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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Just came back from a BBQ session and I would say it is really an enjoyable one. 3 of my friends and I devised a method to do a high quality BBQ.
1. Throw lots of food out onto the BBQ wired gauze and I mean lots of it (more than normal).
2. Eddy will apply LOTS of margarine onto the food. Repeat this action until the fire gets real "fierce". I mean it when I say "fierce" and it has got to be burning in flame and in the verge of burning the whole East Coast.
3. 2 of other friends and I will just use our skewers and tongs to move all food to the area where the flame is. Move all food as if we were frying/cooking something on a wok. I would describe this action more like stirring.
4. Keep stirring and mixing the food like cooking in a wok.

Note: The food may look messy but within 3 minutes or so, they are ready to be served. Incredible and hard to believe working rate but one ought to believe.

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