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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I boarded bus no. 132 at MacRitchie Reservoir on my way home and saw a group of aunties and one teenager. They worked in a same catering service company and were on their way home. There was one particular auntie who was particularly concerned with the teenager boy. She kept telling him where to alight, telling him many times not to cross the road after he alighted and to take bus 25 home at that bus-stop, etc. She even checked her watch making sure the boy would be able to catch the last bus and she even offerred to give the teenager some money if he did not have enough with him. That reminds me of the times when I was 16 working at Ponggol Marina, there was an auntie who always came to me asking me do I need this or that. Maybe because I was the youngest then.

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