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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Had diarrhoea since I woke up. A friend of mine seek help from me yesterday to help her print out 2 pdf files which were needed for her today's paper. Because of that I had to drag myself to school to pass the 2 printed lecture notes to her. The whole day I was studying with her in the library and I somehow managed to put on a smile and occassionally cracking some lame jokes and act as if I was normal. Of course I did make occassional trips to the toilet but I just merely gave excuses like "I need a rest so I better walk around", "I go help buy some food", "I need to use the computer", etc. I left the school the moment she left for her 5pm paper.

God bless me and here I am at home. I have decided to skip dinner. Hope everything would be fine for me.

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