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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Yesterday after work, I took bus no. 97 and rushed to Harbour Front to meet my gf for a shooting stars sighting at Tanjung Beach, Sentosa. This would be our second shooting stars sighting together. We settled down at the hawker near bus interchange for dinner at around 10pm. It was quite late but we knew we had enough time for the last bus to Sentosa. Regine had checked that the last bus to leave for Sentosa was scheduled at 11pm. After our hearty fried prawn noodles dinner, I decided to buy some finger food. Just 1 curry puff, 1 banana ball, and 1 roti john required almost 10 minutes! We happily walked towards the bus berth to board the bus to Sentosa only to realize last bus was scheduled at 10:30pm instead. We were about 5 minutes late. Without much of a choice, we took a cab to Sentosa.

This time round, we were more well-prepared than our previous one. We laid newspapers on the sand, forming an area measured approximately at 3m by 3m. Strong winds did not deter us but rather, it made the whole process more enjoyable one. We grabbed anything we could find, from water bottles to jacket, from wallets to keys, simply anything, as weight on top of the newspapers. Another brilliant idea strucked us and that was to use scotch tape to piece the newspapers together. This proved to be a major innovation and was soon tested solid when a strong breeze blew past. After the foundation of our "home" was set-up, we then proceeded to lay mahjong papers on top of the newspapers. Using newspapers as the base was a new innovation and this was not used in our previous sighting. Scotch tape was also used for the mahjong papers. We spent about 2 hours just for setup but the time was worth it. Space was big and comfortable.

Finally, we could now lie down to concentrate on catching shooting stars. Sky was clear, weather was cool, mosquitoes were absent, thus provided an ideal condition for shooting stars sighting. We were lucky to catch some nice and bright shooting stars. We stayed awake until 4pm before consuming our supper. The next event for the day was playing with fireworks. They were very beautiful.

First bus out to Singapore main island was 7am and so we spent our free time sitting on our "base" chatting. Our night and very early morning was spent like this before heading for bus out to Singapore main island and back home. Overall, our mission was a successful one. I had an enjoyable encounter.

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