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Saturday, January 31, 2004

50% will be going to school tomorrow to study.
Poor me.
My desktop monitor broke down just now. I was using it halfway and the monitor gave some hissing noise before going into blank. It never wakes up again. I don't think I will want to buy a new monitor for that slow machine. Perhaps I will just use my laptop or if really need to use the desktop's harddisk, I will just use my laptop as the monitor for it.

Poor luck.

Friday, January 23, 2004

I have set my mind - "Study Discrete Maths on Day 2 of CNY".

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Had dinner at Newton Circus last Tuesday.
Had reunion dinner yesterday.
Had lots of food plus "ba gua" today.

Really feel very full every single minute.
I told a friend of mine to enjoy since it is public holiday.
Reply is this, "How to enjoy? I still feel studying mood is stronger than CNY mood."

Sunday, January 18, 2004

OK decided to go online again and hope ....
ICQ goes "Oh Oh".
Just came back from a BBQ session and I would say it is really an enjoyable one. 3 of my friends and I devised a method to do a high quality BBQ.
1. Throw lots of food out onto the BBQ wired gauze and I mean lots of it (more than normal).
2. Eddy will apply LOTS of margarine onto the food. Repeat this action until the fire gets real "fierce". I mean it when I say "fierce" and it has got to be burning in flame and in the verge of burning the whole East Coast.
3. 2 of other friends and I will just use our skewers and tongs to move all food to the area where the flame is. Move all food as if we were frying/cooking something on a wok. I would describe this action more like stirring.
4. Keep stirring and mixing the food like cooking in a wok.

Note: The food may look messy but within 3 minutes or so, they are ready to be served. Incredible and hard to believe working rate but one ought to believe.
No on chat with me :-(
I think I am always the one who initiates a conversation... getting sick of it. Waited and waited but was so disappointing. Better go offline now.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Went down to chinatown today with a friend. Crowd there is amazing even on a weekday (today).

Monday, January 12, 2004

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Finally my printer can print again :)
Just bought printer cartridge today.
Borrowed my last sem notes to an acquaintance and requested him to zap them and return to me by last Sat. I may need them this sem. Ok, he failed to do so and the reason he gave was simply too many to zap and too little time to zap. Alrite, I accepted that and requested them to be returned to me by this coming Monday 2pm. I reminded him again today and he told me he HOPE he can finish zapping the whole stack before 2pm. Why can't he give me the assurance? Why can't he come to school earlier before his first 12pm lecture to finish zapping all those notes? Really cannot understanding him.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

You represent... hope.
You represent... hope.
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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Two of my best friends are having problems at the moment and they came to me for help this morning. I really wish to help but I really cannot. Only if I were in the same year as them, I will. But I know it is possible to help but I have to sacrifice quite a lot if I were to do so - drop some modules, bid for that module, and then spend the entire semester trying to figure out many abstracts which I am yet to learn, waste my money by putting aside all those 2nd hand textbooks of those modules I would drop, etc.

Saw them in school this morning and really don't know how to help them. I think I am ashamed of myself. They really did help me a great deal when I first entered NUS especially the 1-day younger than me friend. But life just don't work out right for me and I am just a junior after all.

Good luck and may all good things be on us.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

School going to reopen officially for me tomorrow. So sad.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Windows 98 Source Code (Humour)

/* Source Code to Windows 98 */

#include "win31.h"
#include "win95.h"
#include "evenmore.h"
#include "oldstuff.h"
#include "billrulz.h"
#include "monopoly.h"
#define INSTALL = HARD

char make_prog_look_big[1600000];
void main()
if (first_time_installation)


if (still_not_crashed)

if (detect_cache())

if (fast_cpu())
set_mouse(speed, very_slow);
e(action, jumpy);
set_mouse(reaction, sometimes);

/* printf("Welcome to Windows 3.11"); */
/* printf("Welcome to Windows 95"); */
printf("Welcome to Windows 98");
if (system_ok())
system_memory = open("a:\swp0001.swp", O_CREATE);

Grandest Wedding Dinner
Yesterday was my cousin's bid day - Wedding. I missed the morning and afternoon event because I had something to attend to in the afternoon. Heard from my brother, he had got himself $90 just for being one of the 5 members who were involved in opening the wedding car for the bridegroom. $90 multiply by 5 would be $450 in all. The car was Jacguar!

The wedding dinner was the grandest among the many I been to in my entire life. It was held in Sentosa Sasa Shanrila Hotel. The couples booked several more than enough hotel rooms for all those relatives who wished to stay overnight and got themselves an Executive Suite. At around 6pm, cocktail was served on a beach. So romantic. Wedding dinner was held in the hotel's ballroom (real classy). erm... that was my first time I ever been to a wedding dinner where I saw many unoccupied seats. Just for my 10-customers table only had got 6 out of 10 occupied but that didn't mean food served gonna be 6 serving. The bridegroom family just wanted those who are of similar age, same generation, of closer relationship to sit together. They certainly were thoughtful and most importantly, damn rich. They even got 5 buses to bring people out of Sentosa to either City Hall of Outram Park.

Lifetime experience.

Friday, January 02, 2004

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