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Increase the number of simultaneous downloads in Internet Explorer 7

Just in case you don't realize, the maximum number of simultaneous downloads in IE 7. This is the case even before IE 7 days. The fix to this inconvenience has remained the same and applicable to all versions of IE.

Refer to below link for the fix.

God Bless

Heard there are 2 RCL employees just passed away one week after the other and both died because of accident in Malaysia.

RCL has lost 2 capable employees.

Remove Windows Messenger 4.7

I thought I might as well post this on my blog itself so I can search on my own blog instead of search Google!

To uninstall Windows Messenger 4.7 on your system do not delete the programs files directly instead do the below:
Start -> Run
Enter “RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove” into your run box without the speech marks.
Click "Yes" upon seeing below prompt.Windows Messenger 4.7 is uninstalled.

J2EE Practices

Taken from the book: More Java Pitfalls Client TierUse the new Preference API to store preferences instead of Properties. Take advantage of interfaces when hiding implementation detail. Be wary of not handling exceptions properly. Instead of returning a value from a method (such as false or null), thinks about the cause of your returning these values. If there could be multiple causes, throw an exception. Instead of taking some information from one exception and placing it in a new exception, take advantage of the new JDK 1.4 changes to Throwable and add the original exception to your new exception. Make use of the Java Assertion Facility instead of putting a lot of print statement. When using assertion, follows the following rules: Do use assertions to test postconditions on methods. Do use assertions to test places where you believe control flow should not execute. Do not use assertions to test preconditions on publ…

Remove Dual Boot Menu After Uninstalling Windows Vista

I just realized even if you have formatted drive having Windows Vista and making sure boot.ini is correct, Dual Boot Menu just stays there. Windows Vista is using a different boot loader!

To remove boot menu, follow below steps.
Boot your computer in to Windows XP.Ensure you have the Vista DVD image emulated or in the DVD drive. Go to “Start” and “Run”. Type in “e:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force” (without quotes, and replacing e: with the drive letter of your Vista DVD). Restart the computer, and you will notice the boot selection menu is gone. Format the partition/drive where you had Vista installed. Remove two files (Boot.BAK & Bootsect.BAK) on your XP drive’s root folder (C:), these were backup files of your previous bootloader, now no longer useful. Optional: Restart to ensure it still works. Use your partition software to merge your partitions together.Extracted from

My Brinkster Website Reached Its Limit Yet Again!

I got below email from Brinkster few days ago.

Dear Brinkster Member,

This is an automated message generated to inform you that yesterday your site[hongjun] reached its maximum daily data transfer/bandwidth limit of 16.7 MB andwas stopped at or about 3/29/2007 10:35:00 AM(EDT).

Don't worry! All stopped sites restart automatically at midnight, EDT.

With the General (free) Solution, you are allowed a generous 16.7 MB per day of data transfer/bandwidth (500 MB per month). Brinkster defines bandwidth as the overall amount of data (or bytes)transferred.

If you have received this message more than once, you may wish to take steps toprevent your site from using up its bandwidth too quickly. Alternatively, youmay wish to consider upgrading your account to either our Premium X4 or GeneralSE Solution.

The General SE Solution ($3.95 per month, $3.95 setup) offers 2000 MB ofbandwidth per month (68 MB per day), ftp access and access to Premium e-mailsupport via

So so sad

I sent out my personalized farewell email to every single one in IT Development Department.
That was my very last email sent out using my company's mail account before leaving for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, I tried to login to my mail account but it has been disabled. I am not able to read any replies :'(

Anothr Beta

Anothr is a Skype/Gtalk/MSN-based robot which can provides just-in-time alerts for your favorite blog and news feeds.

User can simply input any RSS/Atom feed link to the bot on Skype/Gtalk/MSN to subscribe, then to be notified in the future.

I have tried it myself. I feel Anothr is useful for feeds that don't expect many updates per day. If feeds get updated very frequently, I feel a RSS reader like NetVibes would be more useful.