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Bought 2 boxes and gave one away

How to reset Microsoft Office 2007 product license key without reinstalling?

I recently installed Microsoft Visio 2007 but entered a wrong set of product key. Several attempts were made to find ways to enter my correct set of product key without having to reinstall the whole thing. The solution is to tweak the registry.

From the registry editor, do the following:

Locate and then click the following subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Registration. For user with 64-bit (x64) Windows, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\12.0 insteadFrom there, you should see one or more sub keys with this pattern {90120000-0014-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}. Look through all the sub keys and find the one with string value "ProductName=Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" (assuming you are trying to fix Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007.After you have located the right sub key, delete registry entries DigitalProductID and ProductID.Exit registry editor.
DONE! You should now be prompted to input Product Key the next ti…

Wall Street Cover-Ups, Deceptions and Lies

How true is it?

Let’s say you put a big chunk of your nest egg in a life insurance policy with an A+ company.

You invest another sizable amount in a portfolio of high-rated corporate bonds and tax-free municipal bonds.

Then, feeling safe and secure with most of your funds, you take a flyer on a few stocks that a dozen separate research analysts have unanimously rated as a “buy” or at least a “hold.”

You assume you’ve made informed decisions based on the best research the world has to offer.

The reality: Even in the absence of bubbles, busts, recessions or dollar collapses, you could suffer wipeout losses.
Wall Street Cover-Ups, Deceptions and Lies [via]

History of Social Media

Google's Guide to the Web

Google Chrome's comic book - a great way to introduce to the world a new browser.

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web - a guidebook created by the Google Chrome team that tries to address this issue by explaining complicated terms like "Internet", "cloud computing", "JavaScript", "HTML5", "cookies", "URL", "IP address" using illustrations and real life analogies. However, a HTML5-compliant web browser, like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.0, is required for best illustration. This illustrated book incorporates HTML5 capability of reading it offline, reading like an eBook, and remembers the page you were at previously. Pretty cool stuff!

Sabana REIT prices IPO at $1.05 per share

Sabana Shariah Compliant REIT, which owns industrial properties in Singapore, has priced its initial public offering at $1.05 a share or at the midpoint of the indicative range. Sabana REIT, Singapore’s first Islamic REIT and the largest Shariah-compliant property trust anywhere, had originally set a price guidance of $1.00–$1.10. I never know REIT can be Shariah compliant too!

Low deposit rates drive investors to seek higher yielding instruments?

Distribution yield estimates: 8.45% for 2011; 8.48% for 2012.
Retail tranche of the IPO: Starts on Nov 19, close on Nov 24 and begin trading on Nov 26.

Section 377A - Join public forum if interested

Article on the challenge against Section 337A.

M Ravi is a human rights lawyer and anti-death penalty activist. He will be speaking at a forum – 337a: Where did it come from and where should it go – on 27th November. Details of the forum is as follows:

Name: 377A – Where did it come from and where should it go
Date: Saturday, 27th November 2010
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: The Public House, 42 Circular Road, Boat Quay

1. Mathia Lee
2. Vincent Vijeyasingha
3. Amy Tachiana
4. Hedrick Kwan
5. M. Ravi

Moderator: Mathia Lee
Contact: M. Ravi
Phone: 65337433
Fax: 65324301

Anti-gay laws continue to be used selectively, despite assurances – M Ravi [via]

Telerik Rad Editor & equivalents localization problem on DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke Telerik Rad Editor and equivalents like its Image Manager, Upload Manager, File Manager, etc may lost all its controls' labels and captions after installing a new language pack. Notice the missing button labels below.

A solution to this problem is to duplicate all resource (*.resx) files found in \Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\Telerik\App_LocalResources\* and have the new set of files appended with the newly introduced language culture as file names. E.g. RadEditor.Dialogs.resxRadEditor.Dialogs.en-gb.resx (assuming we are switching to en-gb localization). After we are done, all dialogs will look good again!

Unexpected dividend from Mapletree Logistics

Why unexpected? Because I had sold all Mapletree Logistics Trust shares few weeks ago.

As announced from SGX website:
Unitholders whose securities accounts with The Central Depository (Pte) Limited were credited with units in MapletreeLog as at 5.00 pm on 29 September 2010 will be entitled to the Cumulative Distribution that will be paid on Monday 29 November 2010. For the avoidance of doubt, the new units issued under the Equity Fund Raising will not be entitled to the Cumulative Distribution.
Lucky I sold it just after 29 September 2010.

Amazon Kindle vs. Barnes & Noble Nook

The following chart is from PCMag.

Google 'Hotpot': Local recommendation sharing among friends

Google has just released an early release of Hotpot - a local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends. With Hotpot, you can make recommendations on the places or the restaurants which you like to your friends and they can do likewise too.

Happy hotpotting!

Discover Yours: Local recommendations powered by you and your friends [via]

Eurozone Industrial Production still below its 2005 level

According to estimates released by the Eurostat, the statistiscal office of the European Union, seasonal adjusted industrial output for September 2010 fell by 0.9% in the euro area (EA16) and by 0.5% in the EU27 as compared with August 2010 data. However, if compared against September 2010, industrial production increased by 5.2% in the euro area and by 5.8% in the EU27. Is the Eurozone slowing down?

From the chart above, current industrial output is still below 2005 level.

Are we out of the woods yet?

A quote from Paul Krugman from Axis of Deflation:

True, Europeans are acting as if they’re fully recovered — but the truth is that eurozone industrial production is still below its 2005 level (pdf), and seems to be stalling. Worldwide, we probably have an output gap — resources going to waste, because we’re not using the productive capacity we have — of at least $2 trillion at an annual rate.

Web2PDF - Convert any webpage into PDF to your Email

Web2PDF allows you to browse webpages as PDFs from your email. What's required is to compose an email, type the URL of the web page you wish to convert in the body of that message and then send it to Almost instantly, an email will be sent with the webpage as a PDF to your inbox.

That's reading offline :)


ARA Asset Management stock movement chart

Take note of the movement from Aug 2010 to today. That's the gain I got from this counter :)
BTW, the RSI is now at 87.22 (super overbought)

ARA Asset Management Share Price Chart

Bought on 16 Aug 2010 at S$1.10 and sold at S$1.58 today.

Google Birthday Doodle for myself

How iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Users See Each Other

From here.

Cameraless Android Phone?

Hope for many people! I personally feel Motorola choosing Android as their main OS on their smartphones is a right strategic decision. Their recent revenue was astonishing especially when they almost 'died' few quarters ago. A revival for Motorola.

Cameraless Android Phone? Motorola Droid Pro Coming Without Camera [via]

Google Instant now on iPhone and Android

According to the Google Blog, Google powerful Instant search is now available on both Android (2.2+) devices and iPhone (iOS4) in the US. Go to on your phone and tap "Turn on" the Instant Beta to enable it and start using it.

Watch demo

The power of Google Instant, now in your pocket [via]

Five new Gmail themes

Google Gmail recently launched five new themes. They are Basic White, Basic Black, Marker, Tree Tops and Android.

Five new themes [via]

Wonder how Unit Trust work

I really doubt the performance of Unit Trust and its performance. When my own stocks and shares are performing so well and still seeing my Unit Trust portfolio in the red, more doubt on UT is casted. How is it calculated?

My stocks and shares

ARA Asset Management (+35.18%), C&O Pharm (+10.24%), Cambridge Industrial Trust (+25.66%), CapitalMalls Asia (-9.70%), China Animal Healthcare (+21.97%), China Minzhong Food Corp (+2.5%), Global Logistics Properties (+17.62%), Koh Brothers (-17.31%), Mapletree Industrial Trust (+18.28%), NOL (+11.06%), ST Engineering (+12.97%).

And HG Metal Manufacturing (+10%) but just sold off today.