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Malware, Trojans, etc start attacking Apple

The attack on Apple operating system has just started.

Apple says it will send out some patches this week, but this just marks the beginning of a long battle. It will be ugly, as the platform is largely like the unprotected, the users are clueless, and there is zero resistance within the platform. The few Mac users who survive the barrage will probably be former PC users who are not so easily fooled by fake websites.
The Apple Attack Begins [via]

Extend your iPhone's battery life

According to David Pogue, keeping a bunch of apps suspended in your multitasking queue is actually sucking up you device's battery life. He suggested four ways to making your battery last long

1. Push e-mail

If you turn off the "Push" feature, and set it to Manually instead (in Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Fetch New Data), then your iPhone checks for e-mail only when you actually open the e-mail app. Your battery goes a lot farther.

2. GPS checks

In Settings ->General->Location Services, you’ll see a list of all the apps on your phone that are using your phone’s location feature to know where you are. Disable GPS is another method to making your battery survive longer.

3. Notifications

In Settings -> Notifications, you see a list of apps that are allowed to display pop-up notifications. Turn off the ones which you don't really need.

4. Background apps

Applications running in the background can still use battery. Kill them!

Four Ways to Make You…

Chinese prisons forced inmates to play online games to accumulate online gold or cash

After a day of gruelling physical labour, inmates in Chinese prisons would be forced to engage in 12-hour sessions of online gaming to rack up credits. This was the work cycle for many Chinese prisoners in years past as reported by the Guardian.

The online gold accumulated proved to be lucrative and can be traded for real cash in the cyber-gaming industry. "Gold farming" is common with lots of gamers across the globe that would pay real money for game currency just so they could progress in the game. World of Warcraft was one of many games the inmates had to trudge through to accrue certain amounts of online cash.

China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work [via]

the mrbrown show: the Ser-Luck-a-lot remix (music video)

Without nothing nothing substantial to say during of his General Election (GE) 2011 rally, Teo Ser Luck spent precious minutes simply shouting out names.

PM Lee issues Rules of Prudence for PAP MPs

This letter was issued by the Prime Minister's Office to all PAP MPs, a copy of which was made available to the media:


1. Our Party has won 81 out of 87 seats in the just concluded General Election. The opposition contested 82 seats, of which the PAP won 76, with 60.1% of the votes.


2. The people have given us a clear mandate to carry out our programmes. We must fulfil what we have promised to do in our manifesto. We must never break faith with the people, but always carry out our duties to them responsibly, address their worries and advance their interests.

3. The elections have shown that voters have concerns which need to be addressed. The Government will have to significantly improve our outreach to voters, our approach to formulating policies, and our policies themselves. As MPs, you play key roles in all these areas. You have to listen hard to voter concerns, help them to tackle pressing needs, reflect their worries and aspirations t…

Dr Lim Wee Kiak apologised and withdrawn the remarks he made about ministerial salaries

Dr Lim Wee Kiak, Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, has since apologised and withdrawn the remarks he made about ministerial salaries. In a note on his Facebook page on Friday, MP Lim said he would like to clarify the comments he made to Lianhe Zaobao and reproduced in LianheWanBao. The comments had been quickly slammed by netizens.

His comments, as quoted from the Chinese papers:
If the annual salary of the Minister of Information, Communication and Arts is only $500,000, it may pose some problems when he discuss policies with media CEOs who earn millions of dollars because they need not listen to the minister's ideas and proposals. Hence, a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity.
Apology by Dr Lim Wee Kiak himself on his Facebook [via]

Clarification, apology and withdrawal of my quote.

Minister's pay is a sensitive issue and is one that many are concerned about. I would like to clarify my comments made to Lianhe Zaobao and also reproduced in LianheWanBao

I …

Stay away from Chinese shipbuilders - Irregularities Findings

According to a report by CIMB Securities:

Offshore Marine and Chinese Shipbuilders

What happened: News emerged on irregularities findings in 2009 financial statements of 17 Chinese SOEs including CNOOC. CHALCO, COSCO and China Unicom. 1.9bn RMB (US$292m) of assets and 2.63bn RMB (US$404m) of profits were found overstated while 3.43bn RMB (US$527m) of liabilities were falsely included. Some other profits, assets and liabilities were unaccounted.

What we think: Share prices for the Chinese shipbuilders (Cosco and YZJ) have already reacted negatively to the news with both stocks down 3% this morning. Cosco being an SOE, with repeated provisions made over the past year and lack of accounting treatment transparency could face further sell-down with this news. YZJ's >RMB10bn of financial assets may be seen as risky by investors given the reduced confidence in the 'accuracy' of Chinese financial statements.

What you should do: Stay away from Chinese shipbuilders for now given the …

Google Search finally got its own official blog

Google launched a new blog recently and guess what is it about? It's an official blog for its Google Search.

In the past we’ve published information about search on the Official Google Blog (more than 400 posts about search and more than 50 weekly wrap-ups), and webmaster-oriented posts on the Webmaster Central Blog (more than 300 posts). We also operate a help center for search and another for webmasters. That’s not to mention the search help forums which have more than 50,000 discussions, and the webmaster central help forums with more than 90,000. Combine this with YouTube channels and search conferences, and it’s safe to say we talk a lot about search.

Even with all these channels, we still felt we were missing something. We didn’t want to flood the Official Google Blog with smaller stories and announcements, and the Webmaster Central Blog is really meant for, well, webmasters. We started our series “This week in search” to provide a way to share information about some of the s…

Launcher 7 brings Windows Phone screen to Android

Android users can now have a try at Windows Phone simple, tiled home screen design to your Android phone by installing Launcher 7. Launcher 7 is a free download for Android devices. It also has a $1.41 Pro version that removes the ads in the app drawer.

Download Launcher 7 now via the Android Market.

Google Offline Gmail no longer supported on Chrome 11 or higher

As Google begin moving towards adopting HTML 5.0 and ditching its Gears away, Offline Gmail is now no longer supported on Chrome 11 or higher (though it was first announced the phase out is to be from version 12 onwards).

What's changing with Gmail Offline and browser support? [via]

The new Gmail Offline capability is targeted for delivery as a Chrome browser web app this summer.

As we move the Gmail Offline capability to a Chrome web app, we will deprecate the Google Gears-based Gmail Offline. This coincides with the version 12 release of the Google Chrome browser which no longer supports Gears (Gears blogpost). As a result, Google Gears-based Gmail Offline will no longer work with the Chrome browser as of Tuesday May 24, 2011. Google Gears-based Gmail Offline will continue to work in versions of Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox versions 3.6.

Pivot Tables in Google Docs


Singapore Full list of Cabinet Ministers - Reshuffled

As quoted from Yahoo! and PAP site.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the new Cabinet line-up on Wednesday.

Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan and Raymond Lim will be retiring from the Cabinet.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who announced their decision to step down on Saturday, will be appointed an Senior Advisors to the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore and Monetary Authority of Singapore, respectively.

SM Goh will also be given the title Emeritus Senior Minister.

Here is the newly formed line-up of:


Lee Hsien Loong - Prime Minister

Teo Chee Hean - Deputy Prime Minister, coordinating Minister for National Security, Minister for Home Affairs

Tharman Shanmugaratnam - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, Minister for Manpower (promotion)

Mr Lui Tuck Yew - Minister for Transport

Lim Hng Kiang - Minister for Trade and Industry

Lim Swee Say - Minister in Prime Minister's Office

Assoc Prof Yaacob Ibrahim - Minister for Information an…

Where and How to apply for NDP 2011 tickets?

Here's the ticketing info on where and how to apply for NDP 2011 tickets.

From 20th May 0000hrs to 29th May 2359 hrs, you may apply for your NDP tickets.

See the QR code below? Scan it now to download the NDPontheGo Mobile App for one-touch ticket application!

Find out about other means of ticket application by going to

Database Shrink MsSQL database log file

Many questions have been raised on the Internet on how to shrink the file size of a database log file. The following code snippet will do what is needed (replace mydbname with your database name).

USE mydbname GO ALTER DATABASE mydbname Set Recovery Simple GO ALTER DATABASE mydbname Set Recovery Full GO DBCC SHRINKFILE ('mydbname_log', 1) GO

Bing enhances its social search, adding more Facebook 'Likes' to search results

Microsoft announced on its bing blog on Monday expanded its use of Facebook within its Bing search engine, adding "likes" and recommendations from friends and strangers into search results.

Watch the following videos for a snapshot on how the new search works.

Video: Facebook Friends Now Fueling Faster Decisions on Bing

Video: Bing Puts User Control at the Center of Search Experience

Video: Bing Brings "Friend Effect" to Search
Facebook Friends Now Fueling Faster Decisions on Bing [via]

Google News Settings For Blogs & Press Releases, Plus Auto-Reload

Barry Schwartz noticed Google News has added a few new settings and options for users.

If you go to your Google News Settings you will see the ability to control how often you see blogs sources and press releases in your Google News results. Plus, you can now tell Google you want the Google News page to reload every 15 minutes.

Google News Settings For Blogs & Press Releases, Plus Auto-Reload [via]

Google News - New Settings with new features

Barry Schwartz noticed Google News has added a few new settings and options for users.

If you go to your Google News Settings you will see the ability to control how often you see blogs sources and press releases in your Google News results. Plus, you can now tell Google you want the Google News page to reload every 15 minutes.

The new Google News also promised a more streamlined experience with the following new offerings:

Click-to-expand: Each story cluster is collapsed down to one headline with the exception of the top story. When something grabs you, click nearby anywhere but the title to expand the story box.
Labeled diversity: For stories you’ve expanded, you’ll see genre labels for some of the additional articles that explain why they were chosen and how they add value. For example, you might see something labeled as an “Opinion” piece or an indication that an article is “In Depth.”
Multimedia and more: Within each expanded story box, you’ll find a sliding bar of videos and photos…

Nokia to drop 'Ovi' - A re-branding exercise

Nokia has announced on its blog the decision to dropped 'Ovi' and use 'Nokia' instead. This is a re-branding of its suite of mobile apps and services.

Meaning to say, instead of Ovi Store and Ovi Maps, we will have Nokia Store and Ovi Maps.

Today, Nokia made a decision to change our service branding from Ovi to Nokia. The main reason for this change is so we can leverage the high-value of the Nokia master brand to better support future plans to deliver disruptive and compelling mobile experiences globally.

Of course the irony of this announcement is not lost on all of us here at the Ovi Blog. It is important to reiterate that we are changing the name of our services from Ovi to Nokia, not closing them. This space will continue to be an important source for news, trends and tips for mobile experiences enjoyed by millions of the Nokia faithful. We will keep you posted as we evolve our presence to fit our new direction.
The evolution of Nokia and Ovi [via]

Tin Pei Ling: National Youth Forum 2008 陈佩玲

Senate got Apple and Google for a second round questioning over privacy; Facebook involved too

The U.S. Senate has got Apple and Google for a second round of questioning over privacy issues, specifically relating to them collating geo-location information from users. This time round, Facebook is also being called for questioning. Facebook added location Check-Ins feature called 'Places' in August 2010.

Senate Not Done Questioning Apple and Google on Privacy [via]

Soon-to-be former Foreign Minister George Yeo picture vacating his office

Member of public made police report against Tin Pei Ling

The police had confirmed that a police report was made by a member of the public against Marine Parade MP-elect Ms Tin Pei Ling for allegedly violating "cooling-off day" guidelines. Opposition party National Solidarity Party (NSP) first made a complaint against Ms Tin on that day.

Police report lodged against Tin Pei Ling over cooling-off day complaint [via]

Workers' Party Sylvia Lim leaving Temasek Polytechnic to have more time as MP of Aljunied GRC

Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim had made a decision to leave Temasek Polytechnic so she would have more time to serve as MP of Aljunied GRC. She had been lecturing Law in Temasek Polytechnic for over 12 years.

It is to note that the news media have been reporting her switching to full-time MP. However, if we were to read her blog post closely, she is exploring into other career options instead - one that is less time consuming for her.

Sylvia Lim's media release on her resignation, as quoted from her blog is as follows:

This is to confirm that I have, on 13 May 2011, tendered my resignation from my position at Temasek Polytechnic, after more than twelve years of service.

The move is prompted by what I anticipate to be an increased workload after being elected as part of the Workers' Party team for Aljunied GRC in General Elections 2011.

My role at the Polytechnic included teaching full-time and part-time students, as well as co-ordinat…

MM Lee Kwan Yew and SM Goh Chok Tong step down from Cabinet - Press Release

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, 87 year old founding father of modern Singapore, says Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and he believe decision to leave the Cabinet is the right thing to do, to give Prime Minister and his team the room to break from the past. This would give a clear signal that the PAP has never been averse to change.

The below is the press statement released by MM Lee and SM Goh:
We have studied the new political situation and thought how it can affect the future. We have made our contributions to the development of Singapore. The time has come for a younger generation to carry Singapore forward in a more difficult and complex situation. The Prime Minister and his team of younger leaders should have a fresh clean slate. A younger generation, besides having a non-corrupt and meritocratic government and a high standard of living, wants to be more engaged in the decisions which affect them. After a watershed general election, we have decided to leave the cabinet and have a com…

Facebook says no 'smear' campaign intended against Google (What happened)

Just another news where Facebook did yet another thing that is unethical. A quick summary on the recent event involving Facebook and Google is that the former was suspected to have launched a 'smear' campaign against Google's networking site Social Circle.

What actually happened?

Facebook actually hired an upscale PR firm, Burson-Marsteller to help spread negative press regarding Google's Social Circle, accusing Google violation in privacy. After Facebook's dirty acts were exposed, many see this as unethical and downright unscrupulous. Facebook attempted a damage control act, disclaiming no intention of a 'smear' campaign.

Facebook's press statement about the campaign aimed at Google's Social Circle feature:
No 'smear' campaign was authorized or intended. Instead, we wanted third parties to verify that people did not approve of the collection and use of information from their accounts on Facebook and other services for inclusion in Google Soc…

How to Fly a Kite?

As extracted from WikiHow, the 8 steps to fly a kite are (but with minor re-odering of sequence):

1. Find a buddy to help you get the kite into the air.

2. Pay attention to the wind direction, here is a diagram:
Suppose that "I" is you and "U" is the other person holding the kiteWind is blowing this direction: I ------------------------------------> U"I" stands one end (with the string) ------> "U" stands other end ( with the kite)
3. You should hold the ball of string and have your buddy hold the kite or vice versa. The kite should be facing you and the wind.

4. Unwind about 30 yards (23 meters) of string.

5. Signal to your buddy to release the kite. You should pull on the string to launch your kite into the air.

6. Make sure the wind is going in a straight line from you to the other person.

7. To allow the kite to go higher, release length of string.

8. To lower the kite, simply pull in the string.

Top 10 Awesome Android Features that the iPhone Doesn’t Have

An article by the LifeHacker on the "Top 10 Awesome Android Features that the iPhone Doesn’t Have"

True App IntegrationFlashControlling Your Phone From Your ComputerCustom ROMsWireless App InstallationRemovable Storage and BatteryWidgetsCustom Home LaunchersAutomationAlternate Keyboards
Top 10 Awesome Android Features that the iPhone Doesn’t Have [via]

WhatsApp emerged top Group Text Messaging Service

A poll conducted by the LifeHacker which garnered a total of 1,194 votes revealed WhatsApp as the best app for group texting.

1. WhatsApp (30.82%)

2. Google Voice (22.7%)

3. GroupMe (21.52%)

4. BlackBerry Messenger (15.33%)

5. Beluga (9.63%)

5 New ways to discover great apps on Android Market

It is now easier to search for apps on the Android Market with the addition of 5 new features.

The 5 new features for Android Market focused on helping you find apps you'll love:
New top app chartsEditors’ ChoiceTop DevelopersBetter related appsTrending apps
Access Android Market at now.

New ways to discover great apps on Android Market [via]

Singapore General Election 2011 - Percentage of valid votes and changes after adding overseas votes


Aljunied - PAP 45.28% (-0.01%)
Ang Mo Kio - PAP 69.33% (unchanged)
Bishan-Toa Payoh - PAP 56.93% (-0.01%)
Chua Chu Kang - PAP 61.2% (unchanged)
East Coast - PAP 54.83% (unchanged)
Holland-Bukit Timah - PAP 60.08% (-0.02%)
Jurong - PAP 66.96% (unchanged)
Marine Parade - PAP 56.64% (-0.01%)
Moulmein-Kallang - PAP 58.55% (-0.01%)
Nee Soon - PAP 58.40% (-0.01%)
Pasir Ris-Punggol - 64.79% (unchanged)
Sembawang - PAP 63.90% (+0.01%)
Tampines - PAP 57.22% (unchanged)
West Coast - PAP 66.57% (unchanged)


Bukit Panjang - PAP 66.27% (+0.01%)
Hong Kah - PAP 70.61% (unchanged)
Hougang - PAP 35.2% (+0.01%)
Joo Chiat - PAP 51.02% (+0.01%)
Mountbatten - PAP 58.62% (-0.03%)
Pioneer - PAP 60.73% (unchanged)
Potong Pasir - PAP 50.36% (unchanged)
Punggol East - PAP 54.54% (+0.01%), WP 41.01% (-0.01%), SDA 4.45% (unchanged)
Radin Mas - PAP 67.10% (-0.01%)
Sengkang West - PAP 58.11% (+0.03%)
Whampoa - PAP 66.10% (-0.01%)
Yuhua - PAP 66.86% (-0.01%)

Android @ Home

Google Think Insights - A site for data lovers

Think Insights with Google, a website where Google will publish data-supported insights about digital marketing trends. From papers to case studies to videos, Think Insights represents the ongoing work Google is doing to better understand how people use the web, and how marketers are adapting to this changing terrain.

If you'd like to keep up with our latest news, sign up for email alerts to satisfy your monthly Think Insights fix. Too bad there are no RSS feeds.

Think Insights with Google: a new site for data lovers [via]

Facebook two-factor authentication (2FA) - Login Approvals

Facebook had announced a new, two-factor authentication system whereby the social-networking site will require users to enter a code they receive via text message. This newest opt-in security feature is dubbed Login Approvals.

If you opt into Login Approvals, you will have to "Confirm your phone". You would receive a text message with a specific code to be entered into the system. If you don't want to do this every single time you sign on, you can designate your smartphone, PC, or tablet as a trusted device and Facebook will allow you to sign in without the text code.

Should an attempt to login from an unrecognized device happen, it would not be allowed.

If we ever see a login from an unrecognized device, you'll be notified upon your next login and asked to verify the attempted account access. If you don’t recognize this login, you'll be able to change your password with the knowledge that while some one else may have known your login credentials, they were unabl…

Press Statement by George Yeo on 10 May 2011 at MFA

Press Statement by George Yeo on 10 May 2011 at MFA (Source: George Yeo Facebook)

Thank you for waiting a couple of days for me to rest before meeting you.

I would like to make some remarks before taking questions.

Aljunied voters have decided and I respect their decision. Having committed 23 years of service to the residents, it is only natural for me to feel disappointed but this is politics.

It has been my privilege to have served them all these years and they have enriched my life. They have also enabled me to serve in various capacities as a Cabinet Minister in MITA, Health, MTI and MFA for which I am grateful.

Why did we lose Aljunied?

Mr Low Thia Kiang himself said that they won Aljunied not because the Aljunied team did not do a good job, but because the voters wanted WP to be their voice in Parliament.

Mr Low's analysis is fair and I agree with him. This desire for a strong WP voice in Parliament was a political tide which came in through Aljunied which we were unable to …

Yam Ah Mee trendy photo

Tribute to Chiam See Tong

General Election accidental star - Yam Ah Mee, Returning Officer

Mr Yam Ah Mee is now one of the most recognisable faces in town after having appeared 27 times to announce the winner of each constituency (both GRCs and SMCs) in the Singapore General Election 2011 polling results.

Yam is actually the chief executive officer of the People's Association and was one of the driving forces behind the LTA's Land Transport Master Plan. He was appointed Returning Officer for the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in June last year, succeeding Tan Boon Huat, who has retired. Lest you think he's all talk, he's also chief of the President of the Harvard Club and Harvard Club of Singapore's Volunteer program. This is his actual Facebook profile.

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of polling results ended, he is described as robotic. Facebook Fan page is set up (33,908 likes so far) and Twitter account (564 followers) are setup for him.

There's even a YouTube video making fun, mimicking him as he spoke, repeating the line,


The 10 commandments of good source control management

A blog article which talks about the 10 commandments of good source control management is definitely worthy for a read.

Stop right now if you’re using VSS – just stop it!If it’s not in source control, it doesn’t existCommit early, commit often and don’t spare the horsesAlways inspect your changes before committingRemember the axe-murderer when writing commit messagesYou must commit your own changes – you can’t delegate itVersioning your database isn’t optionalCompilation output does not belong in source controlNobody else cares about your personal user settingsDependencies need a home too
The 10 commandments of good source control management [via]

Workers' Party Aljunied GRC team mobbed by supporters after historic win

Singapore General Election 2011 - Results At a Glance

Results by seats

People's Action Party (PAP) - 81 parlimentary seats
Workers' Party (WP) - 6 parlimentary seats
Natonality Solidarity Party (NSP) - 0 parlimentary seat
Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) - 0 parlimentary seat
Reform Party (RP) - 0 parlimentary seat
Singapore People's Party (SPP) - 0 parlimentary seat
Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) - 0 parlimentary seat

Share of valid votes

PAP - 60.14%
WP - 12.82%
NSP - 12.04%
SDP - 4.83%
RP - 4.28%
SPP - 3.11%
SDA - 2.78%

GRCs 2011

Aljunied GRC

Ang Mo Kio GRC

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

Chua Chu Kang GRC

East Coast GRC

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC


Marine Parade GRC

Moulmein-Kallang GRC

Nee Soon GRC

Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC

Sembawang GRC

Tampines GRC

West Coast GRC

SMCs 2011

Bukit Panjang

Singapore General Election 2011 - Results Breakdown

Results - BreakdownParty Valid Votes % Votes Total
Valid Votes
Rej Votes % Rej Total Votes Cast PAP % Swing Opp % Swing Maj % Maj Aljunied GRC WP 72,165 54.71 131,897 1,788 1.34 133,685 NA NA 12,433 9.42 PAP 59,732 45.29 Ang Mo Kio GRC PAP 112,544 69.33 162,323 5,030 3.01 167,353 NA NA 62,765 38.66 RP 49,779 30.67 Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC