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Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus Workshop

I attended the Men Are from Mars & Women Are from Venus Workshop yesterday. This workshop was organized by SDU (Social Development Unit). NUS, NTU and SMU also took part in this workshop. The Student Union of the 3 respective universities were tasked to invite undergraduates to register for the workshop. Regine registered on my behalf.

Registration fee for the workshop was $5 which I find really worth the money. I belive this workshop cost more than that without the 2 tea breaks, 1 lunch buffet, and 1 best-seller book from Andy Gray. The workshop was held in the Grassroots' Club near Yio Chu Kang MRT Station from 9am - 6pm.

I was rather shocked to see there weren't as many people as expected. The MPH was only 1/3 filled. Many came as a couple but there were some who came alone - mostly guys. My "entourage" included my elder brother and her girlfriend, Wenjun and Beryl, Regine and myself.

The workshop was full of fun and interaction. Throughout the duration, we liste…

'Fare cheats' take more than one seat

BECAUSE public transport operators lose significant revenue to fare cheats, a new law was passed recently to fine or imprison them.

Actually, these cheats are trivial compared to passengers who blatantly occupy an extra seat by putting personal or bought items there. They close their eyes, oblivious to other passengers even when the bus or train is packed.

Not placing the items on the floor deprives other commuters of an available seat. Sometimes, the items may contain wet, dirty or smelly matter like seafood which may soil the seat and make it unusable until it is cleaned.

The worst case is when a bus passenger stretches his legs across to touch the opposite facing seat. These are the 'super' cheats. One passenger can then 'occupy' four seats (with his legs creating a barrier to two other adjacent seats).


Big Mistake

My colleague asked if someone could write a script to do a net send on somebody infinitely just to disturb that person. I said okay and wrote a simple script. It works but I accidentally set it to broadcast to every single one in the domain, including the boss.

I think everyone would need to press more than 100 times to close the net send message. I will never do something so stupid as this again.

NUS Proactive

Proud of you guys for the recent protests on school fees hike.
Anyone knows what is the procedure to send an article to be published on the Forum section of The Straits Times? I want to raise a point to counter Prof Tan from NUS on the reason behind the raise.

Stingy RCL

I went for my 2nd job interview at RCL and I believe I have passed all tests. After negotiation, I agreed to give in by lowering my expected salary by $100 to $2400. RCL is offering a permanent position for Analyst Programmer and this fits me since my contract for my current job is going to end soon. All things look good to me till today. The HR people called me today and inform me that they are willing to employ me only if I agreed to accept $2200! This is simply ridiculous! With this salary, I would rather stay at my current job which offers a higher monthly pay. I believe I am worth more than $2200.

Just condemned another site

I do practise strict surfing habits. I lay out a list of several guidelines and if websites do not fulfill any one of them, they will go down to my blacklist.

One of them is
Thou shall not visit sites with embedded sound/video files (*.mp3, *.wav, *.mpeg)I will list them out here one day.

Busy Busy Busy

Total 3 projects on hand at the moment and all concurrently.
People's Association for Grassroots Leaders (Alone)
S-League (Alone)
Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (Partial)Sigh...

ClearType Text in IE7

Hello there, I’m Peter Gurevich, one of the many program managers on the IE team. My primary feature area focus is on the rendering and display in the browser, including the decoding and display of images and the rendering of Text. I wanted to briefly chat with you all about a change to the way IE7 renders text. You may have noticed that after installing IE 7, your fonts in IE and Outlook Express look different. That is because IE7 has changed our text rendering to use ClearType. I hope you like the change. If you are not familiar with ClearType, you can find more information on it using the link below, but basically it is another method for rendering Text on LCD Monitors. is an example of the difference you should see.If you have an LCD monitor, it may not be precisely tuned for Cleartype, so here are some tools that can help you get it set up.On-line tuner

Food Stalls Increase Price

Okay, it has been confirmed that the food stalls at the coffeeshop near my house has increased their items by 50 cents permanently. I think I will boycott them and buy food from the market in the future. Market food can be cheaper or priced at the same rate but definitely they taste better. 5 minutes of walking distance is worth the effort.

Dissatisfied With IE 7 Beta 2

Some things missing as compared to FF 1.5
Shortcut key to Search box missing.Achor names pointing poor.Minor bug on CSS layers.Offers only MSN as search engine by default - Too little.Does not support type-as-i-search feature.However, there's only one thing I like - Their printing feature.

BTW, I have reported the CSS bug to Microsoft.

KamaSutra Worm to Attack Feb 3

The new computer worm, named Kama Sutra, is scheduled to attack infected systems Friday, 3 February. The worm, also known as Blackworm, Nyxem-D and W32.blackmail.e, is aimed at Windows-based computers and spreads by copying itself to shared network locations and mass emailing itself to email addresses on these systems.

Though potentially quite damaging to a system, large scale infection of the worm is not expected and the current over-reaction by many members of the anti-virus community is unwarranted, according to anti-virus company BitDefender.

The Kama Sutra worm is designed to overwrite all .doc, .xls, .mdb, .mde, .ppt, .pps, .zip, .rar, .pdf, .psd, and .dmp files. It has gained the attention of the anti-virus community because of its ability to deceive Windows through phony digital signatures, and seems to have been created for the sole purpose of doing damage and not for commercial gain. It has also gained attention in both the general and technology press due to a unique Website …

'Free' is the new 'cheap' for software tools

As long as applications / GUI are not created using Java, then they are considered acceptable to me. Oracle does not fit into the list since it is created using Java. Applications by Java are normally very slow. A very good example is the NetBeans IDE. Simply compare Eclipse with NetBeans, MsSQL with Oracle, etc, the former one in the comparison definitely score better in terms of speed. Of course free is good! PostgreSQL and MySQL are equally powerful as compared to M$SQL.