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Friday, July 23, 2004

I don't like this expert, "alorentz". I understand he is the current number 1 in ASP for this year but then he doesn't earn my respect. Of course I have no doubts in his knowledge in ASP but then he should behave professionally. He always jumps in and says this is incorrect and that is incorrect, and then he will sometimes come out with something that is often a repeat of what is already said. I call that copycat. It has happened to me when he tried to answer his first question and today, it happen to me yet again. He accused my code will not work without going into detail and came out with another piece of code. My most respected ASP expert goes to Patrick. Patrick is the overall number 1 in ASP TA. Patrick is very professional and always, he will interfere and judge what is right and what is wrong. This time, he came and supported my code :) .  alorentz did apologise but then I don't give a damn.

alorentz, please do better than that.

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