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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Something unpleasant happened in my department today. An IT technician, Teo, quarrelled with Fadzli because of something very trivial. Our department once had friction with the IT department when PCs were moved and shifted from the meeting room to the document control room without notifying IT personnels. This I understood and agreed that Fadzli was at wrong of doing so without the acknowledging them, however, today's case was a bit ridiculous. PCs were shifted from a table to another within the document control room and for this, Fadzli was reprimanded. Fadzli argued how unreasonable and ridiculous it was and in the end.. I really don't know what was the conclusion. I just know that it is better not to use PCs to listen to music to avoid any more friction with the IT department. Okay, no more music for me :( Ya, I made a stupid remark today and made the entire department laughed and it was, "Can I move the mouse?". hehe...

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