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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ya.. I also had durians tonight at Bt Merah and I still can smell durians on my fingers. I was at Bt Merah bus interchange at around 11pm when I saw 2 police cars driving into the interchange and immediately I guessed something must have happened. One don't usually see police cars driving into bus interchange. What I saw was 4 policemen got off from the 2 cars approaching a middle-aged woman who was sitting slouched, leaning on one of the pillars beside the bus park. The 4 policemen tried to persuade the chinese race woman to get up and leave the place but apparently the woman was not really listening to them. My first feeling is the woman must have got lots of worries and troubles if not she wil not be there in such a late hour. What really amazed me was none of the 4 policemen deployed to persuade the woman were chinese and all were in fact malays. The police HQ should go find out the race of the woman before making decisions on whom to deploy so that at least they can communicate with the woman if she can only understand mandarin or chinese dialect. hmm.. I think I think too much.

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