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Justice has been served. The ASP cheater alorentz got a complaint from the fritz_the_blank (overall No. 1 in ASP) for being a copycat. We shall see! FtB, you got my support!!!
The vote is a cheat now.
I bet one of the EE members has written a script that makes automatic removal of cache and voting. Votes for EE has shoot up by 100 in just few hours.
Went down to the Somerset outdoor carpark hawker with my gf yesterday. Very long queue for all stalls except Bak Kut Teh. We had fried prawn noodles, fried char kway teow and fried carrot cake. Just too bad that the queue for omelette is just too long :(
I don't like this expert, "alorentz". I understand he is the current number 1 in ASP for this year but then he doesn't earn my respect. Of course I have no doubts in his knowledge in ASP but then he should behave professionally. He always jumps in and says this is incorrect and that is incorrect, and then he will sometimes come out with something that is often a repeat of what is already said. I call that copycat. It has happened to me when he tried to answer his first question and today, it happen to me yet again. He accused my code will not work without going into detail and came out with another piece of code. My most respected ASP expert goes to Patrick. Patrick is the overall number 1 in ASP TA. Patrick is very professional and always, he will interfere and judge what is right and what is wrong. This time, he came and supported my code :) .  alorentz did apologise but then I don't give a damn.

alorentz, please do better than that.
"CS2102 - Introduction to Database Systems" course website used to be in serious infinite javascript error whenever the mouse is moved. I emailed to the lecturer and suggested a possible solution to the error and he tried my solution and made necessary ammendments to the code. IT WORKS!

It's working like a charm now. I am so happy :)
Saw another Ponggol Marina full timer again today on bus 74. Guess if I were to take bus 74 at around 11pm back to Ang Mo Kio at MacRitchie Reservoir, I will be able to bump onto them. haha.. I actually deliberately took bus 74 today instead of other buses like 165 or 132 just to confirm my instinct. I was correct. This time I saw Ah May, a cashier.

I wonder who would I see next time.
Did I mention "Ponggol Marina" in my earlier posting? Yes and an hour ago, I saw an auntie who used to work in Ponggol Marina with me on my way home on a bus. That's pure coincidence.

Her name is Mary and we used to call her Auntie Mary. She is one of the most experienced aunties around in Ponggol Marina. BTW, she is not the auntie I mentioned in my previous post.

Some updates from her:
1. Choon Seng Seafood has got 2 branches now - one at Bt Timah near Raffles Girls Pri and the second at Indoor Stadium. The Indoor Stadium branch will be shifted to Changi near the prison very soon.

2. Only Susan survives while the other 2 managers, Jessica and Pauline, are no longer working. The best manager survives! According to Mary, Jessica (the mean manager) was the one who suggested to get the Indoor Stadium ground and now the place turned out to be non-profitable. Very few customer patronizes that place.

3. None of the part-timers survive except Ah Meng. Ah Meng is one of the…
I boarded bus no. 132 at MacRitchie Reservoir on my way home and saw a group of aunties and one teenager. They worked in a same catering service company and were on their way home. There was one particular auntie who was particularly concerned with the teenager boy. She kept telling him where to alight, telling him many times not to cross the road after he alighted and to take bus 25 home at that bus-stop, etc. She even checked her watch making sure the boy would be able to catch the last bus and she even offerred to give the teenager some money if he did not have enough with him. That reminds me of the times when I was 16 working at Ponggol Marina, there was an auntie who always came to me asking me do I need this or that. Maybe because I was the youngest then.
Went to school today early in the morning to get a 2nd hand textbook from a friend's friend but then end up he bringing a book of an earlier edition which is not what I asked for. I remembered very clearly that I emphasised many times the edition of the book and I guessed it must have been overlooked. Sigh.. but it's okay.
Today is the last day of work for me. Few days ago, we had made a deal to wear formally on that fateful day ie. I and Kumar have to wear long sleeve preferably with a tie, and the girls to wear collar shirt, shirt and office shoes. However, Kumar told us he will not be wearing long sleeve shirt because he don't have got one and so agreed to tuck in his shirt instead. We agreed. Everyone came to the office casually except Kumar. I wore slightly different today with a polo-tee, Poh Lee wore a shirt and jeans, while Geraldine wore a blouse and a dress, and as for Kumar, he wore a collar shirt tucked into his pants. The whole scenairo was so awkward because Kumar was tricked. I could see that he felt disappointed with the way we dressed but he decided to forget about it and smiled especially when he saw a card made for him by Geraldine (definitely not by me). She made a card each for Kumar, Desment and Fadzli to express our or rather her appreciation towards their care and concern ove…
12th July - My younger brother's birthday
15th July - My mother's birthday

Tomorrow most likely I will be working overtime again.
This coming Friday will be my last day of work and I will go back holiday life, waiting for the new semester to open. 2 more working days and no more. Should I feel glad or sad for it? I am not sure.
Competition for providing better email services is getting very tense now. Yahoo is now providing auto completion for email addresses just like GMail. Monkey see monkey do...
Just received a sms from Kumar early in the morning telling me that the old woman Jacqueline is not working today. I think he is really happy without her around.
Yesterday (Friday) was very fun. I had a dinner with my working colleagues which invovled Poh Lee, Geraldine, Thuy, Kumar and Fadzli at Changi Village. Boon Ming and Desment were both supposed to be with us but then because of some reasons they couldn't make it. Boon Ming had to work OT and as for Desment, he was late for the company transport to Tampines. Desment told us that he will join us at Tampines Kenny Rogers and that was shocking because we thought all along he knew we had changed the venue to Changi Village. In the end, he decided not to join us.

Fadzli made his trip to Changi Village on his bike. This was the first time the whole gang plus Kumar took the same bus and the trip was exciting. We chatted, joked and laughed all the way from Norelco to Tampines. After 15min, we finally reached Tampines bus interchange where we took bus 29 to Changi Village. Along the way, Kumar pointed out some pretty babes and alerted my attention on them before asking me to rate them. I was…
I have GMAIL was my MSN display nick for a mere less than an hour before my working colleague jokingly told me "hao lian". I never meant it.