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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

World Cup Virus Season Kicks Off

Erm.. I think I have a similar excel file like this in my Co's PC. Hope there is no virus.,1895,1959401,00.asp


  1. Brazil or Argentina will be winner

    Spain is always the underachiever.
    England is overestimated by many.

  2. England will not win.

    Defence - I would say average
    Midfield - Strong
    Strikers - Rooney fitness is doubtful. Owen just recovered from injury. Peter Crouch doesn't look good. Theowalt is untested. Remember Theowalt has not even played a single Premiership match.

  3. Go to the Settings for your blog.
    Then click 'Comments'.
    Enable "Show" comments.

  4. There is this

    Go to the Settings for your blog.
    Then click 'Comments'.

    "Who can comment" option.

    Make sure you have the appropriate one selected. For me, I chose "Anyone"

  5. Yes you can.
    There is a "Add Image" button from the toolbar. You can see it when you post a comment.


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