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Friday, December 31, 2004

Genting Trip

Just came back from a 2D1N Genting trip yesterday.

28 Dec 2004
1600 - reached Lavendar MRT station bus stop and waited for Regine.

1640 - Regine finally arrived (estimated time). At this time, it was raining heavily and so we decided to have something to eat in the ICA building.

1730 - Rain had stopped. We walked towards Golden Mile Complex to ask the tour agency on how to check in for hotel, our free breakfast, etc.

1740 - This time, we really felt we had too much of time to spare until 2130. At 2130 then we can board the tour bus. We took a bus to Bugis to kill time.

2000 - Took a bus back to Golden Mile Complex.

2030 - Had dinner at a Thai Restaurant.

2115 - Check in at the tour agency. Got our seat number and bus number. Okay, we were to sit at the very first row.

2140 - Bus arrived and we boarded the bus. The bus was quite spacious.

2200 - Finally, the bus made its way to Genting. I am so exicited.

The journey was really long but we were awake all the way to Genting. Even the bus driver was a bit shocked I guessed.

29 Dec 2004
0300 - Made its way up the Genting Highlands. The bus we were travelling on had problems moving uphill and had to engage 1st gear all the way. Even on 1st gear, the bus often went dead. Hope we could reach our destination.

0410 - Bus engine went dead again. A tour bus travelling from the opposite direction happened to pass by and our bus driver quickly signalled for help. We changed to that bus and continued our journey.

0440 - We REACHED. It was really cold and misty when we alighted.

0445 - Queued to get number for hotel check-in.

0500 - Counter finally opened and we got queue number "46".

0510 - Settled down near the check-in counter and had a sleep until 0900 before the check-in counter opened.

0900 - Check-in counter opened. We waited for our number "46" to be called.

0930 - We finally got our room key! Initially, we thought we could only check in after 1200. We were lucky.

1000 - We went to have breakfast.

1200 - Proceed to Theme Park for some fun! We tried quite a lot of stations and all were fun. I also tried sweet corn in cup for the first time in my life!

1730 - Went back to our room for a bath and a nap before we had dinner and casino venture.

2030 - Had Kenny Rogers for dinner.

2115 - Tried to enter the Genting Casino but then Regine was checked and found underaged. We end up playing in the arcade.

2300 - Went back to hotel after 2300 and had a good sweet sleep.

30 Dec 2004

1000 - We woke up and quickly brushed our teeth and washed our faces. We were to have our free breakfast buffet at Tropical Cafe and 1030 was the closing time for breakfast.

1015 - Reached Tropical Cafe. We "grab" quite a lot of food for just 2 persons but in the end, I would say we managed to finish 95% of them.

1145 - Checked out.

1200 - Wandered around outdoor to enjoy the cold air. We also took a photo.

1345 - Checked in for bus and we would be going back to Singapore on a double decked bus!

1415 - Boarded the double decked bus. This time, we were allocated seats on the upper deck second row. Seats were spacious and bus was quite grand.

1430 - Bus started its journey back to Singapore. On our way downhill, we took some photos.

1900 - Reached "Yong Peng" rest point. We settled our dinner there.

2230 - Reached Tuas Checkpoint. Super long queue there!

2300 - Bus finally made its way to Golden Mile Complex.

2330 - Reached Golden Mile Complex.

2340 - Regine took a bus home while I took a cab.

I am really happy throughout the trip :) Looking forward to our next trip.

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