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Polling Day Holiday

POLLING Day next Saturday will be a public holiday as Singaporeans go to the polls to cast their votes in Singapore's 11th General Election.

Those who have to work on Polling Day are to receive a day's pay or given another day off, said the Manpower Ministry.

And workers whose day off falls on Polling Day are entitled to a day-off-in-lieu or one day's pay, its statement added.

The ministries said companies should treat Polling Day in the same manner as any other public holiday, as given under Section 35 of the Parlimentary Elections Act.

More details are available at the website

Extracted from The Straits Times Saturday April 29, 2006

I Need To Vote

Who would I vote? I already have the answer after some serious consideration and assessment from the daily Today paper and the news. I better not discuss too much relating to election issues to avoid clashing with the law.

Voting is COMPULSORY. Voting is SECRET. And Voting is FIRST time for ME.

My area is AMK.

Dial-Up Remote Uploading = Yawn

Doing dial-up to Madras, Cebu, Bombay, Russia, etc... Doing upload and remote install made me irritated. Damn slow. Slow but then at least all understand English.

Taipei uses leased line and so will be fast but... These Taiwanese people don't want English! They request for Taiwanese Bopomofo Chinese! Made my coding difficult. Environment wise can also be so tricky. Hope all these areas turn out well.

12 tips for better e-mail etiquette

Be informal, not sloppy.Keep messages brief and to the point.Use sentence case.Use the blind copy and courtesy copy appropriately.Don't use e-mail as an excuse to avoid personal contact.Remember that e-mail isn't private.Be sparing with group e-mail.Use the subject field to indicate content and purpose.Don't send chain letters, virus warnings, or junk mail.Remember that your tone can't be heard in e-mail.Use a signature that includes contact information.Summarize long discussions.

Extracted from

Working Late

It seems to be a norm.
Cannot believe a shipping company can have so many development to do!
Lucky this company can claim OT and taxi fee (only if one works at least till 10:30pm).
So tiring...

SgDotNet Talk

Ya.. I actually attended a talk on "Web Parts" and "UML" last Thursday. The talk on "Web Parts" was by Maung Maung (MVP for Security). Sharepoint was introduced. I am IMPRESSED with the power of Sharepoint with SmartPart. I guess is most probably created that way.
It was held Microsoft. That was my 2nd time there.

Google's Eric Schmidt Told a Lie In 2002


PC World: So you don't want to be the next Yahoo?

Schmidt: What we do is search. Yahoo is a portal with a myriad of specialized services. What Google does is sufficiently limited. It's not really targeted at what Yahoo or AOL is trying to do. Our business strategy is not to compete, because we want them as customers.


RCL is a different working environment as compared to WPH. RCL is more corporate and the environment is a LOT LOT LOT quieter. You don't normally see people joked and cracking lame jokes. On average, people there are in their late 30s. Thought chinese make up the majority, there are quite a number of Burmese.

The nature of work is also different. It is mainly on web programming at WPH while it is mainly on component-based programming at RCL.

Internet Explorer PNG Transparency Hack

This is an interesting find.

This is a bug in Internet Explorer 6.0 and below. Internet Explorer 7.0 has confirmed this PNG transparency bug is addressed.

All along, I thought it may not be possible for this particular image. PNG supports 256 levels of transparency where GIF only supports one. Turning a PNG with an alpha channel that doesnt reach %100 transparency into a gif would look just like the PNG without the alpha channel. And turning a PNG with an alpha channel that does reach %100 transparency into a gif would result in a halo around the image. Not only that but PNG supports thousands of colors where gif only supports 256. My recommendation to fellow EE experts thus is always "Convert to GIF".

Still, GIF and JPG are still the 2 picture formats being supported by all browsers. If you don't see the transparency (without applying the hack), this means the browser you are using doesn'…

New Phase of Life

3 months in Web Professional House is short but then memorable. I have decided not to extend my contract and move on to another company, RCL Feeder. Colleagues at WPH are all nice people. They are a group of young people and some even younger than me! We blast music at work, talk loudly, listen to gossip, etc.. On my last day of work, they gave me a Waterman black ballpoint pen, and a nice tie. I am so touched.

I know RCL will not be that vibrant. Nevertheless, it is going to be another experience for me.