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Sunday, May 01, 2011

George Yeo speech at People's Action Party (PAP) rally for Aljunied GRC at Serangoon Stadium, 30 Apr

George Yeo is a good man but too bad he is in for a tough fight against the 'A' team of Workers' Party.

One of the very few PAP ministers worth the respect; only one minister I know of who really connect to the people, posting on fb and asking people to join him for a rain in Bedok Reservoir. He is a good man la ..

At this point, his eyes reddened and he choked a little as he talked about how his team in Aljunied had been addressing residents' "daily worries", be it by building covered linkways and fitness corners for old people, or fighting the scourge of "ah longs" (loan sharks).

GE: WP playing with Aljunied residents' lives, says George Yeo [via]

Tell them that we must not be used. We are not the springboard of other people. Those who elect us are to serve you and not you to serve them.


  1. Reality check: George Yeo is intellectual (or tries to be) when speaking - very hard to connect. He also has grandiose (but useless) ideas - check out "Nalanda university" for example. Also has reputation for vanity..

    He is also the one who pushed for the casino. See Goh Chok Tong's speech in Parliament 2005:

    "Right from the beginning, I kept an open mind on the casino question. When the subject was first broached by George Yeo, the Minister for Trade and Industry, PM and many Ministers were against it. The project nearly did not see the light of day.
    But George Yeo persisted. As the Minister in charge of the economy, he had to persist."

  2. I thought George is a Christian. No spiritual man
    will compromise his human and spiritual values.


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