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Who Do You Think Am I?

Got this email from a stranger.
Who do you think am I!!!
You think I will help you!!!
If you need help, at least write politely.


I am working on a script, right now it's a function and a bunch of subroutines.

All together the script is about 2000 lines long.

How long would it take you to convert it to a class?

I think the further development would go much quicker if I had this as a class to work with and keep adding all functionality I have
in mind.

Please let me know what you might need from me to give me better idea and hopefully to get started on this?


Eat and Watch Today

Ate French Toast with peanut butter today at JB City Square with Regine.
We then watched "The Da Vinci Code". Frankly speaking, I don't really understand the plot.
We then shop around a while before we had Nasi Bryani and Tom Yam bee hoon at "Sedap Corner".

Ate so much today.

Happy Birthday to EE

I have been there for more than 6.5 years!
Long Live EE!

Problem In New NS Portal

My email to them.


I just attempted a first login to the new NS portal. I must admit the overall experience is quite pleasant if I were using IE browser. However, the surfing experience of the ever-growing number of Firefox users should be taken care of.

There one obvious problem I see when using Firefox 1.5.

1) Navigational menu does not work well. On hover on any of the child items of the top menu, the collapsed menu does not stay. It makes my navigation experience impossible. To get around with this problem, I actually have to get to the homepage or the site map in order to find my destination link.

Please resolve this problem ASAP because the reputation of NCS is at stake. Thanks and hope everyone will have a pleasant surfing experience in this new NS portal.

Loh Hon Chun

Labor Day in US

My history lecturer in NUS told me US don't celebrate Labor Day on 1st May. This is because of the Red Scare. They celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September instead.