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I fell down today and had a slight bruise on my left knee while climbing up a flight of stairs. Lucky the bruise is just a small area.
I cannot imagine myself having meeting at an unusual place like Esplanade's Thai Express. I cannot imagine myself having to make a trip to a fun fair at St. Andrew JC before having a project meeting at yet another sure to be unusual place. I am not the one going through all these and hope it will never be me. It's Regine.
To-do list for this week.
1) CS3214 whatever to be discussed tomorrow.
2) FNA1002 tutorial 4 and lecture 6. Hopefully tutorial 5 also to be done.
I have promised my friend to help her in mending her booth outside LT27 from 9am to 11am today because she will be having her tutorial on that time slot. I woke up 8.45am today and was definitely very late and so had got no choice but to take a cab down from my house to school. It cost me $13.90. When I reached the booth, they told me they would be skipping their tutorials and so this meant that I actually need not rush down in the first place. Spent $13.90 without any reasons. Still feeling the pinch :(


Necklace to Regine by Me

Her bouquet of roses from Me and my gel wax present from Regine

Today is Valentine's Day and it's a special day for Regine and I. Flow of events are as depicted below.

I deliberately skipped my 8am CS3214 lecture so I will have enough time to print a long list of SMSes sent from my dear on a total of 7 A4-sized papers and have them taped together to form an elongated list. This list will then be rolled up. My initial plan was to have the rolled-up list kept in a scroll to resemble wedding certificate but I just could not find a scroll anywhere. I had got no choice but to use a ribbon found in my drawer to secure it. The ribbon looked old.

I volunteered to get the bunsen burner and a metal container from my locker on behalf of Regine. I placed the 2 items in a large enough paper bag and this paper bag would prove to be useful later. My initial plan was to tell regine that I would be very late and so would not be attending the 10am accounting lecture. However, I would hide myself in the lecture theatre before creeping into the lecture theatre …
I am getting very lazy to write a blog. Okay, I will just give a brief summary on what has happened for the past few days.

8th Feb - Reunion dinner at home.
9th Feb - Dinner at my gf's JB house. Gambled a bit and won a bit. Spent my night there.
10th Feb - Visit my gf's relatives in Singapore. Got quite a lot of ang pows :)
I am a MacDonalds' member from now on. The only benefit I see from becoming a member is the initial free 500 points. This 500 points can be exchanged with 5 hamburgers. I also tried to use the wireless internet offered by MacDonalds. Internet surfing at MacDonalds can be a dream for everyone. The feeling is good.