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Friday, December 31, 2004

Genting Trip

Just came back from a 2D1N Genting trip yesterday.

28 Dec 2004
1600 - reached Lavendar MRT station bus stop and waited for Regine.

1640 - Regine finally arrived (estimated time). At this time, it was raining heavily and so we decided to have something to eat in the ICA building.

1730 - Rain had stopped. We walked towards Golden Mile Complex to ask the tour agency on how to check in for hotel, our free breakfast, etc.

1740 - This time, we really felt we had too much of time to spare until 2130. At 2130 then we can board the tour bus. We took a bus to Bugis to kill time.

2000 - Took a bus back to Golden Mile Complex.

2030 - Had dinner at a Thai Restaurant.

2115 - Check in at the tour agency. Got our seat number and bus number. Okay, we were to sit at the very first row.

2140 - Bus arrived and we boarded the bus. The bus was quite spacious.

2200 - Finally, the bus made its way to Genting. I am so exicited.

The journey was really long but we were awake all the way to Genting. Even the bus driver was a bit shocked I guessed.

29 Dec 2004
0300 - Made its way up the Genting Highlands. The bus we were travelling on had problems moving uphill and had to engage 1st gear all the way. Even on 1st gear, the bus often went dead. Hope we could reach our destination.

0410 - Bus engine went dead again. A tour bus travelling from the opposite direction happened to pass by and our bus driver quickly signalled for help. We changed to that bus and continued our journey.

0440 - We REACHED. It was really cold and misty when we alighted.

0445 - Queued to get number for hotel check-in.

0500 - Counter finally opened and we got queue number "46".

0510 - Settled down near the check-in counter and had a sleep until 0900 before the check-in counter opened.

0900 - Check-in counter opened. We waited for our number "46" to be called.

0930 - We finally got our room key! Initially, we thought we could only check in after 1200. We were lucky.

1000 - We went to have breakfast.

1200 - Proceed to Theme Park for some fun! We tried quite a lot of stations and all were fun. I also tried sweet corn in cup for the first time in my life!

1730 - Went back to our room for a bath and a nap before we had dinner and casino venture.

2030 - Had Kenny Rogers for dinner.

2115 - Tried to enter the Genting Casino but then Regine was checked and found underaged. We end up playing in the arcade.

2300 - Went back to hotel after 2300 and had a good sweet sleep.

30 Dec 2004

1000 - We woke up and quickly brushed our teeth and washed our faces. We were to have our free breakfast buffet at Tropical Cafe and 1030 was the closing time for breakfast.

1015 - Reached Tropical Cafe. We "grab" quite a lot of food for just 2 persons but in the end, I would say we managed to finish 95% of them.

1145 - Checked out.

1200 - Wandered around outdoor to enjoy the cold air. We also took a photo.

1345 - Checked in for bus and we would be going back to Singapore on a double decked bus!

1415 - Boarded the double decked bus. This time, we were allocated seats on the upper deck second row. Seats were spacious and bus was quite grand.

1430 - Bus started its journey back to Singapore. On our way downhill, we took some photos.

1900 - Reached "Yong Peng" rest point. We settled our dinner there.

2230 - Reached Tuas Checkpoint. Super long queue there!

2300 - Bus finally made its way to Golden Mile Complex.

2330 - Reached Golden Mile Complex.

2340 - Regine took a bus home while I took a cab.

I am really happy throughout the trip :) Looking forward to our next trip.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tomorrow I am going to Gentings with Regine :)
Really don't understand why CNA keeps using the word "tidal waves" to describe those giant waves in Sri Lanka when the correct word to use should be "tsunami" or "harbor waves". CNA needs to learn from BBC.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Never Give Up

I'll never give up fighting till the end
If I fall along the way I'll get up and try again
But never shall I accept the fact of defeat
I've set goals in life and those I must meet
But never will I let negativity hold me down
Those who think positive I keep them around
Never shall I dwell on things in the past
Bad times come but never do they last
I shall never give in to those who are weaker than I
If I give up now why not lay down and die
Never Give Up

Tomorrow is my last day of work :)
I am still a sick cat.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sunday, December 19, 2004

No one can psycho me to work 7 days for next week. I need a day off.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Wow!!! I received this sms from Andrew few minutes ago:

"7 days to Christmas.Need 4000 from each store.Hope u all can push hard. I will be organising a dinner after u all stop working.Those interested pls sms.Treat by mi,eleanor n celeste."

$4000 is not a problem to me I guess since I already hit $1400 for just today! However, I think I will choose to forgo the dinner. I just want to finish my work and get off with it. Count me out!
12am soon and hope my gf has made up her mind.
Long long week...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Met up with my gf for breakfast this morning at 8:30am near her house. Poor Regine, she had to wake up so early in the morning just to have breakfast with me. I left for Takashimaya at around 9:20am and reached there at around 9:40am. I was attached to help out in ammending price tags and stock replenishment. Arriving too early or on the dot was not a good choice at least for sales line. I was made to loiter around for 20 minutes before Andrew called me to meet up. His life being a sales merchandisher wasn't that good either. He had to bear any responsibility should a sales promoter commit anything wrong. The Taka sales promoter had got the price tag for both toys at the Civic Plaza and the level 3 stores mixed up and this created a big hoo-ha yesterday. Because of this mistake, Andrew had a good couple of hours of lecture from Eleanor, his superior. Eleanor even came down personally with her assistant, Celest, to oversee the running. All was done by 2pm and then Eleanor called for lunch treat to all of us, 6 in all. Her original plan was Crystal Jade Kitchen but then it was full-housed. Celest suggested a Thai restaurant but again it was full-housed. Finally, we settled down at an Italian restaurant, Pasta Cafe. Eleanor was going to give a lunch treat to 5 staff but she proved the saying, "There's no free lunch in the world", correct. In return, she wished to see better sales in the coming ten days, all the way to Christmas. I ordered "Liguine Carbonara" and "Iced Lemon Tea". Lunch setting was dull because all topics were on work except on questions like, "Where did you study?" and "Which course?". If I were to choose, I would prefer leaving the table and making a move to Suntec Carrefour for work straight to sitting down conversing in dull topics. From the many conversations, I learnt that Eleanor actually came down last Tuesday to spy on me, making sure I did my sales promoter job dutifully. Thank god I was not working that day. I have a strong feeling she will come down within the next few days. I reached Suntec Carrefour for work proper at 3:30pm.

Tomorrow will be a long day. My working hours is from 12pm to 12am.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Borrowed 2 books few days back but I doubt I have the time to even start any of them.
Slightly more than a week before my job assignment ends. Hurray!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's working day again for tomorrow. How I wish 28th Dec arrives sooner.
I am still surviving even though I did not sleep for a day.
Yesterday after work, I took bus no. 97 and rushed to Harbour Front to meet my gf for a shooting stars sighting at Tanjung Beach, Sentosa. This would be our second shooting stars sighting together. We settled down at the hawker near bus interchange for dinner at around 10pm. It was quite late but we knew we had enough time for the last bus to Sentosa. Regine had checked that the last bus to leave for Sentosa was scheduled at 11pm. After our hearty fried prawn noodles dinner, I decided to buy some finger food. Just 1 curry puff, 1 banana ball, and 1 roti john required almost 10 minutes! We happily walked towards the bus berth to board the bus to Sentosa only to realize last bus was scheduled at 10:30pm instead. We were about 5 minutes late. Without much of a choice, we took a cab to Sentosa.

This time round, we were more well-prepared than our previous one. We laid newspapers on the sand, forming an area measured approximately at 3m by 3m. Strong winds did not deter us but rather, it made the whole process more enjoyable one. We grabbed anything we could find, from water bottles to jacket, from wallets to keys, simply anything, as weight on top of the newspapers. Another brilliant idea strucked us and that was to use scotch tape to piece the newspapers together. This proved to be a major innovation and was soon tested solid when a strong breeze blew past. After the foundation of our "home" was set-up, we then proceeded to lay mahjong papers on top of the newspapers. Using newspapers as the base was a new innovation and this was not used in our previous sighting. Scotch tape was also used for the mahjong papers. We spent about 2 hours just for setup but the time was worth it. Space was big and comfortable.

Finally, we could now lie down to concentrate on catching shooting stars. Sky was clear, weather was cool, mosquitoes were absent, thus provided an ideal condition for shooting stars sighting. We were lucky to catch some nice and bright shooting stars. We stayed awake until 4pm before consuming our supper. The next event for the day was playing with fireworks. They were very beautiful.

First bus out to Singapore main island was 7am and so we spent our free time sitting on our "base" chatting. Our night and very early morning was spent like this before heading for bus out to Singapore main island and back home. Overall, our mission was a successful one. I had an enjoyable encounter.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Called my gf just now but then no one answered the phone. I called in a bid to have an early lunch with her but... never mind.

Friday, December 10, 2004

2 pallets of stock arrived and hell began. Already, my department has not much space for new stocks and yet 2 pallets of stock came. I first attempted to stack up high up but then was told by the assistant manager not to stack up too high. That is contradictory because my supervisor wants me to stack up high and then the manager forbids me to do so. Okay, I heed the manager advice and create a new column to stack. My area now really resembles a warehouse, with lots of goods. I will be expecting 120 more remote control cars tomorrow.

Today was unlucky for me. I was trapped in the goods lift for 15 minutes. At that time, there were 3 victims including myself in the lift, and one of them was a lady. That lady was a promoter but acted like a distribution assistant to me. She banged the lift, shouted like nobody business, scolded vulgarities, and all-in-all, she was an impatient person. I tried to keep my cool so as to conserve my energy and not to perspire. We were saved in 15 minutes time.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

Yeah!!! My gf and I will be going for a Genting trip 28th this month. This is our honeymoon part 1.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My dear is so sweet. For 2 consecutive days, she has dropped by my work place just to have dinner with me even though I can only spare her less than 1 hour after I minus off time taken for me to walk back to my work place to continue my work after dinner break. She needs to take a bus from her house, alight at the Suntec Convention Centre bus stop, walk all the way to Carrefour, and then have dinner with me. After the less than an hour dinner with me, she goes home straight. Poor her.. I really really appreciates her effort. I will cherish her!
Today is my 2nd day of work at Suntec Carrefour. Sales for today is better than yesterday's maybe because finally I am able to demonstrate remote control cars, all thanks to fully charged batteries. There is one product I am selling named "Fast Track Street Racer" which I really condemn. This is one product which I will need to send for return everyday because of its poor mechanical construct. It breaks down easily. However, that unreliable machine is my best seller because of its cheap price tag at only $10.90. Many will be attracted and fooled by the price to buy it for a gift for somebody. God bless him or her.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Malaysian ringgit has risen. Luckily I have exchanged S$110 for the ringgit 2 days ago.
Tomorrow will be my first day work. I will be working as a sales promoter promoting toys. Look for me at Suntec Carrefour.
Too boring this afternoon and so I went to check out friends' computing web site. I come to conclude something. I hate those people who put up group projects for sale without gaining approval from the other group mates. I see this as low and cheap.

I shall name the person here with an encryption: olxtpy

Decryption Hint: I am using Caesar Cipher. It cannot be that difficult to decrpyt it since the keyspace is just 25.

I cannot imagine anyone with a proper mind will do this. This world is becoming filthy.
Uploaded several photos for my friendster account.
My mom finally cooks today!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Took me 3 hours to get home from JB custom to my house! There was a heavy causeway jam on my way back and I was stuck along the causeway for more than an hour! Mind you I am standing all the way on the 170 bus, shifting my weight from left to right umpteen times. It was just sheer poor luck for me.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Bought a pair of track shoes for my gf today. Cost of the shoes is $119 but with 15% off and my $50 gift voucher, it end up only $47.25. Shopped at Raffles City Royal Sporting House, Taka Stadium, and then Lucky Plaza Royal Sporting House before making our mind on a pair. The pair I would say is not bad at all. My original intention is to spring a surprise on Christmas and pass her a pair of shoes for her. But my acting skills is just too lousy and my supposedly scheme becomes too obvious. Sigh.. But never mind. $47.25 is a lot to me but then I find it worth the money since it is for my dearest dear!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Forget to add.
I went to my gf's house after my today's paper to watch vcd. I made a call to her informing her of my arrival so she could come down for lunch first. Instead, she requested me to buy a packet of soya bean before coming to her house. I wondered why she did not want to come down for lunch or request me to help her pack lunch. Really weird.

With the packet of soya bean, I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. I entered her house and saw 2 bowls of rice and some side dishes with plates on top as covers. I knew it. I was really touched. Oh my god! My dear actually woke up early this morning to wish me good luck for my exam. My dear actually woke up early this morning to buy fresh vegetables from the wet market. My dear actually woke up early this morning to prepare lunch for me. I was and am really touched.

My dear is so sweet.
After more than a month of hardwork, ordeal of having to study long hours for exam is finally over. My examination spans across 2 months - 19th Nov to 2nd Dec. Isn't that torturous? Ya, as if.

I am going to start work on the 6th this month. Find me at Suntec Carrefour toys section.
DoomsDay = #2004/12/2#

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I want to wish myself best of luck for my tomorrow's history paper. I know I won't be able to do very well for this paper but I do hope I can get a S for that paper. Bless my pen, bless my handwriting, bless my brain, bless my mind, bless my 2hrs, ...

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