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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Went to ginza plaza today to meet a friend, Myo. We have not met each other for many months because of busy schedules. I suggested to have lunch at west coast hawker to save some money but then he preferred to have them at a restaurant. I simply said "OK". We ordered 3 dishes and 3 plates of white rice whereby 2 of the rice were mine. I guessed I had been eating too much these few days. Seafood at JB yesterday plus today's heavy lunch! After lunch, we had a pool session and I think he really played well today.

At around 3pm, I left for Bugis to meet another friend. We are supposed to meet at selegie's Mechmaster at 5pm for a pool session before heading for dinner. Dashun, Shaowei and I decided to meet at Bugis at 4pm instead because we really did not wish to play pool. On my way to Bugis, I called up a Japanese restaurant at Bugis to make reservation for 15 people. At 4pm, I reached Bugis and only Dashun was there as Shaowei was late. We bought orange juice and had our usual crap session and this time at Long John Silver to wait for Shaowei and at the same time wait for 7:30pm for the dinner. Unexpectedly and sadly, something happened and I needed to get back home to settle some family matters and had to leave in a rush. I waited for Shaowei to arrive before taking a bus to Yishun. I made a reservation and registered as "Mr Loh" and now Dashun had to take my place as "Mr Loh". I heard they decided to change venue and had dinner at Selegie's self-proclaimed famous "starhub" chicken rice stall. This gathering was meant to celebrate and welcome the return of JB from Australia study. I feel so bad to leave like that but then sometimes life is so unpredictable.

Life is full of surprises.
Life is full of disappointments.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Match is starting soon! My prediction is Portugal win.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Finally learnt something at work today. I was asked to help solve a PC problem. Today was the first time I ever tried "System Restore" feature and it indeed worked like a charm. So glad.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I had a super heavy dinner today. Went home early today and called my mom to ask her what she wanted for dinner. Initially, she said she wanted "cai fan" but then she changed her mind right after I ended the phone call. She calle back telling me she had already bought her dinner earlier on and so I should not buy her share. Blur and that was me, I bought dinner for her and myself totally forgotten she telling me not to buy hers. I ended up finishing all of them.
Something unpleasant happened in my department today. An IT technician, Teo, quarrelled with Fadzli because of something very trivial. Our department once had friction with the IT department when PCs were moved and shifted from the meeting room to the document control room without notifying IT personnels. This I understood and agreed that Fadzli was at wrong of doing so without the acknowledging them, however, today's case was a bit ridiculous. PCs were shifted from a table to another within the document control room and for this, Fadzli was reprimanded. Fadzli argued how unreasonable and ridiculous it was and in the end.. I really don't know what was the conclusion. I just know that it is better not to use PCs to listen to music to avoid any more friction with the IT department. Okay, no more music for me :( Ya, I made a stupid remark today and made the entire department laughed and it was, "Can I move the mouse?". hehe...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Today is a busy day for me. I was told to do scanning on all new drawings, afterwhich I was supposed to do appending on them before doing uploading onto the Edoc system. The heavy duty scanner was down for more than a couple of days already and no choice I had to make do with the slow scanner, one that required I performing manual transfer of scanned files onto my mailbox and then retrieving them. I managed to complete scanning but am left with 50% appending work and 100% uploading.

Tomorrow have to continue with that. Hope I can complete them before I knock off tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I have lost the zeal in helping answering questions. I think I just stay in helping being a cleanup volunteer instead.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Today is Jeffery's birthday. We went down to PS's Cartel for the celebration and I ordered "Breaded Chicken". Till now, I still feel very full! The chicken just couldn't be digested.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Working is getting more fun nowadays. Listening to music openly, playig games secretly, using the internet secretly, etc. Wow!!! Guess life at work is getting better each day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I going to sleep early for I do wish to live longer.
My colleagues and I were discussing on what have we learnt through working in norelco.

Poh Lee: I learnt I do have attitude problem especially to those who accuse me. I also realised I do look arrogant and cold at times. Need to change.

Thuy: This is my first job. I learnt that I will really hate those who are bossy. I am myself and I don't think I will change.

I: I did not learn anything. This is serious.

Geraldine was doing scanning that time when we were discussing. Anyway, I don't feel comfortable talking with her. I realised she has got the bad habit of staring and observing people and she really makes the stare obvious. I see that as a bad bad habit. So rude.
There are so many things for me to do given such a limited amount of time. I have got a law-related book to read (have read 20+ out of 180+ pages), and 2 set of VB materials to type (I have done 0.5 and so left with 1.5). erm.. when I say a lot, it actually means only 2 tasks.
Hi-tech armed forces prompts shorter NS term
I am extremely tired today. My body is getting very hot today, my eyes are tired after whole day of work in front of a lousy PC monitor (my LCD monitor is being changed to a forever flickering CRT monitor), my mind not functioning well and always fail to forget string of digits, my... I think I will fall sick very soon.

I will go on.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I am waiting for my family members to get themselves prepared. My cousin's child is one month old. Guess we have to take cab later to Woodlands for the buffet.
Watched the first Euro 2004 match between Portugal (host) and Greece (underdogs) yesterday and the match ended Portugal lost at 1-2 scoreline. It was the least unexpected.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Few days ago, my superior, Fadzli, asked me if I knew MsAccess. I knew he wanted me to help him come out with a MsAccess and then in the end I guess he will claim the effort his own. Neh.. I don't want that especially I am paid only $45 per day. That's too little for IT work. I told him I forgot how to do MsAccess database application. I ain't cheap labour.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Will be meeting my friends again.
Dashun and Eddy are available.
Jeffery is unavailable because of exams (I think so).
The spider is forever unavailable.
I cannot sleep tonight. My brother has just announced that he will terminate the Pacific Internet account when it expires in July. This means if I were to continue using the account, I will have to pay twice the amount what I used to and it will amounts to approximately $75/mth. Add on to my M1 bill, I will have to pay about $100/mth. I guess I will have to do some research on internet plans and see if I can convert to other plans when my current plan expires. It has been quite long since I last have so many worries.
Just watched wrestling again just now and this time was a special one. It lasted for close to 3 hours and I was glued to the TV all the way. The last match between Eddie and John was brutal and bloody. It's an affair between the 2 where Eddie had got to defend the championship title. I hate the stupid John, looking cocky plus arrogant, making promises and guarantees that he will win the title no matter what prior to the match. Okay, he did win the match but I would classify that win as a "smelly" one. He used a steel chair to whack Eddie's head and this whack resulted Eddie to bleed like hell. His whole face was covered with blood and blood just constantly oozed out filling the ring's platform. That beast even tried a second attempt to use the metal title belt on Eddie's head but then was intercepted and in return, Eddie used that same metal title belt and whacked real hard on John's head. The referee saw it and disqualified him. That's unfair wasn't it?

Friday, June 04, 2004

I have got an ulcer in my mouth again but this time it is on my tongue. I have been getting ulcers quite often these days and I think it isn't a good sign. Better drink more water.
Will be working tomorrow =(
This time I will work alone without my partner.
Will be very boring.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Before I forgot, I had green bean soup when I reached home.
I know it is very late now but I think I will wait for those food in my stomach to digest before I turn in to bed.

I had a long good nap in the afternoon.
Ya.. I also had durians tonight at Bt Merah and I still can smell durians on my fingers. I was at Bt Merah bus interchange at around 11pm when I saw 2 police cars driving into the interchange and immediately I guessed something must have happened. One don't usually see police cars driving into bus interchange. What I saw was 4 policemen got off from the 2 cars approaching a middle-aged woman who was sitting slouched, leaning on one of the pillars beside the bus park. The 4 policemen tried to persuade the chinese race woman to get up and leave the place but apparently the woman was not really listening to them. My first feeling is the woman must have got lots of worries and troubles if not she wil not be there in such a late hour. What really amazed me was none of the 4 policemen deployed to persuade the woman were chinese and all were in fact malays. The police HQ should go find out the race of the woman before making decisions on whom to deploy so that at least they can communicate with the woman if she can only understand mandarin or chinese dialect. hmm.. I think I think too much.
I am just too full tonight. Had dinner with my family including my younger brother. To have him givig a dinner treat is quite a rare occasion but this time it is for real. He made arrangements to meet everyone at our self declared famous "zu cao" market coffeeshop at 7pm for dinner. He ordered 4 dishes and all except myself and my elder brother ate little and so... hehe.. I get to eat a lot. I ate 2 plates of white rice plus large portions of meat, egg, vegetables and tau foo.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Blame myself for that.
I am supposed to go out today (NOW) but then something crops up. Woke up early in the morning to see a notice on my whiteboard saying I need to stay at home to expect a cake from my mom's friend in the late afternoon. No one is at home at the moment.. my brother made the first move of leaving the house earlier than me (lucky him). The cake is from my mom's friend's son/daughter's don't know son or daughter's 1 month birthday. Blame it on I forgetting to tell my family I will be going out today earlier.

I think I will stay at home the whole day.. erm.. maybe jio friends living near my house for dinner later.

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