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Thursday, December 28, 2006

O $ P $

Going to hang Pig's Head le.
Still pending $1,100.
Not even 50% is bank-in to my account.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Going to Clear My Sch Fees By Next Week

Shiok man!
All my school fees debt is going to be cleared by next week before end of year 2006!

It is going to be record breaking! It is going to take me less than a year to clear.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

PayPal Integration Completed

Finally PayPal integration is completed and this marks completion of my freelance project, excluding some initial support should there need to be any changes.

I can finally catch some sleep :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fast Typing Skills Training

See how fast you can type.

To play, type the name of the enemies you see and then hit RETURN.
I am ranked 38th (Difficulty level: Medium).
Username is hongjun

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hokkien man trying to take a photo

Summary of Blogs Mentioning EditGrids

Just so happen to find the below link and realize my blog is mentioned!
The reason as to why my blog is mentioned is because I actually quoted "EditGrid" as one of my entries previously. The below link actually points correctly to my previous post -

Internet is so threatening. No one can hide anything once something has posted live on the Internet.

Check it out!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Knoppix 5.0 OS

I finally finished downloading 600 over MB of files yesterday.
Had a try on this bootable OS on a CD-ROM and realized I almost forgotten how to use Linux!
It has been almost 2 years since I used a Linux.

Overall Rating: Good

Friday, December 01, 2006

Interview On Myself

hongjun joined Experts Exchange (EE) in Sep 1999, and has been a long time contributor in the ASP topic area. He has also achieved over a dozen other topic areas to reach the 1,000,000 point level, so we asked him what keeps him going.

How did you first find Experts Exchange?
Well, I first get to know Experts-Exchange during my poly days. A friend of mine introduced EE to me when we were stucked with some C Programming logic.

First EE question asked by me: Simple scanf question (C Programming)

What made you start answering questions?
Ever since I asked my first question, I often rely on EE to get quality and prompt replies to my technical questions.

Few months later, I realized there are some questions out there where I can also provide my assistance. I realized the need to give back to the community and to share knowledge.

First EE question answered by me: string requires char type but how to add all entries and get total? (C++ Programming)

What do you get out of answering questions?
In short: Knowledge
When I attempt to answer questions, I actually go through the process of looking for solutions all over the place. Through this process, I begin to know where to get the right solution at the right place at the fastest time. I also get to know a problem can be solved by many different methods and which is truely the most efficient and effective.

I must admit my bookmarks database is rather huge.

EE Profile

Free Wireless@SG


iCell Network




Thursday, November 30, 2006

Knoppix 5.0

This tool is fantastic! One can use this for both good and bad.
Good - Learn Linux
Bad - Hack into one's Windows and copy out the entire harddisk contents.

Got Myself A Free Book

I just got myself a free book by raising my hands and answering a question in a seminar.
It took me 3 tries on 3 separate questions before they finally gave me that book.

Book Link from Amazon (Cool right)

Search Engine With Visual Effects

Yet another innovative idea (But I don't really like this idea)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today is VS and SQL 2005 1 Year Birthday

Today marks 1 year birthday for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
On 29th Nov 2005, these 2 products were officially launched in Singapore.

Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips

Everyday, and some not everyday tips, on how you can keep your email safe and secure.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Will you stay in India?

If given a chance to go overseas for work for 6 months, will you agree to it?
If the place to attach to is India, Pune, will you?

Albert Einstein Quote

"When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Statement Of Attainment (1)

I just got my certificate for the below

This certificate is issued by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Friday, November 17, 2006

We Live In Singapura

Very funny.
Don't forget to watch the youtube equivalent too!

Find out who gives away your email address with Gmail trick

When you give your email address to a website, you hope that they don't sell or trade your address to a bunch of spammers. Well if they do, here is a simple way to see what sites are responsible for what particular piece of email. This requires you have a Gmail account.

If your Gmail login name was and you went to to fill out a registration form, instead of just entering as your email, enter it as instead. When Gmail sees a "+" in an email address, it uses all the characters to the left of the plus sign to know who to send it to. In this example it would still send it to

Now whats cool is if you search Gmail for username+samplesitecom, you will see all massages that were sent to that email address.

To see who is responsible for sending a specific message click the Show Details link and you will see the complete address.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

How I Celebrated My Birthday

8th Nov 2006 - My 25th Birthday.

All was planned by Regine and my job was just to follow.

We met at HarborFront MRT at around 7pm before heading to Bugis.A small hint from her was that dinner would be near Fortune Centre. I was left making guesses on where would be the place for dinner. I have no idea. We finally reached a place which till now I don't even know what is the name of the restaurant. There wasn't any sign of any signboard nor name of the restaurant written on the menu. I would grade the restaurant highly for their ambience.

After we finished our main course, we were served with ice cream and brownie (both were heart shaped) by one of the waiters. On top of the brownie was a lighted candle. This arrangement was preplanned and well-timed. I appreciate Regine's effort for this planning.

We left for home early after the dinner because we still need to work the next day. Oh ya.. I got a birthday card, a bear (she also has got one), and a wallet from Regine as my birthday gift. I love all of these gifts.

8th Nov 2006 - A memorable Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta

New Features:

• Redesigned, smarter contact cards give you more data about and easier access to your friends
• Your display name, status and personalization roam with you to any computer
• Try PC-to-phone calling with two free calls to virtually any phone in the world*
• Better server performance
• Automatic updates
• Improved sign-in performance

Online file conversion with Zamzar

8 Simple Rules For Developing More Secure Code

  1. Habit #1: Take Responsibility
  2. Habit #2: Never Trust Data
  3. Habit #3: Model Threats against Your Code
  4. Habit #4: Stay One Step Ahead
  5. Habit #5: Fuzz!
  6. Habit #6: Don't Write Insecure Code
  7. Habit #7: Recognize the Strategic Asymmetry
  8. Habit #8: Use the Best Tools You Can

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have been having quite a bit of constant freelancing projects for the past month or so.

One of them "Woodward-partners" is completed with Regine (Note it is under some modification by another developer).

The second one is Dell-Privilege. But I stop working halfway due to some poor project management by the Business Analyst

I have one new project coming along but it is still under negotiation between the Business Analyst and the client to close the deal. Once again, I will work with Regine again.

Just another excuse to stay together.

Windows Vista Mail

Windows Mail is the successor to Outlook Express.

Windows Mail builds on the foundation of Outlook Express, adding a variety of new features designed to make your e-mail experience more productive and fun, while helping to reduce and annoyances such as phishing and junk e-mail.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Standard Chartered Bank 2FA


Internet Banking in Singapore

2FA stands for Second Factor Authentication. With 2FA, you are better guarded against online crimes such as Trojans and phishing attacks.

By next year, all banks will need to be equiped with this new security feature. Already, I am using this 2FA with MayBank. I would say MayBank is the pioneer to kick start this new technology. Very soon, DBS Bank will follow suit too!

MayBank 2FA (Live And Compulsory)

DBS Bank 2FA (Still in the process of sending out the devices to customers)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Top 10 open source Windows apps

Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 7

IE7 was released to the general public few days ago. What many do not realize is that it is being sent out as a high priority automatic update to Windows XP SP2 users. So many/most users are likely to update like it or not. It could lead to problems for some unknown reason if IE7 is running on a computer causing some legacy system not to function. In any case there is a tool to block the automatic update for IE7 this tool can be found here:

NTU Student survey

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

IE7 Won't Default to Live Search in Vista

People are having red eye.

Flapjax Simplifies AJAX Development

Another technology to learn but I don't have the time.,1759,2031880,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Install Vista, Buy Graphics Card

No money to buy new PC.,71947-0.html

Google Hacking + Google Proxy

I think i am going to create a Windows GUI for this purpose when I am free.

Turn Google into Napster 2000

G2P Beta

Why Green Tea Helps to Lose Weight

Recent studies show that green tea can help greatly in the process of losing weight. It does it by increasing the body's metabolism. If consumed regularly, it can help you burn as much as eighty calories extra. In a year, that’s about 8 pounds; you lose that much just by drinking, even without diet and exercise.

To further enlighten you as to how green tea works, read on below:

Green tea slows down the absorption of fats and regulates glucose. The same substance, cathechin polyphenol, restrains the transition of glucose into fats. By doing that, experts believe that green tea is an effective glucose regulator. It effectively prevents insulin spikes and slows the rise of blood sugar after every meal. Insulin, as specialists agreed upon, promotes the storage of fats as it deals with the body’s blood sugar.

Green tea has the ability to reduce appetite. Because green teas have regulating effects on the blood sugar, people who drink it are observed to eat food as much as 60 percent lesser than usual. This particular hypothesis was proven when green tea was injected into laboratory rats for experimentation. Researchers believe that it has the same effects on humans.

Green tea is a good alternative to coffee. If you drink tea instead of coffee in the morning or throughout the day, your body gets fewer calories in the long run. The sugar and the cream included in your daily cappuccinos add inches and bulges to the waistline. But with green tea, instead of accumulating fats, you are actually reducing its build up.

Green tea affects the bodily systems positively. A parallel research about green tea brings forward its overall effects in the body. The systems benefiting from it include cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, urogenital, immune, lymphatic, and musculoskelatal systems. With this, green tea shows to have a very broad effect on the body. Only a few types of food can boast of this characteristic.

Extracted from

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pen Spinning

SearchMash, a New Google Search Site

SearchMash is a low-profile site created by Google, that mixes Google Search with Google Image Search and adds some interesting features.

I sort of quite like this search site. It's simple and fast.
To see it in action, do a search or go to directly to see how it actually works.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Body Aching Shiok After California Fitness Workout

I had a workout at California fitness last Wednesday and today.
The feeling was good.

Wednesday - Attended "Body Combat" class and I would say the workout was quite tiring but fun. Afterwhich, I went for the static stations.

Saturday - Attended "ABT" and "Body Combat" classes. Both were demanding on lower body and abs muscles. Tiring but fun.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Toshiba Recall Faulty Notebooks Batteries

Toshiba Battery Exchange Program Information

TOSHIBA Battery Check Utility for Windows XP

Web-Based Calculator

Below worth trying

Google Calculator -
Just try to search for 1+2+3*4 and you got the answer straight!

Yahoo Instant Search -
Note: There is no need to hit Search button. Just type and result will be shown.
Some queries to try:
* time in Paris
* weather in Boston
* convert 100 pounds to yen
* convert 5 kilograms to pounds
* sin(pi/3)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

10 Programming Languages You Should Learn Right Now

In order to increase your employability.

  1. PHP - Did a freelance before
  2. C# - Did a freelance before
  3. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) - Tried during my free time before
  4. JavaScript - Being using it since v1.0
  5. Perl - Never tried before
  6. C - Mainly console based and UNIX shell scripting
  7. Ruby and Ruby on Rails - Never tried before
  8. Java - J2EE / SE / Servlet / JSP
  9. Python - Never tried before
  10. VB.Net (Visual Basic .Net) - Answered some questions in forum,1759,2016415,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Gone are the days of Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP.

Try Windows Vista RC 1

Friday, September 15, 2006

Browser Wars: The Saga Continues

Ever since Netscape took on Mosaic in 1994, companies have been duking it out for domination in the browser marketplace. We relive the biggest and best of the great browser battles.

Don't forget to view image gallery

Friday, September 08, 2006

Windows Vista Cheat Sheet

That's an extremely high specification for Windows Vista.

Six Good Reasons to Jump Ship

I highlight number 3.

  1. You know it's not your fault
  2. The change will allow you to progress along your desired career path
  3. A stagnant workplace
  4. You've made a bad move
  5. The new workplace offers something you can't refuse
  6. You want a culture change,1759,2013523,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gmail Shortcuts

It has been there since Day 1 Gmail Beta was launched but I believe not many are using it.
Of course I myself has always been using it because I prefer to use keyboard if possible.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Beta Out

Download link

My sign is Sword in Chinese Horoscope

Got my prediction from Superfate Fortune Management.

◎Your life is represented by the lucky sword, courageous and organized. You can make a fortune with your creativity and justice. You like well-behaved and wise people. With your leadership ability, you can break through any dissatisfying situation. ◎

Your characteristics, subconscious, and behavior modes, according to your fate and destiny, are represented by the sword. You are a bit bossy and dominating, but have leadership ability.

You are capable and talented, with a great sense of justice and righteousness, and willing to help others for the sake of justice. Like a sword, you are able to cut through a difficult or unsatisfactory situation and eventually change your fate and destiny. You may hurt yourself carelessly with a double-edged sword if you are too aggressive and pressuring people around you. You may be dominating with your appearance, but have a loving heart to protect the weak with a sense of justice and fairness.

However, a good sword needs to be molded and sharpened, so those that cannot pass the test and process only become scrap iron. Being determined and unafraid of the challenges, not blaming others, and learning and growing are the essential elements to become a respected leader. You like intelligent people with artistic talent and dislike hypocrites. You admire those who are willing to sacrifice and dedicate themselves to others with a sense of justice. As long as you pass the challenge and test, your entire life will be unaffected by any storm or blocked by any obstacle to become a winner.

◎Health Analysis: The function of your respiratory system is weaker.◎

According to your destiny analysis, the function of your respiratory system is weaker, and you have had minor problems like allergies, runny nose, cough, cold, chest pain, diarrhea and constipation when you were young. But over age 40, additional care of your respiratory system is needed, or it may lead to nasosinutisis, asthma, bronchopneumonia, bronchitis, intestines polyp and proctitis. Therefore, you should avoid fatigue and smoking, maintain a stable, regular lifestyle and schedule, and sleep and wake early in order to protect a congenitally weaker respiratory system.

There's a saying that all disease starts from the mouth, which means many human diseases are related to food. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food can be divided into gold, wood, water, fire and earth (concept of the five elements). You seem to prefer the spicy flavors in food like spicy hotpot and Sichuan dishes, which means your cells are filled with too much gold element. This negatively affects your health, fortune and career, so we suggest you try different foods to balance your diet and nutrition, which leads to harmony in life and a balance of yin and yang based on the five elements. In addition, if you have recently felt unlucky or things were not going smoothly, then you are probably affected by bad spirit, which caused bad luck. The best solution is not to eat meat and fish for a period of time until the bad spirit goes away. The bad spirit tends to stay with those who eat meat and fish, and also chicken, duck, green onion, garlic, leek and other spices, so a vegetarian diet can help change your luck.

◎Health Analysis: Your cardiovascular function is weaker as well.◎

your cardiovascular function is weaker as well, which caused minor problems like pimples, mouth and tongue sores when you were young. But over age 40, your cardiovascular function requires additional care, or you might have major problems such as blood pressure problems, hem sterone problems, unusual heart rhythm, eye pressure problems, and other abnormal functions leading to heart diseases, stroke, or loss of vision. Therefore, it's very important for you to maintain a stable schedule for your life, avoid fatigue, and, most importantly, do not to stay up overnight. If possible, have a blood test and electrocardiogram periodically and pay more attention if there's any family history of hereditary palatine canal system and cardio diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc. Try to eliminate iced and cold drinks in order to avoid losing your vitality.

According to your destiny analysis, your spirit and the physical strength tend to be weaker than others with less energy. Your friends can often play, dance, or study all night without any sleep, but only one night without sleep makes you extremely tired and weak. You don't like running or outdoor activities, have poor sleep quality, and tend to be more emotional and sentimental.

If you want to change your destiny and fate, you better sleep before 23:00, and five minutes of sun every morning, but avoid the strong sunlight between 12:00~15:00. You will sense a major change and difference if you are persistent. If you are able to develop the good habit of sleeping and waking up early, it will completely change your fate and destiny with better health, more wealth and happiness coming into your life.

◎You are willing to be devoted, dedicated and sacrifice for a relationship. Your love is full of romance, so to be your companion is to be blessed with love and happiness. But when the passion cools down in romantic love, many problems emerge, which require your tolerance and wisdom to overcome.◎

In romance, according to our analysis, you are easily attracted to someone you admire in your heart, but you often end up empty-handed because it's quite difficult for both parties to fall in love at first sight. Generally speaking, women do not have deep first impression of you, so they need time to discover your inner beauty. You, however, tend to like a person at the first sight, but not after a period of time. Therefore, if you are still waiting for a good romance, try to show your inner beauty by doing more activities, establishing better habits, and socializing with more people. This way you can express your inner beauty naturally all the time, which makes your romance go more smoothly.

In the journey of life, your romantic or marriage partner might be introduced by relatives and friends, or through matchmaking. You tend to be inexperienced in love, unable to express yourself, and do not know how to actively pursue someone without being too sticky or giving up easily. You have opportunities but are afraid to get hurt, so eventually it is not easy for you to have the spark of love. If you are still seeking your love partner don't rush because someone nearby likes you, so as long as you pursue the relationship sincerely, the happiness is yours.

◎Career and Wealth Analysis: You know how to make money, but it is not easy for you to hold onto your money.◎

According to your destiny analysis, you know how to make money, but it is not easy for you to hold onto your money. Your life is more philosophical, so you are not stingy with yourself, family or friends. You spend what you have even when you are financially tight, and are generous when you are financially comfortable. Because of this, it's not easy for you to save your money. In addition, you maybe convinced easily by friends to make some financial investments that cause you to lose money. You like to make many friends, so you easily lose money if you cannot evaluate risk or reject people when they approach you for investment. You will spend most of your wealth doing things you want to do throughout life because you consider only money spent as the wealth actually owned by you. Afterwards, you will not bequest much to your descendants.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to Fix GMail Login Problems & Increase GMail Speed

Gmail loads rather fast for me because I always use since Day 1!
So I knew it all along :)

Gmail Skins for FF Users

Gmailskins adds the following features:
  1. Change the colour/skin of your inbox.
  2. Integrate your google homepage alongside your inbox. This allows you to view weather reports, rss feeds, news headlines, flickr recently added, google calendar module etc from your inbox.
  3. Easily insert images from your Picasa web album in to your emails
  4. Insert smileys/emoticons and images in to your emails.
  5. Insert HTML tables and other complex HTML in to your emails.
  6. Make the navigation (Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail, etc) horizontal.
  7. Fix the navigation in place so that you don't have to scroll to the top of the page to see it.
  8. Zebra stripes on mailbox - pretty!
  9. Change the attachment paperclip (on inbox) to an icon indicating the type of attachment.
  10. Hide various page elements (invite panel, page footer, your email address from the top right of inbox).

Google Books

Google has just launched Google Books search. From there, you can even search and download full version of an entire book! However, full version is only limited to non-copyrighted books or some out of print books. Shakespeare's books can also be found.

Results from the 2006 Desktop Linux Survey

I am surprised RedHat and Mandrake are ranked so low.

Pluto Fate

Pluto gets demoted: Planet decision is Goofy

All About Pluto (Past)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Google Apps for Your Domain (Google Corporate Package)

Now you can offer private-labeled email, IM and calendar tools to all of your users for free*, so they can share ideas and get things done more effectively. You can design and publish your organization's website, too. It's all hosted by Google, so there's no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.

It sounds good but will it work out? What I know is that several universities have signed up for the package. Time will tell if a corporate decides to use this option.

Web Developer Extension

Worth installing it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

IE 7 Release Candidate To-Read

What's new in Internet Explorer 7?
* tabs
* feed reader
* better CSS support (including CSS2)
* security (phishing filter, protected mode in Vista)

Download Link

Internet Explorer 7 Quick Reference Sheet (Cheat Sheet)

Add-Ons for Microsoft Internet Explorer

50 Common Interview Q & A

Intel Wi-Fi update is memory vampire

This post is especially for Intel ProSet 10.X users. Those who had read my previous post and had applied security patch for Intel ProSet would need to apply another patch.

A new problem affects the Intel PROSet software version 10.5. The PROSet software accompanies Intel's drivers that run the company's wireless hardware on PCs.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Anonymizing Google's Cookie

If you use Google, and you accept its cookie, you should give some thought to the implications, both good and potentially bad : this page tries to help you do that, together with an easy way to anonymize it without missing out on its benefits.

Yahoo! Mail in OE Look

Yahoo has announced a beta version that has an OE-like interface. No more checkboxes, and it even includes a preview pane, drag-and-drop and RSS feeds to go along with the 1GB of storage. It isn't available to everyone yet, but you can get on the waiting list.

What's New With Yahoo! Mail

all-new Yahoo! Mail

I kinda like the interface.
BTW, I personally experimenting it now!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How to Detect Lies

Watching facial expressions in order to determine whether a person is lying might just save you from being a victim of fraud, or it could help you figure out when somebody's being genuine. Jury analysts do this when assisting in jury selection. The police do this during an interrogation. A lie detector of course does this, but is a little heavy to carry with you. Therefore, you have to learn the little facial and body expressions that can help you learn to recognize a lie from the truth.

Microsoft To Offer Free Vista Upgrade

Microsoft has teamed up with PC vendors to promote the delayed Vista OS by offering PC buyers worldwide a free upgrade coupon, as a way of encouraging them to buy a Vista-capable PC as early as possible, according to market sources, citing information leaked from Taiwan-based PC makers.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Friend's Technology Blog

Check it out!

Definition of Leap Years

If the 4-digit year is not evenly divisible by 4, it is not a leap year.

If it is evenly divisible by 4 and also evenly divisible by 100, it is not a leap year — unless it is also evenly divisible by 400.

  • If it is evenly divisible by 4 and not evenly divisible by 100, it is a leap year.
  • If it is evenly divisible by 4 and is also evenly divisible by 400, it is a leap year.
  • If it is evenly divisible by 4 and also evenly divisible by 100 and also evenly divisible by 400, it is a leap year.
  • However, if it is evenly divisible by 4 and also evenly divisible by 100 and not further evenly divisible by 400, then it is not a leap year.
1600 was a leap year. 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years. 2000 was a leap year.

From []

25 Sites We Can't Live Without

I only visit a few - Amazon, Blogger, Google and LifeHacker,8599,1222769,00.html

Saturday, August 12, 2006

OS in Flash

I wonder how was it done in Flash!
Impressive minus sometimes it can be quite slow.

MSDN is now FREE

Download MSDN Library May 2006 Edition now for free

Google Rank Experiment

Kinda cool.
Am going to try it next time.


ScatterChat is a secure instant messaging client designed for non-technical users who require secure and anonymous communications. Our typical end-users include human rights and democracy advocates operating in hostile territory. ScatterChat is also a valuable tool for anyone requiring secure communications.

It is based upon the Gaim software, provides end-to-end encryption, integrated onion-routing with Tor, secure file transfers, and easy-to-read documentation.

ScatterChat's security features include resiliency against partial compromise, immunity from replay attacks, and limited resistance to traffic analysis... all reinforced through a pro-actively secure design.

Introducing CCleaner

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less that a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Conserving Battery Life (Tips for Laptop Users)

Great for those who are confused with "Standby" and "Hibernation" mode.
This article explains it quite simply.

Microsoft to Tighten the Genuine Advantage Screws

I uses Original Windows XP Professional, IE 7 Beta 3 and Microsoft Office 2007 Beta.
All are original and I am safe.,1759,2001329,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

Virgin Air Adds In-Flight Text Messaging

These airlines are getting really creative in getting passengers. No wonder SIA is falling behind in terms of service standards. If I remember correctly reading from the Today's Papers, SIA is ranked behind Thai Airlines and Malaysian Airlines. SIA needs to buck up.,1759,2000683,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mac OS X Versus Windows XP

See for yourself.

But my vote still goes to Windows (Because I don't know how to use Mac).
I have got a lame excuse.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Attention to Hon Yr Engineering Students

Engineering students interested in RFID related projects please read below article. One day you may challenge the world.

Computer hackers get lesson on cloning passport, cash card tags

Saturday, August 05, 2006

IE 7 Detect My Blog As Phishing Website

Oh my god!

My Top 10 Best Products (Aug 06)

All Products Listed by Ranking
  1. Experts-Exchange IT Solutions Collaboration Site
  2. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
  3. Google Gmail Web Mail
  4. Google Calendar Online Calendar
  5. QuickPost Experts-Exchange New Question Auto Notification
  6. Windows Live Messenger Internet Messenging
  7. NetVibes Personalized Page (Web 2.0)
  8. Google Search Engine
  9. Microsoft Office 2007 Office Package
  10. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Internet Browser

Previous Rankings (2 Mar '06) (6 Jan '06) (19 Dec '05)

IE 7.0 Beta 3 VS Firefox 2.0 Beta 1

Emphasis is on RSS.

It seems like IE 7.0 is at the top of the world in this aspect. Firefox needs to double up.
Just in case someone interested in doing a RSS feed, watch this video

Google warns of malware in search results

Another first by Google.
Good job.

The Annual Library Book Sale

Attention all book lovers!

12 – 13 August 2006
9.30am – 8pm
Singapore Expo Hall 4A
Free Admission

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Defend Your Code with Top Ten Security Tips Every Developer Must Know

Stop SQL Injection Attacks Before They Stop You

Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Local Information Disclosure

A security vulnerability exists in the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software (PROSet application) because of insecure usage of shared memory allowing a person having access to the user's computer or malicious software installed on the user's computer to obtain access to users' wireless network security information.

A security vulnerability has been identified in Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, and 10.x (PROSet application), which could be locally exploited by malicious users or software to obtain Wireless network security information such as WLAN pre-shared WEP key (all PROSet versions) and user authentication credentials (only PROSet 9.x and 10.x versions). This flaw is due to insecure usage of the shared memory.

Visit below link for more information

Gsheet - Google Spreadsheet and Writely

I have been trying out on EditGrid and it is really powerful and impressive.

I wonder how Google fare in this field. I am giving it a shot.

Friday, July 07, 2006

10 ways to personalize your PC

  1. Change your language settings
  2. Personalize a screen saver
  3. Choose your sounds and volume
  4. Customize the speed of your mouse
  5. Change your desktop appearance
  6. Customize your taskbar layout
  7. Set your default Web page
  8. Choose your Windows Views
  9. Customize your browser size
  10. Give each family member a login

7 Timesaving Computing Tips

  1. Travel Light Using Remote Desktop
  2. Maintain Your Computer with Automatic Updates
  3. Keep Undesirable Ads at Bay with Pop-up Blocker
  4. Improve Readability with ClearType
  5. Customize the Places Bar
  6. Increase the Destinations Available from the Send To Menu
  7. Find Items on the All Programs Menu More Quickly

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer's Performance

  1. Free Up Disk Space
  2. Speed Up Access to Data
  3. Detect and Repair Disk Errors
  4. Protect Your Computer Against Spyware

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ronaldinho, Parreira blamed back in Brazil

Brazil had won 11 successive games at the World Cup finals since losing 3-0 to the same opponents in the 1998 final.

France also knocked Brazil out of the 1986 World Cup on penalties following a 1-1 draw in the quarter-finals.

Brazil just couldn't defeat France.

Monday, June 19, 2006

No OT This Week

I am trying my best not to work OT this week.
I am setting a record!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

C Shirt Design

This is awesome!
Source code is in the form of letter C and when run, the result is in also in the form of letter C!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Who Do You Think Am I?

Got this email from a stranger.
Who do you think am I!!!
You think I will help you!!!
If you need help, at least write politely.


I am working on a script, right now it's a function and a bunch of subroutines.

All together the script is about 2000 lines long.

How long would it take you to convert it to a class?

I think the further development would go much quicker if I had this as a class to work with and keep adding all functionality I have
in mind.

Please let me know what you might need from me to give me better idea and hopefully to get started on this?


Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5

J2EE 5 is out

Sun lives up to its name in incrementing their version number without any sense. There's much confusion especially to those new Java entrants. I shall not discuss further.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

IE7 Search Box Fuels Google-Microsoft Rivalry

Problem In New NS Portal

My email to them.


I just attempted a first login to the new NS portal. I must admit the overall experience is quite pleasant if I were using IE browser. However, the surfing experience of the ever-growing number of Firefox users should be taken care of.

There one obvious problem I see when using Firefox 1.5.

1) Navigational menu does not work well. On hover on any of the child items of the top menu, the collapsed menu does not stay. It makes my navigation experience impossible. To get around with this problem, I actually have to get to the homepage or the site map in order to find my destination link.

Please resolve this problem ASAP because the reputation of NCS is at stake. Thanks and hope everyone will have a pleasant surfing experience in this new NS portal.

Loh Hon Chun

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick Certificate Printer

Came about this website.

The internet is really about anything

Polling Day Holiday

POLLING Day next Saturday will be a public holiday as Singaporeans go to the polls to cast their votes in Singapore's 11th General Election.

Those who have to work on Polling Day are to receive a day's pay or given another day off, said the Manpower Ministry.

And workers whose day off falls on Polling Day are entitled to a day-off-in-lieu or one day's pay, its statement added.

The ministries said companies should treat Polling Day in the same manner as any other public holiday, as given under Section 35 of the Parlimentary Elections Act.

More details are available at the website

Extracted from The Straits Times Saturday April 29, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Need To Vote

Who would I vote? I already have the answer after some serious consideration and assessment from the daily Today paper and the news. I better not discuss too much relating to election issues to avoid clashing with the law.

Voting is COMPULSORY. Voting is SECRET. And Voting is FIRST time for ME.

My area is AMK.

Dial-Up Remote Uploading = Yawn

Doing dial-up to Madras, Cebu, Bombay, Russia, etc... Doing upload and remote install made me irritated. Damn slow. Slow but then at least all understand English.

Taipei uses leased line and so will be fast but... These Taiwanese people don't want English! They request for Taiwanese Bopomofo Chinese! Made my coding difficult. Environment wise can also be so tricky. Hope all these areas turn out well.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

12 tips for better e-mail etiquette

  1. Be informal, not sloppy.
  2. Keep messages brief and to the point.
  3. Use sentence case.
  4. Use the blind copy and courtesy copy appropriately.
  5. Don't use e-mail as an excuse to avoid personal contact.
  6. Remember that e-mail isn't private.
  7. Be sparing with group e-mail.
  8. Use the subject field to indicate content and purpose.
  9. Don't send chain letters, virus warnings, or junk mail.
  10. Remember that your tone can't be heard in e-mail.
  11. Use a signature that includes contact information.
  12. Summarize long discussions.

Extracted from

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Working Late Once Again


Working Late

It seems to be a norm.
Cannot believe a shipping company can have so many development to do!
Lucky this company can claim OT and taxi fee (only if one works at least till 10:30pm).
So tiring...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

PS Carrefour Sale

Bought a book on ASP.NET Web Security at $5
Bought total 4 CD wallet at $1 each

Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome ryancys

Welcome ryancys, my Experts-Exchange mate, back working in Singapore. Guess we can meet up for lunch one of these days.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

SgDotNet Talk

Ya.. I actually attended a talk on "Web Parts" and "UML" last Thursday. The talk on "Web Parts" was by Maung Maung (MVP for Security). Sharepoint was introduced. I am IMPRESSED with the power of Sharepoint with SmartPart. I guess is most probably created that way.
It was held Microsoft. That was my 2nd time there.

Interview: Microsoft's Database Guru

I still feel MsSQL is easier to use.
As for enterprise, I think SQL Server 2005 has addressed this issue. Even SQL 2005 reporting services is competing Crystal Reports.

Google's Eric Schmidt Told a Lie In 2002


PC World: So you don't want to be the next Yahoo?

Schmidt: What we do is search. Yahoo is a portal with a myriad of specialized services. What Google does is sufficiently limited. It's not really targeted at what Yahoo or AOL is trying to do. Our business strategy is not to compete, because we want them as customers.


RCL is a different working environment as compared to WPH. RCL is more corporate and the environment is a LOT LOT LOT quieter. You don't normally see people joked and cracking lame jokes. On average, people there are in their late 30s. Thought chinese make up the majority, there are quite a number of Burmese.

The nature of work is also different. It is mainly on web programming at WPH while it is mainly on component-based programming at RCL.

Long Time No Blog

It has been quite some time since I last blog.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Blogspot Comment Feature Used Instead

Due to sabotage by an anonymous, I have switched to blogspot's comment feature instead of the haloscan's. With blogspot, I can perform moderation.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Internet Explorer PNG Transparency Hack

This is an interesting find.

This is a bug in Internet Explorer 6.0 and below. Internet Explorer 7.0 has confirmed this PNG transparency bug is addressed.

All along, I thought it may not be possible for this particular image. PNG supports 256 levels of transparency where GIF only supports one. Turning a PNG with an alpha channel that doesnt reach %100 transparency into a gif would look just like the PNG without the alpha channel. And turning a PNG with an alpha channel that does reach %100 transparency into a gif would result in a halo around the image. Not only that but PNG supports thousands of colors where gif only supports 256. My recommendation to fellow EE experts thus is always "Convert to GIF".

Still, GIF and JPG are still the 2 picture formats being supported by all browsers. If you don't see the transparency (without applying the hack), this means the browser you are using doesn't support PNG files with alpha channels. IE for windows doesn't, IE for Mac does, iCab for Mac does, Netscape 6 does, Mozilla does, and Firefox does.

Dictionary Suggest

My 2nd AJAX mini application - Dictionary Suggest
Try it out and you should know what the mini app does.
I will improve on the functionality whenever I got the time.

New Phase of Life

3 months in Web Professional House is short but then memorable. I have decided not to extend my contract and move on to another company, RCL Feeder. Colleagues at WPH are all nice people. They are a group of young people and some even younger than me! We blast music at work, talk loudly, listen to gossip, etc.. On my last day of work, they gave me a Waterman black ballpoint pen, and a nice tie. I am so touched.

I know RCL will not be that vibrant. Nevertheless, it is going to be another experience for me.

TARGETED to A Unrespected Barbarian

That barbarian has made insulting posts to my shoutbox twice giving reasons that I have used hongjun for my blogspot. Because of this, IT is unable to use hongjun for ITS blog name.

Just too bad!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Climbing Back Up Slowly

Ranked 112 overall. I doubt I will never be able to get back to my best 51st position again. 100 or better is my target

SPH's Job Search Portal - ST701

ST707 Website

Though the name of the website may sounds meaningless, all job seekers do visit the site for job hunting, at the same time don't bother to ask yourself how on earth the name ST701 was chosen. I see the name stupid.

MyHeritage Face Recognition

I used 2 of my photos and did a celebrity match. Below are the rendered results.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Microsoft mulls rushing out IE patch

Some Updates

Attended Angela Chang's concert in NUS on last Thu (2 days ago). I would say the concert was not very well organized. Outdoor, no air-con, no chairs, too short a concert, blah blah blah... Just too bad there wasn't enough tickets for yesterday's (Fri) NTU concert.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Worker's Party Come

I hereby invite Worker's Party to drop by Ang Mo Kio and contest in the coming General Election. I want to cast my first divine vote!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Result to Below Q

Chances are the below set of equations can be solved but the variables will not yield a unique value. In fact, there are infinite solutions to it.

(3) - (2):

20a + 20c = 4
=> (1)

So, in essense, you have only 2 equations, and three variables. So this set of equations has no unique solution. Hence, the set of solutions (a, b, c) can be:
(0.1, 0.15, 0.1) or (0.5, 0.05, -0.3), etc...

The solution can be expressed in the form of:

a = 1/5 - c
b = 1/8 + 1/4 c
c is real

Solve This Set of Simultaneous Equations

Challenge yourself!

4 = 20c + 20a
10 = 80b - 20c
14 = 20a + 80

Apple: 'Don't expect Mactels to run Vista'

MacTel is an interesting term.,39024651,39157103,00.htm

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sign Guestbook Problem

I would like to apologize that sigining of my guestbook is not possible at the moment due to an unexpected bug. There is already 74 entries without any problems and I am surprised to realize a bug now. Thank you amit for reporting.

I will try to rectify the problem as soon as possible whenever time permits.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ideal for MsWord Beginners

The author of this site shared with EE experts yesterday and I thought it would be helpful to share with everyone. By the way, the author is a MVP for Microsoft Word.

I have long wanted to share my knowledge by posting it live somewhere but I never have the time to do it.

My To-Do List (But never going to be done)
  1. Post articles on ASP / VB tips and techniques.
  2. Make a CMS application for dynamic web creation and content population. For this, I have a clear picture as to how to go about doing it but I simply don't have the time.

Google Is Going Places

It was a dream to work in Microsoft but now, Google is going to be the other dream employer for IT professionals. It is so often that Google release yet another competing product.
Google, ABC team for Net, mobile news
Google Mobile Home

Poor pupils in secondary school also need breakfast

I AM happy to learn that the Government is giving $1 a day to each child from a poor family for breakfast ('MOE to pick up tab for needy pupils' breakfasts'; ST, Feb 27).

Why not extend this assistance to pupils in secondary school too? Take Chong Boon Secondary School for example. It has poor pupils and one had only tap water for breakfast ('So poor she drank water for breakfast'; The New Paper, Jan 11).

Gwendolen Lim Whay Lee (Ms)

Extracted from [,5562,375135,00.html ]

I sometimes don't eat breakfast just to save money.

Chomp Chomp Treat

I gave a treat yesterday to a total of 7 people (including myself) at Serangoon Gardens Chomp Chomp yesterday evening. These 7 people are my family members and girlfriends. I ordered 2 small-sized stingrays, 1 medium-sized hot plate tou fu, 1 large-sized gai lan, 7 chicken wings, 40 satay sticks and sugar cane drinks. They cost a total of $77.40.

I hope the varieties and quantities are enough for all.

Pre-Employment Medical Checkup

I went for my pre-employment medical checkup with X-ray yesterday at OUB Centre Raffles Medical Group. All results turned out fine.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I Hate This

I hate people who are not appreciative at all when I have offered my service to solve a problem. There is no word of "Thanks" or whatsoever. If you don't know the rules of this world then don't get out of this place.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In Case You Lost Your HP

For the very absent-minded people (See Below)

But I will wait for the Singapore Goverment to come out with their database. I ain't going to try the service by a third party.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus Workshop

I attended the Men Are from Mars & Women Are from Venus Workshop yesterday. This workshop was organized by SDU (Social Development Unit). NUS, NTU and SMU also took part in this workshop. The Student Union of the 3 respective universities were tasked to invite undergraduates to register for the workshop. Regine registered on my behalf.

Registration fee for the workshop was $5 which I find really worth the money. I belive this workshop cost more than that without the 2 tea breaks, 1 lunch buffet, and 1 best-seller book from Andy Gray. The workshop was held in the Grassroots' Club near Yio Chu Kang MRT Station from 9am - 6pm.

I was rather shocked to see there weren't as many people as expected. The MPH was only 1/3 filled. Many came as a couple but there were some who came alone - mostly guys. My "entourage" included my elder brother and her girlfriend, Wenjun and Beryl, Regine and myself.

The workshop was full of fun and interaction. Throughout the duration, we listened to the 2 speakers who gave valuable pointers and relevant real-life examples, watched videos, and carried out discussions and completing the workbook. They had made use of visual aids, audio devices and hands-on exercises to impart their knowledge. As to how they did that, I thought it was too difficult for me to write them down here.

I have been to countless seminars, talks and workshops but I have never been to one that is as interactive as this one. I give 10 out of 10 for this workshop.

I Am a Martian

Therefore, I constantly seek ways to acheive something.

Google Launches Page Creator Web Publishing Tool

Thursday, February 23, 2006

'Fare cheats' take more than one seat

BECAUSE public transport operators lose significant revenue to fare cheats, a new law was passed recently to fine or imprison them.

Actually, these cheats are trivial compared to passengers who blatantly occupy an extra seat by putting personal or bought items there. They close their eyes, oblivious to other passengers even when the bus or train is packed.

Not placing the items on the floor deprives other commuters of an available seat. Sometimes, the items may contain wet, dirty or smelly matter like seafood which may soil the seat and make it unusable until it is cleaned.

The worst case is when a bus passenger stretches his legs across to touch the opposite facing seat. These are the 'super' cheats. One passenger can then 'occupy' four seats (with his legs creating a barrier to two other adjacent seats).


Big Mistake

My colleague asked if someone could write a script to do a net send on somebody infinitely just to disturb that person. I said okay and wrote a simple script. It works but I accidentally set it to broadcast to every single one in the domain, including the boss.

I think everyone would need to press more than 100 times to close the net send message. I will never do something so stupid as this again.