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Gmail adds detailed sender information to avoid phishing

Google Gmail has added detailed sender information to avoid possible phishing. According to Wikipedia, phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

1. Whenever you receive a message from someone who isn't already in your Gmail contacts, the header will now show the sender’s email address like this:

2. Websites sometimes send emails on behalf of someone, like when your friend Mike sends you an article from using one of the site's "Share this story" links. Gmail will now show this information more prominently:

3. Gmail will also automatically detect suspicious messages and display a warning when it looks like someone may have spoofed a Gmail address (we do this by evaluating the message's authentication data).

Protect yourself from scams by knowing who really emailed you [via]

Google Search Result - Images enlarge on hover

Google certainly made several notable improvements these day.

The Google+ Bar - Purpose

A page from the Google+ help center explains the purpose of the new Google navigation bar:

The Google+ bar, which appears at the top of Google products, is your connection to Google+. You can share what's on your mind, view your Google+ notifications, access your profile, or jump to a variety of other Google products. For instance, to get to Google+, all you have to do is click +[your first name].

When you're signed in and look at the Google+ bar, you'll see your full name or email address displayed with a photo or avatar next to it. This helps you identify which account you're currently signed in to. You can sign in to multiple accounts at once and switch between them using the Google+ bar.
One of the most interesting feature of the bar is notifications:

When you receive a notification, the notification area in the Google+ bar will turn red and show the number of new notifications. If you click the notification area in the Google+ bar, you’ll see a summary of your recen…

Google Maps - Map style improved, roads thinner, ...

In yet another several improvements to Google products, Google Maps is of course included too.

Some of the ongoing incremental improvements to the style of our maps:

1. Roads thinner and more discernible, and improved treatment of tunnels so they don't look so much like they're above ground:

2. Roads used to overlap in some places. This is improved by making the map more navigable and providing a better sense of the city structure:

3. Add detail and feel easier to read:

4. Improvement in our styling of building models, which makes the map less overwhelming and the road labels easier to read:

Minor Style Updates, Major Improvements [via]

Google Search Page - New Design Look-and-Feel

Since 2 days back, Google has been rolling out gradually updates across all products to make the whole Google experience an improved one. This includes its classic homepage:

Evolving the Google design and experience [via]

Track your +1s in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

After announcing +1 buttons to Google search sites globally, the Google team announced release of Analytics reports that show you the value +1 buttons bring to your site.

The report will bring you several perspective on how +1 buttons add value to your site:

First, +1 metrics in Google Webmaster Tools can show you how the +1 button affects the traffic coming to your pages.Finally, you can also see how users share your content using other buttons besides +1 by using Social Plugin Tracking in Google Analytics. Once you configure the JavaScript for Analytics, the Social Engagement reports help you compare the various types of sharing actions that occur on your pages.
+1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics [via]

Google Swiffy converts Flash SWF to HTML 5

One of Google Labs latest tool Swiffy allows you to convert Flash SWF files to HTML5. HTML5 is the new standard and is supported by any modern browser, even if the browser happens to be Mobile Safari.

Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads).

Swiffy currently supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works in all Webkit browsers such as Chrome and Mobile Safari. If possible, exporting your Flash animation as a SWF 5 file might give better results.
Try Google Swiffy now at

Wikipedia to add 'Love' button for contributors to feel valued

To make sure contributors of wikipedia's feel appreciated, Wikipedia is going launch a new 'Love' button. With this new button, readers can flag articles they feel worth reading. Wikipedia announced Friday that it's currently testing the feature and will roll it out to the entire site on Wednesday June 29.

This is after a 2011 study which says, among 17 variables, “being looked down on by more experienced editors” is the most likely to cause people to say they will edit less frequently (69% agreement), while “having others compliment you on your edits/articles” is the most likely to cause people to say they will edit more frequently (78% agreement).

WikiLove: An experiment in appreciation [via]

Open Google Docs files from Microsoft Office with Google Cloud Connect

One of the key features of Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is the ability to easily sync Office documents up to Google Docs and to collaborate on them with others. Editing of files can be performed all within Microsoft Office and any changes synced automatically to the cloud - Google Docs. It is even possible to edit files offline and then get them synced the next time you are back online.

Open files more easily in Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office [via]

10 Gmail gadgets to try

There is a powerful but little known Gmail feature that lives in Labs called "Add any gadget by URL". This feature has to be turned on before using it. The experimental feature allows you to add iGoogle gadgets (or any gadget specified by an .xml file) to the side of your Gmail account. While most of these gadgets are built by third-parties and not owned or maintained by Google, they can be super handy.

Assuming the "Add any gadget by URL" feature is turned on, go to the new "Gadgets" tab under "Settings" and add the relevant .xml address for installation of gadgets.

Googmle Gmail suggested 10 gadgets worth trying.

1. Wikipedia

Look for a specific query right from Gmail.

2. Google Calculator

Make some quick calculations while typing an email.

3. Note

Add a sticky note to the corner of your Gmail account.

4. Remember the Milk

If you’re…

Apple newly approved patent may stifle innovation and bully competitors

Apple has been awarded its long sought-after patent (U.S. patent number 7,966,578) on the iPhone. Intellectual property experts say it's so broad and far-reaching that the iPhone maker may be able to bully other smart phone manufacturers out of the U.S. market entirely. This patent may just spell big trouble for rival smartphone makers.

Summary of the patent

The above deficiencies and other problems associated with user interfaces for portable devices are reduced or eliminated by the disclosed portable multifunction device. In some embodiments, the device has a touch-sensitive display (also known as a "touch screen") with a graphical user interface (GUI), one or more processors, memory and one or more modules, programs or sets of instructions stored in the memory for performing multiple functions. In some embodiments, the user interacts with the GUI primarily through finger contacts and gestures on the touch-sensitive display. In some embodiments, the functions may includ…

Wyoming - First U.S. state to use Google Apps for government

This morning, Governor Matt Mead announced that the state of Wyoming has completed its transition to Google Apps for Government. Since the state first declared its intention to go Google eight months ago, Wyoming has worked quickly to move all 10,000 state employees onto Google Apps.

For the first time ever, Wyoming’s entire state government now shares a common email, calendar and document system, making it easier for employees to find and collaborate with one another. By going Google, the state is also saving taxpaying Wyomingites approximately $1 million annually. Who knows which next great “first” they’ll put these savings towards?

Wyoming has officially gone Google [via]

How mobile phones are tested for tolerance?

Mozilla Firefox 5 available for download

Mozilla Firefox version 5.0 is now available for download after only 3 months since version 4.0. This is after Mozilla switched to quick-release cycle mode.

According to a blog post on Mozilla,

The latest version of Firefox includes more than 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements that make it easier to discover and use all of the innovative features in Firefox. This release adds support for more modern Web technologies that make it easier for developers to build amazing Firefox Add-ons, Web applications and websites.

Firefox for Android includes the Do Not Track privacy feature in this release, making Firefox the first browser to support Do Not Track on multiple platforms. Mozilla created Do Not Track to give users more control over the way their browsing behavior is tracked and used on the Web. The feature, which lets users tell websites that they wish to opt-out of online behavioral tracking, is now easier to find in Firefox Preferences.
Mozilla Delivers New Version of Fire…

How do I set up a free email address?

According to Facebook FAQ, these are the steps to follow to claim your free email address.

To set up a free address, go to your Messages view and click the "Claim your Facebook email" link.

Your email address will match your public username, for example:


If you don’t have a username yet, you can choose one when you create your email address.

Once you set up your email address, people can email you using any traditional email system (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail), and the emails will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send messages to external email addresses, the emails will be formatted to look like Facebook messages, including your name, your profile picture and your message.

Canonical Link Element - Supported in HTTP Headers

Google announced they are now supporting the rel=”canonical” attribute within HTTP headers.

Matt Cutts of Google introduces the canonical link element.

Some readings on rel="canonical"
About rel="canonical" [via]Supporting rel="canonical" HTTP Headers [via]

Introducing the Chromebook - Concept of Everything on the Web

Google's Gay Rainbow for "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month"

June is the "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" and several parades are organized to recognize the impact Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people have had on the world.

For the month of June since 2009, Google changes the search results interface when you search for [gay] and other related terms. While in 2009 and 2010 Google added a colourful bar below the search box, this year there's a rainbow next to the search box.

June is the "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month"

June is the "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month".

According to wikipedia,

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month is celebrated each year for the month of June. The last Sunday in June is celebrated as Gay Pride Day. On June 2, 2000, President Bill Clinton declared June "Gay & Lesbian Pride Month". In 2009, 2010, and 2011 U.S. President Barack Obama declared June to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, stating, “I call upon all Americans to observe this month by fighting prejudice and discrimination in their own lives and everywhere it exists.” The month was chosen to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village that sparked the modern LGBT liberation movement in the United States.
Several parades are organized to recognize the impact Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people have had on the world. Yesterday (Saturday), a record crowd of over 10,000 turned out for Pink Dot at Hong Lim Park on Saturday evening -- more than twice last ye…

How to force to without going to the local country / regional version

Whenever you type on your browser address bar, it often will redirect you to the regional Google site e.g. if
you are in Singapore.

One good reason to switch to the U.S. instead is to enjoy all the latest rollouts, without having to wait a few days before Google slowly pushes changes to regional sites.

To switch, simply click on the Go to link found near the right hand bottom corner of the search box.

Go to is in fact going to

Facebook app for iPad soon

Facebook had its application for the iPhone ready right when the Apple App Store opened in July 2008. But more than a year after the iPad went on sale, there is still no official Facebook app for it.

That is about to change. People briefed on Facebook’s plans say that in coming weeks the company plans to introduce a free iPad application that has been carefully designed and optimized for the tablet.

A person who has seen the app said this,
The photo and video experience is amazing, offering full resolution and full-screen images.
Facebook Readies an iPad App, Finally [via]

Blogger in Draft - Change Favicon of Blog

It is now possible to change Favicon of a Blogspot's blog, only if the blog has opted for Blogger in Draft.

To change,
Go to Design from the Blogger in Draft Dashboard.

Click on the Edit link beside Favicon.

Upload an icon file (*.ico).

Google Instant Pages - A speedier search experience

In Google's Inside Search event in San Francisco, Google demonstrated several demos showing how Google is bringing successful mobile device search features to mainstream desktop and notebook PCs thus, saving users time in their searches.

Last year, Google introduced Google Instant, which gives you search results while you type. It is estimated that this saves between two and five seconds on typical searches. Today, Google took the next step for Google Instant: Instant Pages.

Instant Pages can get the top search result ready in the background while you’re choosing which link to click, saving you yet another two to five seconds on typical searches. As you scan the results deciding which one to choose, Google is already prerendering the top search result for you. That way when you click, the page loads instantly.

To learn more about the Inside Search event, visit

Knocking down barriers to knowledge [via]

Google Image Search on Desktop

In Google's Inside Search event in San Francisco, Google demonstrated several demos showing how Google is bringing successful mobile device search features to mainstream desktop and notebook PCs thus, saving users time in their searches.

Google Goggles has enabled you to search by snapping a photo on your mobile phone since 2009, and today Google is introducing Search by Image on desktop.

Search by Image is rolling out now globally in 40 languages. We’re also releasing Chrome and Firefox extensions that enable you to search any image on the web by right-clicking.

To learn more about the Inside Search event, visit

Knocking down barriers to knowledge [via]

Google Voice Search on Desktop

In Google's Inside Search event in San Francisco, Google demonstrated several demos showing how Google is bringing successful mobile device search features to mainstream desktop and notebook PCs thus, saving users time in their searches.

Google has brought speech recognition into search on desktop for Chrome users.

To learn more about the Inside Search event, visit

Knocking down barriers to knowledge [via]

Google Lunar Eclipse as logo / doodle

In conjunction with today's lunar eclipse, Google is revealing a special Google logo (doodle) for the Lunar Eclipse.

On click the logo, it will lead to a search result answer telling you information on the timing of the Lunar Eclipse.

The logo also has a slider where you can use to animate to show the transition of a lunar eclipse.

Google: Watch the lunar eclipse from anywhere

A rare total lunar eclipse will happen today, resulting in a blood red moon from Singapore time (GMT+8) 3.25am to 5am later today. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon. Because the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, only red light from the Sun is able to reach the Moon's surface.

Google has made it possible for all to be able to witness the lunar eclipse. Google has worked with Slooh Space Camera to let you experience the spectacle wherever you are in the world, in real time.

Slooh will host a live mission interface using Google App Engine that lets anyone not lucky enough to live in certain areas (South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia) take part in this rare astronomical event. It’s equipped with audio narrations from real-life astronomers so you can hear a firsthand, expert account of the event. You can also watch the live stream on the Google YouTube Channel or from the Sk…

George Yeo not running for Presidential Election

Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has announced on his Facebook page that he will not run for the Elected Presidency.

George Yeo's Facebook blog post on his decision:

To my dear Friends and Supporters

Over the past few weeks, many Singaporeans have urged me to run for the Presidency. This is a major step which I could not rush into. I thought over it long and hard, consulting not only colleagues, friends and family members, but also taking in the advice and views which many of you conveyed to me in person, on FB, by mail and email, and through friends and relatives.

After considering all factors, I have come to the conclusion that, in this phase of my life, I can better contribute to the Singapore we all love in other ways. I have therefore decided not to run for the Presidency this August.

It is not a decision I take lightly. I know many of you will be disappointed but I ask for your understanding. I will continue to work with you to make Singapore a home rich in memories…

McDonald's McFLOAT - Buy 1 get 1 FREE

To celebrate the coming Father’s Day, McDonald’s™ is offering you a 1 for 1 on their new McFLOAT™ from now till 19th June 2011. Simply print or flash the coupon from your mobile to redeem!

Apple sued by iCloud Communications for using iCloud name

Apple has been sued by iCloud Communications, a Arizona-based remote storage company since 2005, for trademark infringement over the recently-announced Apple iCloud. iCloud Communications claimed trademark infringement over the use of the name iCloud.

Apple’s heavy promotion of the iCloud product is damaging to its business and has all but removed the branding of the name from itself and placed it onto Apple. This is epsecially when iCloud Communications is oferring similar services to the ones offered by Apple's iCloud.

The goods and services with which Apple intends to use the “iCloud” mark are identical to or closely related to the goods and services that have been offered by iCloud Communications under the iCloud Marks since its formation in 2005. However, due to the worldwide media coverage given to and generated by Apple’s announcement of its “iCloud” services and the ensuing saturation advertising campaign pursued by Apple, the media and the general public have quickly come…

Google Now Supports “Author” Tag

Google announced support of the authorship markup, enabling content sites to help identify their authors on the site and across the web.

The markup uses existing standards such as HTML5 (rel=”author”) and XFN (rel=”me”) to enable search engines and other web services to identify works by the same author across the web. If you're already doing structured data markup using microdata from, we'll interpret that authorship information as well.
Google Now Supports “Author” Tag [via]

YouTube's pages for blogs - ‘As Seen On’ YouTube pages

YouTube can now automatically generates pages that list the most recent videos embedded in a blog with the launch of ‘As Seen On’ YouTube pages.

By crawling web feeds of sites that have embedded videos, we’ve built dedicated pages that highlight your embedded videos. This means that there is now a place on YouTube to find videos mentioned on your favorite blogs & sites. We think these pages provide a way to find new and interesting content while helping you dive deeper into the conversation around a video.
One example for favourite blog is the Gizmodo.

‘As Seen On’ YouTube pages: celebrating content curators [via]

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: All The Hotkeys You Need

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Scrolling

Spacebar: Page down in any Web page/document viewShift + Spacebar: Page up in any Web page/document view
Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Typing

Alt + Spacebar: Insert a special characterShift + Del: Delete the character to the right of the cursorAlt + Del: Delete an entire lineShift + Shift (press it twice): Activate caps-lock; press shift once more to exitAlt + Trackball-Left: Move cursor to beginning of lineAlt + Trackball-Right: Move cursor to end of lineAlt + Trackball-Up: Move cursor to top of pageAlt + Trackball-Down: Move cursor to bottom of pageShift + Trackball-Left/Right: Highlight text for cutting or copyingMenu + X: Cut text (will cut all text on-screen unless specific characters are highlighted)Menu + C: Copy text to clipboard (will copy all text on-screen unless specific characters are highlighted)Menu + V: Paste text from clipboardMenu + A: Select all text in the current field
Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Browsing

Menu + I: Zoom inMenu + O: Z…

Les Paul Google Doodle gets standalone site

Google celebrated musician Les Paul's 96th birthday with a playable guitar logo (doodle).

The strings of the guitar will play a tune as you strum them with your mouse. In the U.S., there is even more. Users can click the black "compose" button and record a 30-second track. Clicking the button again will display a link to share the song you've just created.

Given the popularity of the playable Les Paul Google doodle, Google has decided to create a standalone site where users can play to their hearts' content. You can find the site at

Are you ready for IPv6?

To test your readiness for IPv6 switch, go to

To learn more of IPv6, visit

Some facts on IPv6

Since IPv6 addresses are 128 bits long, the theoretical address space if all addresses were used is 2128 addresses. This number, when expanded out, is 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456, which is normally expressed in scientific notation as about 3.4*1038 addresses. That's about 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses.

It's enough addresses for many trillions of addresses to be assigned to every human being on the planet.

The earth is about 4.5 billion years old. If we had been assigning IPv6 addresses at a rate of 1 billion per second since the earth was formed, we would have by now used up less than one trillionth of the address space.

The earth's surface area is about 510 trillion square meters. If a typical computer has a footprint of about a tenth of a square meter, we would have to stack computers 10 billion …

How to Stop Facebook from Using Facial Recognition on You

Facebook has slowly introduced a new facial recognition feature that finds pictures with your face and suggests to your friends that they tag you in it. If you'd rather this feature be turned off, here's how to disable it.

NOTE: It is enabled by default!

To disable, do the following:
Go to your Privacy Settings and click on Customize Settings.Scroll down to the "Suggest Photos of Me to Friends" setting and hit "Edit Settings".In the drop-down on the right, hit "Disable".
How to Stop Facebook from Using Facial Recognition on You [via]

Introducing iOS 5 - The Top 10 New Features

Read Gizmodo article on the Top 10 New Features offered by Apple iOS 5.

Google Chrome 12 released - Safer, Snazzier, 3D CSS

Google Chrome's stable release has now reached version 12, bringing improvements in security, privacy, and graphics.

1. More Secure

Enhancements to Safe Browsing technology.

2. Privacy

It is now possible to control over the data that websites store on your computer. This includes Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects (LSOs), which were previously only manageable using an online settings application on Adobe’s website.

3. Graphics

Includes support for hardware-accelerated 3D CSS. To see hardware-accelerated 3D CSS in action, check out this Chrome Experiment.

Download latest Google Chrome browser now.

A new stable release of Chrome: safer and snazzier [via]

Google's Les Paul Doodle

Google's Thursday homepage doodle is celebrating what would have been the 96th birthday of musician Les Paul with a playable guitar logo. The strings of the guitar will play a tune as you strum them with your mouse. In the U.S., there is even more. Users can click the black "compose" button and record a 30-second track. Clicking the button again will display a link to share the song you've just created.

Unofficial poll on the Presidential Election for Singapore

As of now, the results on 2 unofficial polls on the Presidential Election for Singapore are as follows:

1. A poll on Facebook

George Yeo (634 votes), former Foreign Minister, being the winner, with runner-up former NTUC Income CEO, Tan Kin Lian (578 votes), closely behind.

2. A poll on the Temasek Review

Tan Kin Lian's 3,488 votes leads ahead of Dr Tan Cheng Bock's 2,291. George Yeo's 193 votes come in third. Temasek Review is an online website that often attracts anti-PAP readers, thus may not reflect the general population.

One interesting or rather unsurprising outcome is current President of Singapore, SR Nathan, comes in last in both polls. SR Nathan himself has yet to consider if he should contest a third term in office. Looks like his decision may be to retire unless he want to risk himself retiring with a defeat.

Gmail adds Superstars, Nested Labs and Advanced IMAP Controls

Google Gmail has graduated three popular Labs features officially into Gmail recently.

1. Superstars

Superstars, one of the most popular Labs features, provides different types of stars in addition to Gmail’s basic one. You can assign a certain star to special conversations and use another as a visual reminder that you need to follow-up on a message later.

2. Nested Labels

Labels are a great way of organizing your email; nested labels give you the ability to organize labels hierarchically.

3. Advanced IMAP Controls

This Labs feature provided a very useful set of advanced controls for those of you who access Gmail through IMAP clients (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, or your iPhone’s native mail app). Now it's easier to take advantage of features like syncing only selected labels or limiting the folder size limit to improve your IMAP experience.

3 Labs graduations, 1 retirement [via]

Google +1 button

Google has now released +1 buttons to the whole web, after making an introduction to it in March. As a result, you might start seeing +1 appear on sites large and small across the Internet.

Google has now made it available to its array of products which include Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube. Yes, the +1 button is now on my blog as well.

If you are a webmaster or a web developer, wishing to include the new Google +1 button, do visit Google +1 webmaster page for more information.

If you think something is cool, +1.

The +1 button for websites: recommend content across the web [via]

Twitter rolling out Photo-Sharing service

Twitter is rolling out both its own photo-sharing service as well as a completely revamped version of search, CEO Dick Costolo said last Wednesday on a blog post.. In collaboration with Photobucket, Twitter's retooled photo-sharing service will let you upload an image and attach it to your tweet directly from Twitter's site or mobile apps.

Not only will it deliver more relevant Tweets when you search for something or click on a trending topic, but it will also show you related photos and videos, right there on the results page. It's never been easier to get a sense of what's happening right now, wherever your curiosity takes you.

Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 Demo Has a Brand New Interface

Up Close with Windows 8

Windows 8 Preview: 23 Potential Features You Should Know About

According to an article published by the LifeHacker, there are 23 potential features of the new coming Microsoft Windows 8, codenamed Windows Next. It is said that Windows 8 is a serious revamp from the kernel up.

The 23 potential features of Windows 8:

Storage Features

ISO MountingTweaked Disk CleanupPortable WorkspacesHistory VaultWinFS
Connected Features

Internet Explorer 10Immersive BrowserSmartScreen Download FilterCloud StoragePush Notifications
User Account Features

Guest ModeFacial RecognitionSystem Reset
Interface Tweaks

Ribbons everywhereAero Autocolor
Content Integration

Windows App StorePDF Support
Tablet Optimized

System On Chip SupportTouch InterfacePattern Login
Other Tweaks

Modern Windows Task ManagerHybrid BootGenuine Center
Windows 8 Preview: 23 Potential Features You Should Know About [via]

Introducing Google, Bing, Yahoo! come together to standardize common web tags for Search

The three web giants - Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! on Thursday launched, a collection of schemas, or HTML tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers. The site aims to be a one stop resource for webmasters looking to add markup to their pages.

Introducing Search engines come together for a richer web [via]

China denied Gmail hacking

Google said last Wednesday that it had discovered that a number of its Gmail account user names and passwords of personal accounts belonging to senior government officials, activists, and journalists, had been compromised. Google said that the usernames and passwords were obtained likely through phishing, a hack that uses social engineering to induce the victim to turn over the personal information without any penetration of the email system.

Google traced the origin of the attacks to Jinan, China, the home city of a military vocational school whose computers were linked to an assault 17 months ago on Google's systems.

Following Google's accusation, China denied it supports hacking activities and said it is part of global efforts to combat computer security threats Thursday, a day after Google disclosed some of its email users suffered hacking attacks that orginated within the country.

Night Safari website experience DB user account expired problem

What a blunder!