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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Did I mention "Ponggol Marina" in my earlier posting? Yes and an hour ago, I saw an auntie who used to work in Ponggol Marina with me on my way home on a bus. That's pure coincidence.
Her name is Mary and we used to call her Auntie Mary. She is one of the most experienced aunties around in Ponggol Marina. BTW, she is not the auntie I mentioned in my previous post.
Some updates from her:
1. Choon Seng Seafood has got 2 branches now - one at Bt Timah near Raffles Girls Pri and the second at Indoor Stadium. The Indoor Stadium branch will be shifted to Changi near the prison very soon.
2. Only Susan survives while the other 2 managers, Jessica and Pauline, are no longer working. The best manager survives! According to Mary, Jessica (the mean manager) was the one who suggested to get the Indoor Stadium ground and now the place turned out to be non-profitable. Very few customer patronizes that place.
3. None of the part-timers survive except Ah Meng. Ah Meng is one of the longest serving and he has been around even before Ponggol Marina was built. He is the only one who is earning $9/hr. Eric Ghoo ($10/hr guy who started work before Ah Meng) has quit. All the $8/hr staff including myself no longer work for Choon Seng. $7/hr staff too are no longer working. At present, all part-timers are strangers to me :(
4. Li Huang auntie, the one who always care for me, no longer works for Choon Seng. She bidded for a place in a primary school's canteen, got the place, and then end up giving it up. She used to told to me how badly she wanted to get a tuckshop place but then now she gave it up! According to Mary, she is now working as a cleaner in that primary school. Ah Lau, the 60 plus years old bachelor who always behaved like a kid is now seriously ill. He is down with cancer and is hospitalized. I am sad to hear that.
Very sad to realize that I have lost contact with many and at present, only Sharon and Angela are still in contact with me.

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