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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Justice has been served. The ASP cheater alorentz got a complaint from the fritz_the_blank (overall No. 1 in ASP) for being a copycat. We shall see! FtB, you got my support!!!

Friday, July 30, 2004

So happy today because my gf made oreo cheese cake yesterday and I have a share of it :)
Last Friday of every July is "System Administrator Day". All system administrators please do not work too hard.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The vote is a cheat now.
I bet one of the EE members has written a script that makes automatic removal of cache and voting. Votes for EE has shoot up by 100 in just few hours.
Vote EE as top tech site
Went down to the Somerset outdoor carpark hawker with my gf yesterday. Very long queue for all stalls except Bak Kut Teh. We had fried prawn noodles, fried char kway teow and fried carrot cake. Just too bad that the queue for omelette is just too long :(
Managed to sell my CS1231 textbook at $15 :)

Friday, July 23, 2004

I don't like this expert, "alorentz". I understand he is the current number 1 in ASP for this year but then he doesn't earn my respect. Of course I have no doubts in his knowledge in ASP but then he should behave professionally. He always jumps in and says this is incorrect and that is incorrect, and then he will sometimes come out with something that is often a repeat of what is already said. I call that copycat. It has happened to me when he tried to answer his first question and today, it happen to me yet again. He accused my code will not work without going into detail and came out with another piece of code. My most respected ASP expert goes to Patrick. Patrick is the overall number 1 in ASP TA. Patrick is very professional and always, he will interfere and judge what is right and what is wrong. This time, he came and supported my code :) .  alorentz did apologise but then I don't give a damn.

alorentz, please do better than that.
"CS2102 - Introduction to Database Systems" course website used to be in serious infinite javascript error whenever the mouse is moved. I emailed to the lecturer and suggested a possible solution to the error and he tried my solution and made necessary ammendments to the code. IT WORKS!

It's working like a charm now. I am so happy :)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Saw another Ponggol Marina full timer again today on bus 74. Guess if I were to take bus 74 at around 11pm back to Ang Mo Kio at MacRitchie Reservoir, I will be able to bump onto them. haha.. I actually deliberately took bus 74 today instead of other buses like 165 or 132 just to confirm my instinct. I was correct. This time I saw Ah May, a cashier.

I wonder who would I see next time.
Brazil advances to the finals meeting Argentina.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Finally I have set my mind on the modules I will be taking for this coming semester.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Did I mention "Ponggol Marina" in my earlier posting? Yes and an hour ago, I saw an auntie who used to work in Ponggol Marina with me on my way home on a bus. That's pure coincidence.
Her name is Mary and we used to call her Auntie Mary. She is one of the most experienced aunties around in Ponggol Marina. BTW, she is not the auntie I mentioned in my previous post.
Some updates from her:
1. Choon Seng Seafood has got 2 branches now - one at Bt Timah near Raffles Girls Pri and the second at Indoor Stadium. The Indoor Stadium branch will be shifted to Changi near the prison very soon.
2. Only Susan survives while the other 2 managers, Jessica and Pauline, are no longer working. The best manager survives! According to Mary, Jessica (the mean manager) was the one who suggested to get the Indoor Stadium ground and now the place turned out to be non-profitable. Very few customer patronizes that place.
3. None of the part-timers survive except Ah Meng. Ah Meng is one of the longest serving and he has been around even before Ponggol Marina was built. He is the only one who is earning $9/hr. Eric Ghoo ($10/hr guy who started work before Ah Meng) has quit. All the $8/hr staff including myself no longer work for Choon Seng. $7/hr staff too are no longer working. At present, all part-timers are strangers to me :(
4. Li Huang auntie, the one who always care for me, no longer works for Choon Seng. She bidded for a place in a primary school's canteen, got the place, and then end up giving it up. She used to told to me how badly she wanted to get a tuckshop place but then now she gave it up! According to Mary, she is now working as a cleaner in that primary school. Ah Lau, the 60 plus years old bachelor who always behaved like a kid is now seriously ill. He is down with cancer and is hospitalized. I am sad to hear that.
Very sad to realize that I have lost contact with many and at present, only Sharon and Angela are still in contact with me.
I boarded bus no. 132 at MacRitchie Reservoir on my way home and saw a group of aunties and one teenager. They worked in a same catering service company and were on their way home. There was one particular auntie who was particularly concerned with the teenager boy. She kept telling him where to alight, telling him many times not to cross the road after he alighted and to take bus 25 home at that bus-stop, etc. She even checked her watch making sure the boy would be able to catch the last bus and she even offerred to give the teenager some money if he did not have enough with him. That reminds me of the times when I was 16 working at Ponggol Marina, there was an auntie who always came to me asking me do I need this or that. Maybe because I was the youngest then.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Went to school today early in the morning to get a 2nd hand textbook from a friend's friend but then end up he bringing a book of an earlier edition which is not what I asked for. I remembered very clearly that I emphasised many times the edition of the book and I guessed it must have been overlooked. Sigh.. but it's okay.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Today is the last day of work for me. Few days ago, we had made a deal to wear formally on that fateful day ie. I and Kumar have to wear long sleeve preferably with a tie, and the girls to wear collar shirt, shirt and office shoes. However, Kumar told us he will not be wearing long sleeve shirt because he don't have got one and so agreed to tuck in his shirt instead. We agreed. Everyone came to the office casually except Kumar. I wore slightly different today with a polo-tee, Poh Lee wore a shirt and jeans, while Geraldine wore a blouse and a dress, and as for Kumar, he wore a collar shirt tucked into his pants. The whole scenairo was so awkward because Kumar was tricked. I could see that he felt disappointed with the way we dressed but he decided to forget about it and smiled especially when he saw a card made for him by Geraldine (definitely not by me). She made a card each for Kumar, Desment and Fadzli to express our or rather her appreciation towards their care and concern over the past 2 months or so. Geraldine was the one who suggested making cards for them. She was the one who suggested buying chocolates for them. She was the one. Poh Lee and I just couldn't see the need for all these. Perhaps we were heartless.
We did not do much of work before lunch perhaps because we were simply too excited. I repeat again - Today is the last day of work. We chatted, played and joked, waiting for lunch time.
Finally the bell for lunch time rang. It was drizzling at that time and so I volunteered to buy in lunch the 3 temps plus Fadzli. Fadzli handed me a $10 note saying that was for us. So this meant he gave us a Mee Goreng treat. The Mee Goreng was hot and spicy, without any meat with merely slices of cucumber and pieces of egg.
Mention of Fadzli reminds me of he being a liar, indecisive and irrespsonsible. He mentioned of giving us a Pizza Hut treat 1 day ago (14th July), making appointment on 15th July. I could not make it because I had already made prior arrangements that day. Fadzli then rescheduled the dinner treat to that day (14th July) instead. He asked what we wanted to eat so he could order for delivery. After he left for a meeting, I mentioned to the temps it could have been better if we ordered KFC instead. After several minutes, we realised Fadzli actually was behind us all along! He came back from the meeting very early and we did not even notice his presence. I guessed he must have heard all Poh Lee and I commented because he walked towards us and asked us to order KFC instead of Pizza Hut. Oops... I really couldn't understand why he couldn't make the call himself since he was the one giving the treat. I guessed he's not sincere at all. Few minutes later, he suggested to have lunch at Simei KFC instead on that day. If we had our lunch at Simei, we would need to take a cab to and fro between Norelco to Simei. All of us (temps) found that troublesome and a bit of a rush. The bell for lunchtime rang and we prepared ourselves for KFC at Simei. At this moment, Fadzli approached us and said perhaps it's a bit too rush for us and it would be better to make it tonight (14th July) instead. We could only shrugged and nodded. I really felt he was not sincere at all, making empty promises, making irresponsible decisions, etc. We made our way to AB food court for lunch. After we came back from our lunch, he told us he decided to give us a treat to a Thai banquet instead at Parkway Parade. This time we simply said "anything, you decide lor". We were indifferent this time because we knew all were lies. Few hours later, he apologised to us saying how sorry he was because he just remembered he had got something on and so had to postpone the treat to next week. Bingo! All were lies. Today (15th July), he told Kumar to make arrangements for the dinner treat next week. Why can't he organize the dinner himself since he's the one giving the treat? Isn't he is be the one asking us when are we free? We decided to have the dinner when Thuy is back from Vietnam. Seriously, I feel this dinner treat will not be successful and frankly speaking, I really do not like this arrangement. I cannot believe my eyes why such a simple dinner can be made so complicated. Could today's Mee Goreng treat be the treat he "always" wanted to give? I am not sure.

Let's get back to today and forget about Fadzli. The last hour of today was exciting. We rushed and used our fastest speed possible to complete whatever tasks we were holding onto. That was the speed I used to use on the first few days of work. I bet Kumar really will miss us after we left. He will be bored to death and life will be back to normal for him. There will have no one to joke with. Sigh...
Below is the sms he sent to Geraldine, Poh Lee and I after we left,
    "hi guys, first of all thanks for ur hardwork. Second thing i am sorry, i know behaved rudely to u guys sometimes, please don't take it personally,its all because of work stress. GOOD LUCK FOR UR FUTURE. KEEP SMILING.keep in touch MEOW"
My reply to him,
    "No lah.. you are nice most of the time. when in stress, remember to MEOW"
His reply to my sms,
    "I WILL"
All this meow came about because of Poh Lee. She has got the talent of imitating the meow of a cat. She demonstrated meowing today and she really impressed all of us. That's made all of us practising meowing the whole afternoon.. haha... I couldn't mastered the art of meowing but then I had mastered that art of making sounds made by a lizard. BTW, I recorded the meowing sound made by her onto my handphone and I will play that to my gf one day.
That's about it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

12th July - My younger brother's birthday
15th July - My mother's birthday

Tomorrow most likely I will be working overtime again.
This coming Friday will be my last day of work and I will go back holiday life, waiting for the new semester to open. 2 more working days and no more. Should I feel glad or sad for it? I am not sure.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Choosing modules is a headache.
I hate it.
Competition for providing better email services is getting very tense now. Yahoo is now providing auto completion for email addresses just like GMail. Monkey see monkey do...

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Just received a sms from Kumar early in the morning telling me that the old woman Jacqueline is not working today. I think he is really happy without her around.
Yesterday (Friday) was very fun. I had a dinner with my working colleagues which invovled Poh Lee, Geraldine, Thuy, Kumar and Fadzli at Changi Village. Boon Ming and Desment were both supposed to be with us but then because of some reasons they couldn't make it. Boon Ming had to work OT and as for Desment, he was late for the company transport to Tampines. Desment told us that he will join us at Tampines Kenny Rogers and that was shocking because we thought all along he knew we had changed the venue to Changi Village. In the end, he decided not to join us.

Fadzli made his trip to Changi Village on his bike. This was the first time the whole gang plus Kumar took the same bus and the trip was exciting. We chatted, joked and laughed all the way from Norelco to Tampines. After 15min, we finally reached Tampines bus interchange where we took bus 29 to Changi Village. Along the way, Kumar pointed out some pretty babes and alerted my attention on them before asking me to rate them. I was never surprised by his actions for he was like that even at Ang Mo Kio, telling me what time that same girl will walk past this or that footpath. Sometimes I really did find awkward with so many pairs of eyes staring at us as if both of us were some peverts but I still stayed in the "game" with him.

Finally, we reached Changi Village. Each of us forked out $10 each to make up $60 for our sumptuous dinner. I volunteered to buy drinks while the girls make decisions on the food. Fadzli, being a muslim, bought himself a plate of don't know call what food but I knew it must be hot and spicy for its bright red colour, and 40 satay assortments comprising of mutton, beef and chicken meat with some ketupat to come along. Fadzli's noodle came followed by the satay. The girls ordered carrot cake, omelette, fried prawn noodles, indian rojak, and BBQ sambal stingray. The table was like so full and the girls started to wonder if we were able to finish everything. I assured them that we would finish it no matter what especially with me around.

Kumar's favourite was the carrot cake and he really really liked that a lot. We ordered a second plate of that and in the end only he and I were the only left surviving. The rest had enough. The carrot began to take Kumar down and I eventually emerged as the sole survivor. There was like about half a plate of carrot cake left before Kumar came out with a very stupid and silly contest which I found that rather interesting. He gathered a portion of carrot cake on the centre of the plate and said the one who managed to use a pair of chopsticks and grabbed that portion would be the eventual winner. We decided to play this game with him and like little kids, we picked up our chopsticks and positioned them at equal distance away from the portion. The game started and Kumar scooped up a big portion of carrot cake up that wasn't the portion as specified saying he were the winner. I thought I also did make myself like a clown for following him, scooping up another big portion of carrot cake from the other side of the plate. The reason as to why he fel he was the winner because the portion he scooped up using his spoon was bigger than the specified portion. That was childish but was fun. I continued finishing the remaining 5 or 6 satay, indian rojak, omelette, and carrot cake.

After the "main course", we decided to pack away some desserts and had them at Changi Beach. We bought 4 servings of desserts and then we headed towards Changi Beach. Kumar came out with the idea of sitting on the sandy beach to have our desserts, chit-chatting and enjoying the breeze. We thought that was a good idea and out of nowhere, Thuy took out "The Straits Times" and we used the "Classified" section to lay out "mat" on the sand. We formed a circle and placed our desserts in the centre. That was real fun. Five of us excluding Fadzli shared the four desserts. We talked about our life experiences, things we did in the past which we thought was exciting but wrong, etc. Here came the part where we really went crazy which was just before we left for home. There were quite a lot of desserts left and Kumar, Poh Lee and I unknowingly got ourselves into a "eat dessert" contest. The 3 of us were supposed to have a bowl of dessert in our hands and we had to have a spoonful of dessert before passing to the next one beside us in a clockwise direction. The speed just got faster and faster and then the 3 of us really got ourselves into a real mess. The next bowl of dessert came into my hands before I could even swallow the dessert in my mouth. Our hands got wet by the dessert in the process of passing around.

We left the place at around 10pm. I find tonight all of us really behaved like little kids. Finally Kumar is able to behave in the way which he prefers to be. Seriously, I thinks he will miss us after we leave the company. There will be no one around to joke with him anymore, no one to be entertain with his lame jokes, no one to have ice cream with him on our way back from lunch, no one.... The old woman, Jacqueline, definitely is not a candidate and without her will be better of. Boon Ming is tied down by the old woman's everyday nags. Fadzli is too old or rather I should say not young for Kumar to communicate in the way he is to us now. Document control department will be back to square one - quiet and boring. There will have only 4 people left working in the department.

I will miss the group of friends (small group).

Thursday, July 08, 2004

What's the hell with Arts faculty? Till now they haven't updated their course site.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

I have GMAIL was my MSN display nick for a mere less than an hour before my working colleague jokingly told me "hao lian". I never meant it.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

I just got myself a gmail account all because of a friend who is kind enough to invite me :)

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