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Genting Trip

Just came back from a 2D1N Genting trip yesterday.

28 Dec 2004
1600 - reached Lavendar MRT station bus stop and waited for Regine.

1640 - Regine finally arrived (estimated time). At this time, it was raining heavily and so we decided to have something to eat in the ICA building.

1730 - Rain had stopped. We walked towards Golden Mile Complex to ask the tour agency on how to check in for hotel, our free breakfast, etc.

1740 - This time, we really felt we had too much of time to spare until 2130. At 2130 then we can board the tour bus. We took a bus to Bugis to kill time.

2000 - Took a bus back to Golden Mile Complex.

2030 - Had dinner at a Thai Restaurant.

2115 - Check in at the tour agency. Got our seat number and bus number. Okay, we were to sit at the very first row.

2140 - Bus arrived and we boarded the bus. The bus was quite spacious.

2200 - Finally, the bus made its way to Genting. I am so exicited.

The journey was really long but we were awake all the way to Genting. E…
Really don't understand why CNA keeps using the word "tidal waves" to describe those giant waves in Sri Lanka when the correct word to use should be "tsunami" or "harbor waves". CNA needs to learn from BBC.
Never Give UpI'll never give up fighting till the end
If I fall along the way I'll get up and try again
But never shall I accept the fact of defeat
I've set goals in life and those I must meet
But never will I let negativity hold me down
Those who think positive I keep them around
Never shall I dwell on things in the past
Bad times come but never do they last
I shall never give in to those who are weaker than I
If I give up now why not lay down and die
Never Give Up
Tomorrow is my last day of work :)
I am still a sick cat.
Whenever my handphone rings and I see "Andrew Calling", I will feel a bit annoyed. I will get his call at least twice per day.
No one can psycho me to work 7 days for next week. I need a day off.
Wow!!! I received this sms from Andrew few minutes ago:

"7 days to Christmas.Need 4000 from each store.Hope u all can push hard. I will be organising a dinner after u all stop working.Those interested pls sms.Treat by mi,eleanor n celeste."

$4000 is not a problem to me I guess since I already hit $1400 for just today! However, I think I will choose to forgo the dinner. I just want to finish my work and get off with it. Count me out!
Met up with my gf for breakfast this morning at 8:30am near her house. Poor Regine, she had to wake up so early in the morning just to have breakfast with me. I left for Takashimaya at around 9:20am and reached there at around 9:40am. I was attached to help out in ammending price tags and stock replenishment. Arriving too early or on the dot was not a good choice at least for sales line. I was made to loiter around for 20 minutes before Andrew called me to meet up. His life being a sales merchandisher wasn't that good either. He had to bear any responsibility should a sales promoter commit anything wrong. The Taka sales promoter had got the price tag for both toys at the Civic Plaza and the level 3 stores mixed up and this created a big hoo-ha yesterday. Because of this mistake, Andrew had a good couple of hours of lecture from Eleanor, his superior. Eleanor even came down personally with her assistant, Celest, to oversee the running. All was done by 2pm and then Eleanor called fo…
Borrowed 2 books few days back but I doubt I have the time to even start any of them.
Slightly more than a week before my job assignment ends. Hurray!
It's working day again for tomorrow. How I wish 28th Dec arrives sooner.
I am still surviving even though I did not sleep for a day.
Yesterday after work, I took bus no. 97 and rushed to Harbour Front to meet my gf for a shooting stars sighting at Tanjung Beach, Sentosa. This would be our second shooting stars sighting together. We settled down at the hawker near bus interchange for dinner at around 10pm. It was quite late but we knew we had enough time for the last bus to Sentosa. Regine had checked that the last bus to leave for Sentosa was scheduled at 11pm. After our hearty fried prawn noodles dinner, I decided to buy some finger food. Just 1 curry puff, 1 banana ball, and 1 roti john required almost 10 minutes! We happily walked towards the bus berth to board the bus to Sentosa only to realize last bus was scheduled at 10:30pm instead. We were about 5 minutes late. Without much of a choice, we took a cab to Sentosa.

This time round, we were more well-prepared than our previous one. We laid newspapers on the sand, forming an area measured approximately at 3m by 3m. Strong winds did not deter us but rather, it m…
Called my gf just now but then no one answered the phone. I called in a bid to have an early lunch with her but... never mind.
2 pallets of stock arrived and hell began. Already, my department has not much space for new stocks and yet 2 pallets of stock came. I first attempted to stack up high up but then was told by the assistant manager not to stack up too high. That is contradictory because my supervisor wants me to stack up high and then the manager forbids me to do so. Okay, I heed the manager advice and create a new column to stack. My area now really resembles a warehouse, with lots of goods. I will be expecting 120 more remote control cars tomorrow.

Today was unlucky for me. I was trapped in the goods lift for 15 minutes. At that time, there were 3 victims including myself in the lift, and one of them was a lady. That lady was a promoter but acted like a distribution assistant to me. She banged the lift, shouted like nobody business, scolded vulgarities, and all-in-all, she was an impatient person. I tried to keep my cool so as to conserve my energy and not to perspire. We were saved in 15 minutes tim…
Yeah!!! My gf and I will be going for a Genting trip 28th this month. This is our honeymoon part 1.
My dear is so sweet. For 2 consecutive days, she has dropped by my work place just to have dinner with me even though I can only spare her less than 1 hour after I minus off time taken for me to walk back to my work place to continue my work after dinner break. She needs to take a bus from her house, alight at the Suntec Convention Centre bus stop, walk all the way to Carrefour, and then have dinner with me. After the less than an hour dinner with me, she goes home straight. Poor her.. I really really appreciates her effort. I will cherish her!
Today is my 2nd day of work at Suntec Carrefour. Sales for today is better than yesterday's maybe because finally I am able to demonstrate remote control cars, all thanks to fully charged batteries. There is one product I am selling named "Fast Track Street Racer" which I really condemn. This is one product which I will need to send for return everyday because of its poor mechanical construct. It breaks down easily. However, that unreliable machine is my best seller because of its cheap price tag at only $10.90. Many will be attracted and fooled by the price to buy it for a gift for somebody. God bless him or her.
Malaysian ringgit has risen. Luckily I have exchanged S$110 for the ringgit 2 days ago.
Tomorrow will be my first day work. I will be working as a sales promoter promoting toys. Look for me at Suntec Carrefour.
Too boring this afternoon and so I went to check out friends' computing web site. I come to conclude something. I hate those people who put up group projects for sale without gaining approval from the other group mates. I see this as low and cheap.

I shall name the person here with an encryption: olxtpy

Decryption Hint: I am using Caesar Cipher. It cannot be that difficult to decrpyt it since the keyspace is just 25.

I cannot imagine anyone with a proper mind will do this. This world is becoming filthy.
Took me 3 hours to get home from JB custom to my house! There was a heavy causeway jam on my way back and I was stuck along the causeway for more than an hour! Mind you I am standing all the way on the 170 bus, shifting my weight from left to right umpteen times. It was just sheer poor luck for me.
Bought a pair of track shoes for my gf today. Cost of the shoes is $119 but with 15% off and my $50 gift voucher, it end up only $47.25. Shopped at Raffles City Royal Sporting House, Taka Stadium, and then Lucky Plaza Royal Sporting House before making our mind on a pair. The pair I would say is not bad at all. My original intention is to spring a surprise on Christmas and pass her a pair of shoes for her. But my acting skills is just too lousy and my supposedly scheme becomes too obvious. Sigh.. But never mind. $47.25 is a lot to me but then I find it worth the money since it is for my dearest dear!
I went to my gf's house after my today's paper to watch vcd. I made a call to her informing her of my arrival so she could come down for lunch first. Instead, she requested me to buy a packet of soya bean before coming to her house. I wondered why she did not want to come down for lunch or request me to help her pack lunch. Really weird.

With the packet of soya bean, I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. I entered her house and saw 2 bowls of rice and some side dishes with plates on top as covers. I knew it. I was really touched. Oh my god! My dear actually woke up early this morning to wish me good luck for my exam. My dear actually woke up early this morning to buy fresh vegetables from the wet market. My dear actually woke up early this morning to prepare lunch for me. I was and am really touched.

My dear is so sweet.
After more than a month of hardwork, ordeal of having to study long hours for exam is finally over. My examination spans across 2 months - 19th Nov to 2nd Dec. Isn't that torturous? Ya, as if.

I am going to start work on the 6th this month. Find me at Suntec Carrefour toys section.
I want to wish myself best of luck for my tomorrow's history paper. I know I won't be able to do very well for this paper but I do hope I can get a S for that paper. Bless my pen, bless my handwriting, bless my brain, bless my mind, bless my 2hrs, ...
Going to wrap up my cleanup volunteer job asap.
December will be a busy month for me.
I still have got no idea what am I studying for my history paper.
But I am enjoying reading the US history after the Great Depression. It's more of leisure reading and hope I will remember the details.

As I kneel, head bowed, puking,
as I choke and snort my sputum
croaking, coughing, retching, groaning, on the bathroom floor,
I think, though brain is dizzy,
things I've never thought before
Things I've missed, though often
spewing, or somehow managed to ignore
While I lie bedraggled,
on the stinking cold hard floor.

Now with head a-throbbing,
o'er the great white bowl I'm bobbing,
Bobbing, throbbing, weaving, chucking,
surely there can be no more?
No more vomit I lay praying,
Jesus! save me now, and seal my maw
And send a team of maidens
to mop this stinking cold hard floor
And if you do, I promise,
on my honour, Nevermore!

But lo! my gut's ill-fated,
and my heaves are unabated,
And now my thoughts turn back
to whence they were before,
As I'm squirming, smacking, flopping,
like a spastic being ignored.
And no maidens do I hear,
not one wet-wipe does appear,
Nought but dread convulsions
on the stinking cold hard floor.

Tis curious, I wonder,
as I …
Waiting for dinner time...
So boring now!!!
No one at home :(
Stop dreaming!!!
Get back to study now!

My expectation for my other 2 papers is just a "Satisfactory" grade.
Anyway I have opted for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade. Yeah!!!
Third hope is my CS3235.
My CA is just average but I think I did okay for my final.
A B+ will be very good.
Second hope will be on CS2281.
Looks like a minimum B+ for me.
Hope to get A- or A.
only 2 questions wrong for CS3266 exam..
hope my structured question will turn out okay as well.
CA marks at the moment stands at 60.75/61.
I am seeing A+ or A grade but of course hope for a A+.
This will be my second A+.
I am so disappointed with myself. I got a question confirmed wrong for today's paper. So sad...

So sad.. regine does not seem to have done well for her stats paper today. Hope she can at least get a B+.
Wish myself luck for my 1pm paper.
Wish regine luck for her 5pm paper.

Folks, I am going to school now for the battle.
Sufferring from bit of misery now.
Exam is stressful.
I yearn for more sleep!
It's going to be a stressful period for my dear. She just had a paper few hours ago at 5pm. She will be having another paper on tomorrow 5pm, and another one the day after tomorrow 9am.

I am no better off than her. I will be having a paper tomorrow at 1pm and another one the day after tomorrow at 5pm.

Her last paper and mine are on 30th Nov and 2nd Dec respectively. And so this means there is ample time for our last paper. I promised myself to have a good long sleep on 24th Nov night after my computer security paper.

God bless our health.
Stats as of 22nd Nov 2004 showing number of questions I solved for respective topics.
Have to scroll down many times because stupid blogger does not render HTML tags well.


Active Server Pages (ASP)

Visual Basic


Web Development

C++ Programming


C Programming


Microsoft Access

Community Support


VB Databases

Macromedia UltraDev

New to EE?

VB Controls

Web Languages

Microsoft SQL Server

New Internet Users


Expert Input

Java Programming



EE Bugs




Web Development Software

Browser Issues

Hot URLs



Web Hosting

Windows Programming

Windows XP


Internet Information Server


hope my dear have the mental strength to stay awake the whole day.
Primary school students had had their exams.
Secondary school students had had their exams.
JC school students had had their exams.
Polytechnic students had had their exams.
NTU students had had their exams.
Many SMU students had had their exams.
But NUS students had just started their exams.
Last paper is on 2nd Dec 2004.

Second paper tomorrow
"Principles of Economics"
Scope - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.
I shall keep things simple and short because time is precious especially during examination period.

had unix exam this morning..found it manageable..hope can get at least min B+..went down to tiong bahru plaza after exam..found myself a seat in KFC..wait for my gf to arrive for our KFC lunch..set myself up for tomorrow's economics paper..brought out my water bottle and placed it on the table..reprimanded by a KFC auntie..told it was not right to drink water..told her it was plain water only..she walked away..i ignored her of course..i thought it was arrived an hour later..she brought out her 500ml water bottle with plain water..told her i was scolded for drinking plain water..knew she will be instinct was correct..we ignored her..bought some "chickens" was particularly excited..wahaha..
Bought a ruler this morning.
Lost it in a couple of hours.
Going to buy another one later.
realized a serious typo in my very previous entry.
It should have been "...start Macroeconomics asap"

I really blur.
Going to take on Microeconomics by tonight and start Microeconomics asap.
Fight on.

Wondering what is she doing now..
Left with lecture10, lecture11, lecture12 and lecture6.
4 more lectures to meet my today's target but then time now is already 0145hr!
I am in no mood to study today and I don't know why.
Think I going home now.
My Unix Practical Exam was actually scheduled from 2pm to 4pm but then something happened and delayed the progress. Almost no one was able to log onto the NUS domain and mostly this could be due to some network connectivitiy problem in the lab. This is my 2nd PE for this module and in fact this is my 2nd PE in NUS. My first PE went quite well and I scored 95% for that. And as this 2nd PE, it was promised to be more on UNIX programming but then the 2nd question was based more on C. Quite disappointed since I concentrated so much on UNIX programming few days ago. The delay was a blessing in disguise since it helped buy some time and this meant more reading time for us.

At around 2:15pm, we were told to pack our bags and moved to another lab in the opposite building. "Everyone, we shall walk to the lab together", said Mr Edward, our TA. This reminds me of primary school times. There we go, carried our bags and stuff, walking to the opposite building. The procession was led by M…
one more point increment for my dear!!!
her CS2102 mid-term paper was marked incorrectly.
Pray she will get well.
Pray she will have enough time for study.
Pray everything will be smooth...
My dear is still feeling unwell. I am going to pray for her and hope she will get well asap. 5 to 10 minutes is to be reserved for the pray before I go for a shower later.

I pray...
Quite happy today because I scored 45 out of 40 today for my CS33266 E-commerce website demonstration. The extra 5 max marks is due to my bonus features :) I do have 2 to 3 more bonus features yet to demonstrate and the grader actually stopped me since I have scored maximum. So happy today.

And as for my CS3235 Security first formal paper, my group scored only 11 out of 17. I think that is quite bad.
Temperature running at 37.3 celsius.. then climb all the way up to 38. Hope my gf will be ok tomorrow morning.
So happy today :)
My gf helped celebrated my birthday for me.. hehe..
She was playful enough to tell me she has not prepared anything for me (even a simple dinner) but then today, she got a watch for me :)
Reached school 7am+ just to have the watch kept in the locker, keeping it away from me for the time being... Reli playful but then eh.. really poor thing to wake up so early.
Went home after dinner and then was told an "anthrax" (a letter) was hidden somewhere with me. What I found was a card with some handicraft by her... It must have took her days to prepare and make all those.

Appreciate everything.
One last assignment..
One last programming lab...
Route to exam...
I major in computer viruses and worms study. From history, timeline, methods of propagation, variants, future trends, etc., I know them all.
All the best to my dear.. so many readings to read.. poor her.
support her mentally.
Too hungry now.. no choice got to eat some Tung-1 noodle...
Sorry for not heeding advice and have supper again.
1 more assignment to go!
Going to complete my part by tomorrow.
I ordered "gong bao ji jin rice" and my gf ordered "tou foo claypot rice" today for lunch and both let us down :( The gravy for the "tou foo claypot" is 99% all oil! Really cannot imagine it. I then went to ask for an exchange and of course my request was granted. The "gong bao ji jin rice" also let us down. There's so much oil at the base of the rice and one can almost misrecognised that as gravy.

That's the most unhealthy food I ever seen.
Finally I am done with the 3 assignments whereby all need to be submitted on 1st Nov. Phew.. What a day to remember.
Here comes my report.
My dear contributed 70+ photos for my Ecommerce site and that constitutes close to 80% of all photos I have got at the moment. I have got a total of more than 100 photos (101 to be exact) of Japanese food!!!

All thanks to my dear.
All thanks to my dear for finding several pictures for my website. I will account how many after I finished compiling them.
All the best to regine for her CS2250 presentation in about 7 hours time.
Coded a total of 4298 lines of code today!
That's 2nd best behind my personal best - recorded during poly days (I think is slightly more than 5000).
I think I am the only one who ever keeps track of number of lines coded per day.
I am a weirdo.
Spent 12 hours coding a very complex 1044 ASP page with about half of it is JavaScript scripts. Of all the many webpages I coded, I think this is the most JavaScript-intensive one. Very proud of it.
1st November Deadline
1. CS3266 E-commerce website due (left with admin site)
2. GEK2000 US History 1,500 words essay (0% completion)
3. CS2281 Programming in Unix Game assignment (0% completion)
I am beginning to love to eat chickens more than usual. I had chicken rice for lunch and chicken wing rice for dinner today! OMG
Today is the third time it rained right after my GEM lecture and is my second time because of rain, I decided not to brave through the rain to attend my Ecommerce lecture.
I scored 5/5 for my CS3266 homework but I am not proud at all because almost all I see had the same score. No competition at all. Don't like this system.

Phase1 evaluation demo also was very brief and short. I did a very extensive and complete project with complete validation but then none was really shown because the demo is only 5 minutes!!! SP is better when it comes to demonstration for practical project. SP always require more than 15 minutes and sometimes even more than 30 minutes. NUS sucks!
The battle is on now. I will be busy from tomorrow till exam ends. Science library will be my 1st home.
My laptop is finally free from virus, worm and trojan horse. When I first log onto the internet after I reinstalled windows, virus, worm, trojan horse plus some spywares came pouring in like nobody business. My ad-aware, spybot and norton managed to catch some but then still there are some left lurking in corners of my harddisk. I am unable to go online because of some stupid trojan horse forbidding IE to go to any pages. I ran several diagnostic tests and found some deserving worth mentioned packages. On top of my original 3 musketeers - ad-aware, spybot and NAV, I am going to add online trend micro url, stinger, HijackThis and process explorer to my maintenance folder.

I am an expert in troubleshooting such similar cases now!
So I was correct that my gf scored above average for her network test.
Some updates
1. Spent my last Fri night in NUS with my gf to study. I spent my night there using her laptop working on my CS2281 assignment although I brought mine. Mine just wasn't working because of a corrupted system file.
2. Reached home sleepily on a Sat morning. Formatted my laptop, installed windows, and installed some drivers before going for a bathe. Went to school again.
3. Continue installing drivers and essential software on the bus.
4. Continue my CS2281 and managed to complete it except for formatting and commenting in the afternoon.
5. My new windows have got lots of problem. I think I am going to perform many tests on my system in few hours time.

Cannot imagine I actually did not sleep for 1 Friday night and to carry on with my usual routine without resting or sleeping until later Sat midnight.
So happy for my gf. She scored 53% for her CS2105 network test and I believe 50% is the average. I knew that was a tough paper with many new policies implemented, like getting marks deducted for wrong MCQ answers and that was never the case for my time. On top of that, they even had structured questions!

I am also happy for her stats paper. When I asked her how much she got, she gave me the gloomy look and answered me only after my 2hr lecture. This really made me worried. After my lecture ended, she showed me her script and my worry was all along unnecessary. She scored 66 out of 80! That is above average :)

Keep up the good work.
Myo was back from Bangkok job trip.
Junren will be going to LA this Friday till mid of next month for a job trip.
Wow!!! So envious.
I am enjoying myself in doing CS3266 project. For more than 5 years, I have been helping and answering questions on ASP and now, I am applying it. I think no one will believe someone actually enjoys doing a project.
So happy for my dear.
She got A+ for her network lab.
Very quickly, my To-Do list is growing again with many deadlines to meet.
1st Nov - CS3266 Phase 2
1st Nov - GEK2000 1500 words history essay
My gf told me I haven't had any good sleep since last semester and I never realized that at all. But I think I am doing fine.
Very full now,
Had chicken rice with some friends for dinner just now.
Now having kway teow soup at home.
Today's UNIX lecture was conducted by a guest lecturer. His programming skills really impressed me. I went on to check out his teaching information and realized he teaches "Competitive Programming"! No wonder he is so fast in programming.
So happy for my dear..
She got 35 out of 50 for her CS2102 test.
30 is the average score.
So happy that I got 95 out of 100 for my Unix Practical Exam.
My gf is going to give me a treat tomorrow.
So happy.
I am starting to worry for my gf. She did not score well for most of her mid-term tests but I cannot do much about that except to try my best to help her academically. However, my ability to help is limited since some modules she took are unfamiliar to me.

I think I also have got myself to worry for having scored not that good for my security test. I scored 26 out of 35 only. I have to pull my socks to be still in contention for at least a B+ grade.

My gf will be having her statistics test tomorrow. Hope this time she can do better. All the best!
I am going to miss my laptop tomorrow.
I will be lending my laptop to my elder brother and I will use my gf's laptop instead.
Had my computer security test about 7 hours ago. Out of the 35 questions, I had got 4 of them wrong because of careless mistakes. Sigh... I hope I can get at least 28 out of 35.
I have changed my blog header from
"Don't assume that it's too late to get involved." -- Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
"The history of human opinion is scarcely anything more than the history of human errors." -- Voltaire
Slept at around 4:30am yesterday and am now seriously sleepy. Energy level is dropping to minimum. Think I will sleep early tonight.
The following problem was posed by Sun Tse 2000 years ago:

There are certain things whose number is unknown. Repeatedly divided by 3, the remainder is 2; by 5 the remainder is 3; and by 7 the remainder is 2. What will be the number?

This stupid theorem is going to stick with computer security.
My elder brother lost his wallet together with his IC, student matric card, student ezlink card, some cash, etc. Going to be very troublesome for him.
Really weird - there's no UNIX programming assignment for this week. Weird.
Have been studying Econs test the whole day since morning and there seems to have quite a lot left to cover. Lots of many many curves to remember and their patterns and derivation are very difficult to remember. This test weightage is 40% and it's going to kill me. Hope S/U option will be the correct choice for me.

Later I will have to allocate some time to do some research for my security project. Tomorrow, I will be attending another experiment by a HYP and this time I will get at least $15 from it. Immediately after the experiment, I will have to rush to Thomson for my security project discussion.

Another busy week for me.
I decided to opt for S/U option for both my GEM and breadth module.
GEM: US From Settlements to Superpower - No hesitation to opt for S/U.
Breadth: Principles of Economics - Initially intended to work hard and score but then realised this module isn't easy and plus there are many JC students who took Econs before during A Levels seems to know inside out even without listening to lectures, I think I better opt for S/U.

Hope to concentrate on my CS modules and try to maintain at least a B+ for all my modules (excl HCI since I got a B- for that).
Finally I am out of the stress period. What's left for me this week is just a Econs test. My Unix PE is again postponed because the other guy who missed the original stipulated PE cannot make it tomorrow. I actually feel quite happy when I received an email from my lecturer that the PE will not be conducted tomorrow unless both of us can make it and the date we can both make it will definitely be next week since that guy is not in Singapore.

This week will be a stress week for my gf. She has got a test on Fri and another on Sat and for both, she has yet to complete preparing for any. Hope she will be able to go through this ordeal.
An hour ago, I was told there's another one who is affected and will not sit for tonight's PE. And this means there will have one student to accompany me to sit for a make up next week :)

In my opinion, my Unix lecturer is a very lazy one. Lecture 1 to 5 slides are written by another lecturere and he simply used it for this course. Lecture 6 slides are taken from another University's website! This makes me wonder will he ever write any notes this semester for this course? I doubt so. Not only did he not write his own notes, he doesn't even bother to prepare to read them prior to every lecture. Just take today's lecture as an example - he had to spend some time reading each slide before he could deliver it to us. To make things worse, some of the codes are not working on my school's SunOS because of many versions of UNIX/Linux. This really irritates me as to which code are working and which aren't. Sometimes when examples get lengthy, he simply skips them. …
Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my update for my upcoming hell.
17th Sep '04 - GEK2000 Test.
17th Sep '04 - Supposedly having CS2281 PE too but then it clashes with my GEK test. As a result, I will have to sit for the PE alone, and most probably 1-to-1 with either the TA or the lecturer himself. As for the setup, I guess perhaps will be in my TA's office or lecturer's room. Sucks!
18th Sep '04 - Supposedly CS2281 programming assignment deadline but postponed in mercy of the PE.
19th Sep '04 - CS3266 Phase 1 Deadline.
20th Sep '04 - CS2281 new programming assignment deadline.
20th Sep '04 - 23rd Sep '04 - to complete CS3235 assignment 1.
25th Sep ''04 - EC1301 Test
30th Sep '04 - CS3235 Test
1st Oct '04 - CS3235 Assignment 1 deadline
The list can