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10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Developers

The Mashable published 10 Chrome extensions for web developers and I bet web developers like you yourself must be using some of them. Do you have your own favourite extensions? Do share with us.

Firebug LiteWeb DeveloperSession ManagerClear CacheChrome SnifferJSONViewResolution TestEdit This CookiePage Speed InsightsPostman - REST Client
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10 Firefox Add-Ons for Designers

The Mashable published 10 Firefox Add-Ons for Designers and I bet web designers and web developers like you yourself must be using some of them. Do you have your own favourite add-ons? Do share with us.

ColorZillaPencilMeasureItStylishView Source ChartFiresizerHTML ValidatorFont FinderCSS UsageTab Mix Plus
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10 Firefox Add-Ons for Developers

The Mashable published 10 Firefox Add-Ons for Developers and I bet web developers like you yourself must be using some of them. Do you have your own favourite add-ons? Do share with us.

FirebugWeb DeveloperFireFTPYSlowGreasemonkeyJSONViewRESTClientEmpty CacheJS DeminifierFireshot
In my own opinion, HttpFox should be the other worthy mention add-on.

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Infographics: Blog Weekly Insights

MSSQL: Update running sequence / number

Let's say we have a table with a column of numbers and for some reason, they are not in running sequence. Instead of editing the rows manually, we can actually do it using a SQL script.

Hopefully the following helps.

--Create some test data IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'tblTest') AND type in (N'U')) DROP TABLE tblTest GO CREATE TABLE tblTest (Label VARCHAR(20), OriginalOrderNo INT, OrderNo INT) INSERT INTO tblTest (Label, OriginalOrderNo, OrderNo) VALUES ('four', 4, 4) INSERT INTO tblTest (Label, OriginalOrderNo, OrderNo) VALUES ('seven', 7, 7) INSERT INTO tblTest (Label, OriginalOrderNo, OrderNo) VALUES ('one', 1, 1) INSERT INTO tblTest (Label, OriginalOrderNo, OrderNo) VALUES ('two', 2, 2) INSERT INTO tblTest (Label, OriginalOrderNo, OrderNo) VALUES ('five', 5, 5) INSERT INTO tblTest (Label, OriginalOrderNo, OrderNo) VALUES ('nine', 9, 9) GO --BEFORE SELECT * FROM tblTest ORDER BY…

MSSQL: Get schema owner of database tables

To retrieve a list of schema owner of database tables, try the following code snippet. Hope it help.s

SELECT t.object_id AS 'TableID', AS 'TableName', s.schema_id AS 'SchemaID', AS 'SchemaOwner' FROM sys.tables t inner join sys.schemas s ON t.schema_id = s.schema_id ORDER by

Infographics: The evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship

Introducing Samsung GALAXY S 4

This is really looking like Samsung is building its own ecosystem. Looks like there is going to have more and more Samsung in-house apps and a growing personalisation going on in an Android phone.

Samsung S IV accessories announced

Samsung introduced together with the Samsung Galaxy S 4, 11 accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The accessories are: S Band, S View Cover, Game Pad, Wireless Charging Pad / Cover, Flip Cover, Pouch, Protective Cover+, Headset, Extra Battery Kit, HRM and Body Scale.

Most of the accessories can be used by Samsung’s S-Health 2.0 application.

» Accessories announced by Samsung for the Galaxy S 4 | SamMobile

McDonalds FREE 1,000 Egg McMuffin

McDonalds Singapore is participating its "National Breakfast Day" by giving away 1,000 Egg McMuffinTM absolutely FREE per participating stores, while stocks last, on 18 March 2013 (coming Monday).

How does it work?

McDonalds will give away Free Egg McMuffinTM Giveaway coupon at its participating stores on 18 March 2013. Recipients will then have to present the original coupon on the same day in the morning for redemption.

More information on the giveaway can be found at

List of known domain names blocked by Kaspersky products

I am putting across a serious note on Kaspersky products blocking domains including Google, Facebook and Twitter. From my experiment, it seems this is true when I am using Google Chrome browser. Have tried to contact Kaspersky via Twitter but am ignored completely. A quick web search on the world wide web reaffirmed that this is not affecting just me, but possibly thousands others as well.

The Kaspersky product I am using is Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 with the latest database definitions installed as of today. I am not too sure if other Kaspersky variant products are having similar restrictions too.

Some of the confirmed legitimate domains blocked are the following:

Last Updated: 25 March 2013, 3:00 PM (GMT+8)

VictimDomainRemarkAdded onFacebook**Facebook photos15 Mar 2013Facebook**General website15 Mar 2013Get Satisfaction**Resources19 Mar 2013Google**Resources15 Mar 2013Google**Several Google services15 Mar 2013Goog…

Join Online Petition to Keep Google Reader Alive

Since Google Reader started 8 years ago, I have been a great fan of it, using it on a daily basis. It is indeed sad to hear we will have to bid farewell to Google Reader on 1 July 2013. Immediately after the closure is announced, online petitions started and quickly begin to receive signatures in tens of thousands on same day. Do participate in them and hopefully Google will listen for once.

Petition on Change.Org
Objective is to hope Google Reader will stay alive.

Petition on
Objective is to get Google Reader open sourced so enthusiasts can run the web application themselves. This is with the understanding that Google will not reverse its decision to axe Reader.
I trust Google to product excellent product and not to discontinue just because it is not generating money out of it.

Goodbye to Google Reader

It is indeed very sad news coming from Google - Google Reader is to be discontinued from 1 July 2013 onwards. This is Google's yet another round of spring cleaning effort.

We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader. Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.
Google also advised in their support page on how to go about downloading your data so you can bring your RSS subscriptions to a RSS alternative.

The closing of Google Reader must have upset several users including myself and Americans have already started putting up a petition to Keep Google Reader Running. To date, the petition has garnered over 26,000 signatures.

Google launches webmasters help for hacked sites

Google launches a new support website to provide help to webmasters if their sites are hacked. For instance, your website will be labelled as "harmful" by Google if it is suspected to hacked.

Google offered several advices and a video for such scenarios. Do watch and read the advices.

Samsung S IV Teaser Video (Part 2)

Samsung released Part 2 of their teaser video to their soon-to-be-announced Samsung S IV phone.

Part 2

You may visit part 1 too.

Infographics: Are You Addicted to the Internet?

MSSQL: sp_MSforeachdb to loop through all databases without using cursors

sp_MSforeachdb is an undocumented stored procedure since SQL 2005 that can come in real handy, looping through all databases to get information without having to write cursors. The idea of its usage is to use the [?] placeholder and SQL will intelligently do a replace with a database name.

Just some sample usage of sp_MSforeachdb.

--Get all table/columns information from all databases sp_MSforeachdb 'SELECT * FROM [?].[INFORMATION_SCHEMA].[COLUMNS]' --Check for orphans login EXECUTE sp_MSforeachdb 'sp_change_users_login @Action=''report''' --Get database information - space, name EXECUTE sp_MSforeachdb 'SELECT ServerName=@@SERVERNAME, DBName=DB_NAME(), [fileid], CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,2),ROUND([size]/128.000,2)) AS ''SizeMB'', SpaceUsedMB = CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,2),ROUND(FILEPROPERTY([name],''SpaceUsed'')/128.000,2)), FreeSpaceMB = CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,2),ROUND(([size]-FILEPROPERTY([name],''SpaceUsed''…

MSSQL: sp_MSforeachtable to loop through all tables without using cursors

sp_MSforeachtable is an undocumented stored procedure since SQL 2005 that can come in real handy, looping through all tables in a database to get information without having to write cursors. The idea of its usage is to use the [?] placeholder and SQL will intelligently do a replace with a table name.

Just some sample usage of sp_MSforeachtable.

--Check space used for each table in a database EXECUTE sp_MSforeachtable 'EXECUTE sp_spaceused [?]'; --Check for integrity of tables in a database EXECUTE sp_MSforeachtable 'DBCC CHECKTABLE ([?])'
Undocumented may mean it may not be supported in future versions. My last check is sp_MSforeachtable still works for SQL 2008.

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How to block/unblock Messenger contacts after migration to Skype?

After having moved my messenger to Skype for a few weeks, the experience is like taking 100 steps backwards. Other than once encountering login issues, my impression on Skype has reached new bottom.

On the first day when I first migrated to Skype, messaging my contacts encountered problems. I soon realised that's all because I appeared offline on Messenger previously. A quick resolution not to lose all these contacts is to go back to Messenger, appear online to all contacts, exit from Messenger, then login to Skype again. Why didn't Skype think of this and do a proper synchronise job.

Blocking a messenger contact is so damn difficult on Skype. I repeat again - MESSENGER contact. The reason for repeating is because blocking a Skype contact is a few clicks away within the Skype program itself but NOT for a MESSENGER contact.

To block a messenger contact, you can only do it from Microsoft Live People page.
Login to Windows Live account on your preferred brow…

Linux Cheat Sheet (Command Lines)

# # (C) William Hackmore, 2010 # The contents of this file are released under the GNU General Public License. Feel free to reuse the contents of this work, as long as the resultant works give proper attribution and are made publicly available under the GNU General Public License. # Best viewed in emacs org-mode. * Reference: ** Basics: *** Getting help: # View the manual for target command man command # Get help with a target command (probably the same as above, but not always): command -h # In case you forget the name of a command, print possible commands relating to guess: apropos guess # View index of help pages: info *** Command Line Utilities: **** Basic File and Directory Operations: # Print current working directory: pwd # Show files in current directory: ls # Show maximum information about all files, including hidden: ls -a # Recurse into subdirectories and list those as well: ls -R # Move/rename a file or directory (be careful that you don't m…

How to get the new Facebook Newsfeed (Google+) look?

Facebook announced a revamp on its Newsfeed putting more emphasis on the news area. My take on the new look reminds me of Google+. Facebook must have taken some design cues from Google+ and incorporating them onto theirs. Study Facebook’s New News Feed: The Before & After Look and see for yourself.

Ok, so how do I opt in to the new Newsfeed? Click this link, scroll all the way down and then click on the "Try the new look" button. You will be placed in the waiting list.

Resolve Skype unable to login problem

I woke up in the morning finding myself unable to log myself onto Skype to access my Messenger contacts. After figuring out for some time and sometimes even accusing my anti-virus program, I conclude this is a problem with the Skype installed on my laptop, since I am having no problems with Skype on my Android.

To resolve the login problem, I attempted to remove my profile completely. This seems to have resolved everything.

Before performing the following steps, make sure Skype program has exited i.e. Skype shouldn't even be lurking in your system tray.
Start Menu > Run

Type %appdata%\skype

Click OK button.

Delete the folder bearing the name of your Skype login name. It may be in the form of <username> or live#<username>.
Your Skype should run okay now.

For Mac users, the path is User/Library/Application Support/Skype.

SQL Management Studio - "Saving changes is not permitted ..." error

Sometimes when you are working something using SQL Management Studio (SSMS) and intend to make changes to existing table schema, e.g. adding a new column, you may encounter the following error message. You are unable to proceed making the changes you desire with SSMS user interface.

So what can you do? Either you re-create the table or write ALTER statements (but let's not do that!).

There is, however, a known trick to get around the above annoying "Saving changes is not permitted ..." error. Here are the steps to do just that!
From the SSMS, go to Tools > Options.Select the Designers page.Un-check "Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation".
Click OK button.
You should be good to go now!

Programming Is Not For Everybody

Just as I posted "Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code" few days back, there is another article saying Programming Is Not For Everybody.

I sort of quite agree with the latter article especially on the last statement for some people.

A lot of time, it’s sitting in front of a computer screen, looking at a colorful text document, and thinking, and thinking, and typing, getting angry, and wondering why the hell you’re living a life sitting down.
But still, I love programming :)

Samsung S IV First Teaser Video

Part 2 of the above video is out now.

YouTube Does a Harlem Shake With an Easter Egg

YouTube has joined Harlem Shake. Simply perform a search on 'do the Harlem Shake' on YouTube to reveal the Easter Egg.

The Harlem Shake effect starts off with the YouTube's logo shaking, followed by the search results. A video record of the Easter Egg is as follows:

Chrome Super Sync Sports - Run, Cycle Swim With Friends

Google just launched Chrome Super Sync Sports, a Chrome Experiment web app that syncs any smartphone or tablet running the Chrome app with a corresponding computer, turning your device into a handheld controller.

To start playing, players must first visit the Super Sync Sports website, get a URL and a unique game ID code, which are then entered into the mobile Web browser in order to enter the game. One can either enter as a single player mode or multi-player mode. In the game, players can compete by running, cycling or swimming, all controlled using hand gestures on the mobile screen. Players' progress in the game will be telecast on the desktop browser.

Very creative.