do become a common thing in the shopping district, these vendors' confidence in the area is sure to be dampened. Will they or anyone even consider doing businesses in Orchard Road?

I hope the Singapore government which includes Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Environment Minister Yaacob Ibrahim and PUB CEO Khoo Teck Chye, can step out bravely and timely, telling us the root cause of flood in Singapore. If there is an error on their side, an apology should be given. Hiding away from the public for weeks before coming out telling we Singaporeans of having "unrealistic" expectations, expecting Singapore to be completely flood-free, is "impossible". Here we are, seeing floods occurring on a weekly basis for the last two months is unacceptable to me.

Yes, the Singapore Government owe us a Commission of Inquiry.

Businesses in Orchard suffered massive losses from second flood in a month [via]

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