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Google's Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, doing "Gangnam Style"

Why is 0.99999.. equal to 1 ?

'Gangnam Style' as ‘Kim Jong Style’

Hitler Finds Out About Apple's new iOS6 Maps

Short tutorial videos on all the Google+ basics

The iPhone 5 (Spoof): A Taller Change Than Expected

Simply hilarious.

Mitt Romney in video: 47 percent of Americans 'Believe they are Victims' and feel 'Entitled'

GALAXY Note II - First Hands-on Video

Apple Special Event September 2012 - iPhone 5 Full Keynote

Singapore Bank Deposit Rates

For comparison, traditional savings account interest rate is at 0.05% p.a.

Makes browsers render all elements more consistently

A modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets - Normalize.css - makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. It precisely targets only the styles that need normalizing.

Normalize.css v2.0.1(IE 8+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Opera, Chrome)

/*! normalize.css v2.0.1 | MIT License | */ /* ========================================================================== HTML5 display definitions ========================================================================== */ /* * Corrects `block` display not defined in IE 8/9. */ article, aside, details, figcaption, figure, footer, header, hgroup, nav, section, summary { display: block; } /* * Corrects `inline-block` display not defined in IE 8/9. */ audio, canvas, video { display: inline-block; } /* * Prevents modern browsers from displaying `audio` without controls. * Remove excess height in iOS 5 devices. */ audio:not([controls]) { display: none; height: 0…

Nokia PureView Controversial OIS Video

After announcing the new Nokia 920 and faked the video that allegedly demonstrated the camera's "PureView" optical image stabilization (OIS) capabilities, Nokia issued an apology over the lack of a disclaimer.

The controversial video is now re-uploaded with a disclaimer "Simulation of OIS technology".

If you were to go straight to the 0:26 to 0:27 seconds frame, you should still see the reflection of a van, video showing someone video shooting the scene using a much larger camera and accompanied by a lighting crew.

Dinner Etiquette 101

10 surprising things that age you

An article on Yahoo! talks about how unknowingly one can actually quicken the process of ageing. The top 10 things that brought about premature ageing can be surprising.

Watching TV

While we all know that spending hours in front of the television is bad for your waistline, you may not know that it can also shorten your lifespan. Researchers from the University of Queensland found that for every hour you watch TV you may shorten your life by as much 22 minutes. Furthermore, research has suggested that watching TV could increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking from bottles and through straws

You probably know that what you drink can affect your looks, but you may be surprised to hear that how you drink can also influence how well you age. In fact, sucking on straws and drinking out of sports bottles causes the same pursing action – and therefore the same fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth – as smoking. Try drinking directly from the glass whenever you can to he…

TED: The 8 Secrets to Success, 3 minutes

Richard St. John summarised the 8 secrets to success in 3 minutes in a TED.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon unveiled on Thursday during a press event held in Santa Monica, California, a new "frontlit" e-ink Kindle, with a sharper display - Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G, which will ship on October 1 but pre-orders had already started, is priced at $179 and $119 for Wi-Fi only.

Some of the key enhancements for the new Kindle Paperwhite are 62% more pixels, increased contrast by 25%, and a built-in front light for the perfect reading experience.

Nokia Apologizes for Fake Lumia PureView Camera Demo

Nokia issued an apology after being pointed out that their Lumnia PureView camera demonstration on its optical image stabilization (OIS) technology is in fact fake.

The accompanying demo video, which featured a woman riding a bike, was pretty impressive, but technology blog The Verge soon spotted a glaring error. Nokia made it look like the woman was shot by a companion who was also riding a bike, but a reflection in the video showed that she was actually shot by someone in a van holding a much larger camera and accompanied by a lighting crew.

Watch video by The Verge:

In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of optical image stabilization (which eliminates blurry images and improves pictures shot in low light conditions), we produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver with OIS.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only. This was not shot with a Lumia 920. At least, not yet. We apologize for t…

Infographics: The Nokia Evolution: 1984 to Tomorrow

Vice President Joe Biden Democratic National Convention Speech

President Barack Obama Democratic National Convention Speech

Bill Clinton Democratic National Convention Speech

Michelle Obama Democratic National Convention Speech

Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention

List of Windows 8 Shortcuts

Lifted from Yash's Blog, the below is a list of Windows 8 shortcuts. Hope it helps.

Windows key: Switch between Modern Desktop Start screen and the last accessed application
Windows key + C: Access the charms bar
Windows key + Tab: Access the Modern Desktop Taskbar
Windows key + I: Access the Settings charm
Windows key + H: Access the Share charm
Windows key + K: Access the Devices charm
Windows key + Q: Access the Apps Search screen
Windows key + F: Access the Files Search screen
Windows key + W: Access the Settings Search screen
Windows key + P: Access the Second Screen bar
Windows key + Z: Brings up the App Bar when you have a Modern Desktop App running
Windows key + X: Access the Windows Tools Menu
Windows key + O: Lock screen orientation
Windows key + . : Move the screen split to the right
Windows key + Shift + . : Move the screen split to the left
Windows key + V: View all active Toasts/Notifications
Windows key + Shift + V: View all active Toasts/Notifications in reverse order
Windows key + …