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Friday, September 10, 2004

Finally I am have re-coded the entire 500 over lines of coding which I lost it a day ago because my laptop hang. I was using the internet yesterday and because I need the USB port, I did a safely remove of the hardware but before the removal process was completed, I plugged out the port and nightmare came. System hung and I had no choice but to force reboot my laptop. I then realized the file which I had been working on for days was gone!

Worked through the night till 3am+ before I went for bed. I continued re-coding the entire file and finally completed it few minutes ago. Actually I was done with it by early evening but then when I tested it on school's Sun Solaris OS, one particular function just ain't working as expected. It worked fine on my Windows and Linux machine but I just couldn't figure out the reason for the difference. I took another 6 hours or so to re-code that particular function to make it work for all OS and thank god it was done before 1am. At least today will be the earliest time I get to bed for this week.

Tomorrow will yet be another busy day for me...

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