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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Went to ginza plaza today to meet a friend, Myo. We have not met each other for many months because of busy schedules. I suggested to have lunch at west coast hawker to save some money but then he preferred to have them at a restaurant. I simply said "OK". We ordered 3 dishes and 3 plates of white rice whereby 2 of the rice were mine. I guessed I had been eating too much these few days. Seafood at JB yesterday plus today's heavy lunch! After lunch, we had a pool session and I think he really played well today.

At around 3pm, I left for Bugis to meet another friend. We are supposed to meet at selegie's Mechmaster at 5pm for a pool session before heading for dinner. Dashun, Shaowei and I decided to meet at Bugis at 4pm instead because we really did not wish to play pool. On my way to Bugis, I called up a Japanese restaurant at Bugis to make reservation for 15 people. At 4pm, I reached Bugis and only Dashun was there as Shaowei was late. We bought orange juice and had our usual crap session and this time at Long John Silver to wait for Shaowei and at the same time wait for 7:30pm for the dinner. Unexpectedly and sadly, something happened and I needed to get back home to settle some family matters and had to leave in a rush. I waited for Shaowei to arrive before taking a bus to Yishun. I made a reservation and registered as "Mr Loh" and now Dashun had to take my place as "Mr Loh". I heard they decided to change venue and had dinner at Selegie's self-proclaimed famous "starhub" chicken rice stall. This gathering was meant to celebrate and welcome the return of JB from Australia study. I feel so bad to leave like that but then sometimes life is so unpredictable.

Life is full of surprises.
Life is full of disappointments.

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