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Book List

I have decided to set up webpage to show a list of IT-related books I have read the past few years since I first touched PC back in 1998. I wish it will serve as a motivator for me to read more.

ROC Training

13 Aug
I reached 高雄国际航空站 in the morning. Weather was not good and was in fact drizzling. A typhoon had just passed Taiwan. We alighted from the Eva Air plane right onto the runway where we were picked up by a shuttle bus to the arrival hall. The system could have been better if we alighted not on the runway and at a place with shelter.

We then took a bus from the airport straight to our camp, Hengchun Camp. The journey was long. It was too early a morning and so all the shops along the way were not opened. I could see mountains everywhere.

Hengchun Camp was more like an old camp to me. The camp was there for more than 30 years. The external looked average but then the internal revealed itself. More than 50 soldiers were made to live in a bunk! Fans were not enough! Toilets were at another block and so we actually had to cross to another block just to use the toilet. Toilet facilities were bad too. Some of the showers let out water that could boil an egg! Those were condemmed. The first d…

Why New Orleans (victim of hurricane Katrina) is vital

The Louisiana Purchase (this is back in the 19th century if I am correct) was important because it gave the US the port of New Orleans, the port at the mouth of the Mississippi. Even today the New York Times in an article titled. "Across the US, outrage at response" said, All the grain that's grown in Iowa and Illinois, and the huge industrial output of the Midwest has to come down the Mississippi River, and there has to be a port to handle it, to keep a functioning economy in the United States of America."

I ate a lot

Lemon chicken rice add chicken for lunch.
30 minutes later.. Hup Lee Nasi Lemak.

Yong Tau Foo
1.5 hours later.. Fried rice.

Guess I must have missed Singapore's food too much.


I am so tired and sleepy now. I had only a couple of hours of sleep on the plane. This means I only had that little amount of rest for the past 2 days.

I will update my ROC trip tomorrow.