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Friday, June 03, 2005

Life as a COPA

COPA (Commanding Officer Personal Assistant) is not easy at all. In practice, a COPA usually just stays in the office slogging like a typical secretary. Only the CO (Commanding Officer) runner is to go out-field. However, my CO (Commanding Officer) thinks otherwise. He feels there should not have a clear line separating between the duties and responsibilities of a COPA and a CO runner.

Some of the duties of a COPA are
1. Receive calls and take down messages
2. Schedule meetings/briefings for CO
3. Facilitate signing of documents
4. Check and reply his emails
5. Schedule cleaning of his GP car.
6. Keep his desk clean and neat
7. Pack his field pack
8. Ensure cleanliness of his field pack
9. Go out field with him

Going out field with him also sucks.
"Map please" - I have to pass to him
"Camo" - Pass him his camo cream
"Mirror" - ...

Would not want to describe further.

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