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Thursday, February 23, 2006

'Fare cheats' take more than one seat

BECAUSE public transport operators lose significant revenue to fare cheats, a new law was passed recently to fine or imprison them.

Actually, these cheats are trivial compared to passengers who blatantly occupy an extra seat by putting personal or bought items there. They close their eyes, oblivious to other passengers even when the bus or train is packed.

Not placing the items on the floor deprives other commuters of an available seat. Sometimes, the items may contain wet, dirty or smelly matter like seafood which may soil the seat and make it unusable until it is cleaned.

The worst case is when a bus passenger stretches his legs across to touch the opposite facing seat. These are the 'super' cheats. One passenger can then 'occupy' four seats (with his legs creating a barrier to two other adjacent seats).


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