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Monday, February 28, 2005

School holidays is finally over and everyday was spent working on projects.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Spent $69 today on a PC266 256MB DDR RAM to upgrade my laptop.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I fell down today and had a slight bruise on my left knee while climbing up a flight of stairs. Lucky the bruise is just a small area.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Going to format my laptop now.

Will only be online by tomorrow morning (hopefully).
I cannot imagine myself having meeting at an unusual place like Esplanade's Thai Express. I cannot imagine myself having to make a trip to a fun fair at St. Andrew JC before having a project meeting at yet another sure to be unusual place. I am not the one going through all these and hope it will never be me. It's Regine.

Friday, February 18, 2005

To-do list for this week.
1) CS3214 whatever to be discussed tomorrow.
2) FNA1002 tutorial 4 and lecture 6. Hopefully tutorial 5 also to be done.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have promised my friend to help her in mending her booth outside LT27 from 9am to 11am today because she will be having her tutorial on that time slot. I woke up 8.45am today and was definitely very late and so had got no choice but to take a cab down from my house to school. It cost me $13.90. When I reached the booth, they told me they would be skipping their tutorials and so this meant that I actually need not rush down in the first place. Spent $13.90 without any reasons. Still feeling the pinch :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2005





Necklace to Regine by Me

Necklace to Regine by Me

Her bouquet of roses from Me and my gel wax present from Regine

Her bouquet of roses from Me and my gel wax present from Regine
Going to stay at home today for the whole day and this means, I will not be able to see my dear.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Today is Valentine's Day and it's a special day for Regine and I. Flow of events are as depicted below.

I deliberately skipped my 8am CS3214 lecture so I will have enough time to print a long list of SMSes sent from my dear on a total of 7 A4-sized papers and have them taped together to form an elongated list. This list will then be rolled up. My initial plan was to have the rolled-up list kept in a scroll to resemble wedding certificate but I just could not find a scroll anywhere. I had got no choice but to use a ribbon found in my drawer to secure it. The ribbon looked old.

I volunteered to get the bunsen burner and a metal container from my locker on behalf of Regine. I placed the 2 items in a large enough paper bag and this paper bag would prove to be useful later. My initial plan was to tell regine that I would be very late and so would not be attending the 10am accounting lecture. However, I would hide myself in the lecture theatre before creeping into the lecture theatre for the accounting lecture. Before the lecture ended, I would sneak out and rush down to SoC to collect my bouquet of roses. She would not know my presence and would wait for me at 197 bus stop without suspecting anything amiss - at least this was my assumption. My initial plan was called off all because of a delay in the collection time for my bouquet of roses. It was meant to be 12 noon but was delayed to 12:30pm which meant, there would be 30 minutes of "nothing-to-do" and I would wish to avoid since time was really scarce that day. I revealed to her that I actually had ordered a bouquet of roses for her and it was to be collected outside LT27. I actually should have idled around for 30 minutes before collecting the roses secretly to give her a surprise but I did not. I suggested to have our lunch at school before collecting the roses to save time. The bouquet of roses did not turn out to be as nicely wrapped as what was shown on photo but I guessed it didn't really matter.

We made our way to Suntec City in search for materials for Regine's Valentine's Day project. Regine had plans in creating something from something which I was kept unaware. She wanted to look for small enough figurines to fit into a glass container but to no avail. She was disappointed. It was almost 3pm before we made our way to Regine's house to carry out the project.

The project kick-started. Gel wax was poured into a metal container which was then placed into a bigger metal container half-filled with tap water. The bunsen burner taken from our locker was used to heat up the big metal container to boil the tap water so as to indirectly melt the gel wax in the smaller metal container. The process was long and the wax did not seem to be melting. While waiting for the wax to melt, I made Regine guessed what Valentine's Day gift would she be expected to receive from me. I revealed 2 of the 3 gifts to her after some rounds of interrogation by her plus searching for the gift. The 2 were the SMSes list and a Valentine's Day card. By this time, the melting process had already been going on for more than 30 minutes and the bunsen burner gas cannister finally run out. We switched to using the stove instead and the melting process proceeded faster.

I finally revealed the third gift which was a necklace. Hope she would like it.

The melting process did not seem to be progressing as expected - it was too slow. We decided to use direct heating. Direct fire was applied to the metal container with the gel wax and this time within few minutes, the wax really did melt. The liquified gel wax was poured into the glass container bought earlier. Some embeds like flower and a seashell were submerged into the wax for beautification. A second layer of wax dyed with blue coloring was poured into the glass container afterwhch. Regine poured too much of the colouring and the outcome did not turn out to be what she expected but the overall turned out to be quite okay. The supposedly front side of the creation turned out to be the back side due to some hiccups. Nevertheless, the whole creation looked nice and presentable.

I would say the project went on reasonably smooth with some hiccups but they were nothing major or serious. We cleared up the mess we created before heading for a dinner at Clarke Quay. I had reserved 2 seats at TCC restaurant. Dinner on a Valentine's Day with my dearest was the sweetest of all. I felt the dinner was a bit costly but that was the normal price for most restaurants. They were all out to squeeze money from people like us.

The night was wrapped out with some photo-taking sessions at Clarke Quay itself and Boat Quay. Today is a memorable night which I will prefer time to stop for me to flash back what happened again and again.
May all couples have a memorable Valentine's Day 2005.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I am getting very lazy to write a blog. Okay, I will just give a brief summary on what has happened for the past few days.

8th Feb - Reunion dinner at home.
9th Feb - Dinner at my gf's JB house. Gambled a bit and won a bit. Spent my night there.
10th Feb - Visit my gf's relatives in Singapore. Got quite a lot of ang pows :)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I am a MacDonalds' member from now on. The only benefit I see from becoming a member is the initial free 500 points. This 500 points can be exchanged with 5 hamburgers. I also tried to use the wireless internet offered by MacDonalds. Internet surfing at MacDonalds can be a dream for everyone. The feeling is good.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

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