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Showing posts from April, 2004
Back from the 1-day work.
Damn tiring.
There were a total of 4 (incl. me) working and our job was to do manual check on 220 BenQ monitors.
Unload, unpack, check the physical conditions of the monitor, pack, and then finally re-load it.

At last, I am back home.
finally got a job :)
start work tomorrow.
1 day job, $6 per hour, 9am-6pm.
but after tomorrow, i will again be jobless.
Read this from a friend's blog. think of it, I stop writting. It's kinda stupid letting people read all your life....

He has stopped writing.
I keep asking myself should I officially start this relationship.. I think I am quite used of being single.
I keep contradicting myself by asking her out but yet I just rejected an outing with her JC friends whom all I also know.
Being bothering me for quite some time already.
Had night cycling yesterday till this morning. Tiring but surely very fun. We set off from East Coast and our very first destination is Bedok interchange. Geylang and Esplanade were our next 2 stops. I am aching all over erm... to be exact, only my buttocks hurt. haha...
Really dislike my sis-in-law. Irrespectful, self-fish, blah blah blah...
Always showing no respect to my mother, me, everyone.
Just wanted to borrow a bicycle from them and in this very last minute, she said no. I think I should say she never says yes before and all along it's always my brother the one saying yes.
Decided to borrow from a friend and he without thinking twice, YES was the answer.

Sometimes friends can be more reliable.
I apologize for being too playful today.
Apologize for hurting my friend physically today.
Hope the slight bruise will go away soon.
Another paper later
Had diarrhoea since I woke up. A friend of mine seek help from me yesterday to help her print out 2 pdf files which were needed for her today's paper. Because of that I had to drag myself to school to pass the 2 printed lecture notes to her. The whole day I was studying with her in the library and I somehow managed to put on a smile and occassionally cracking some lame jokes and act as if I was normal. Of course I did make occassional trips to the toilet but I just merely gave excuses like "I need a rest so I better walk around", "I go help buy some food", "I need to use the computer", etc. I left the school the moment she left for her 5pm paper.

God bless me and here I am at home. I have decided to skip dinner. Hope everything would be fine for me.
Had 2 papers today. The first one was damn difficult! Questions were all very open and I would say almost all cannot be found from the textbooks. Hope everything will be fine. The second paper was quite okay (hope I am correct). I did have some parts left blank for my latter paper but hope I can get a B. In my opinion, getting a B grade for a Mathematics paper is a great achievement at least for a IT poly grad because I took only 2 basic mathematics modules during my poly days and for goodness sake, the 2 papers were easier than 'O' Levels standard.
I am getting very worried with my friend. Got a F grade for 1102 and then today answers totally different from others. Hope everything will turn out fine.
Exam is coming soon and my friends and I are already discussing what route should we take on 24th night cycling activity :0
Going to be fun.
Spent the entire afternoon at International Plaza with a group of friends registering ourselves with job agencies. Afterwhich, we went down to City Hall HMV and spent almost another hour there. Then down to Esplanade and we saw a team of 2 persons, one with a violin and the second playing a piano, giving a public live performance. We spent another hour there chatting and enjoying the music. We spent another hour sitting by the river-side chatting. This type of life is good.

Here am I again, seated and mugging with lecture notes :(
I cannot count! God gave me only 10 fingers and if you wish to include my 10 toes, I give it to you.
erm... I think I am normal. According to my discrete mathematics lecturer, the mathematician who came out with the idea that the size of natural numbers is the same as all integers eventually went crazy while proving this property. I guess this partly answers why my that professor has got eccentric habit and look. My friend describes him to be the 18 bronzeman or an alien from Mars.
Today is heaven.
Sometimes it's good to fall sick. At least you will know who cares for you.
Hope my 1 week old ulcer on my lips will stay forever.
"I was trying to come out with a lame plot to disturb Damien so I lost concentration while crossing the road. I learnt my lesson."
Aiyo!! Lameness can result in accident.
My friend, regine, nearly got knocked down by a bike today if not me and Sini shouted at her before she realized the oncoming bike. The bike was merely less than 4 metres away. Really gave me a big shock.
Sorry, it's total 9 people going down in search for jobs tomorrow!
At first is just me and 3 other friends but then this news just got into the ears of the public and so others just request to tag along. Hard to say no sometimes.
I will be going down with approx 6 friends to Jurong East tomorrow in search of part time jobs for my coming long long vacation.
Hope can get a job after my exams.
I hate people who are boastful, arrogant, etc.
I just hate it.
Just too bad that that guy happen to be a friend of my friend.