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26 Nov - 30 Nov Singapura » KL » Genting » KL » Singapura

This is a long-waited trip between Regine and I. Below is the rough schedule of our trip from 26 Nov to 30 Nov.

26 Nov
0945   I left house for JB but was caught in a massive traffic jam at the cross junction before Singapore custom.
1230   I reached JB City Square.
1330   I reached Regine's house and had our lunch.
2245   Regine and I left for JB KTM.
2335   Train left for KL.

27 Nov
0830   We finally reached KL Sentral Station. Trip was delayed for almost 2 hours.
1000   We made our way to our hotel Dorsett Regency Hotel. We left our luggage at the Concierge because we could only check in at 2pm.
1100   We had lunch at a Hong Kong restaurant in Sungei Wang.
1145   Took a cab to Sunway Lagoon.
1200   We reached Sunway Lagoon.
1700   Made our way to Sunway Pyramid for a snack.
1740   Reached shopping centre The Curve and had our dinner.
1930   Reached Utama Shopping Centre.
2230   Left for our hotel.

28 Nov
1015   Woke up
1215   Had lunch in another Hong Kong restaurant.
1330   Reached Pasa Rakyat bus…

.NET Communiy Seminar

Regine and I attended a .NET Community Seminar organized by JobStreet but conducted by the Microsoft and the New Horizons on 24th Nov. This is a seminar to promote the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Throughout the entire demonstration, I was totally fascinated and impressed by the many features promised by the packages. All speakers are knowledgeable and their expertise in their areas are definitely proven. Some of the features that really grab my attention are the master pages, the site map, one-click installation, tight integration with SQL Server 2005, and many more.

The 2 tea receptions provided by the organizer were not bad - better than average. Also, the pantry area is really very self-contained. A huge fridge to house huge varieties of packet drinks, a hot drink dispenser offering several different hot drinks, a coffee blender, distilled water dispenser, several bottled mineral water, and several comfortable seats available for most. Welfar…

NUS FYP Gathering

21st Nov - NUS FYP Gathering:

We went for a steamboat buffet near the famous Tian Tian Huo Guo. The cost is $12 instead of the initial $10 which I know of few months back. This $12 steamboat doesn't have the BBQ plate like what those at Marina South offer. I would say I still prefer those in the Marina South. More fun, more varieties, better atmosphere, e.t.c. We chatted and updated one another on our current status.

After the dinner, we went for a show "Dragon Squad". This show is full of firefight and is towards the over-exaggerating side.

Just Like Heaven

Yesterday 23th Nov was Regine's last paper. After her last paper, we went down to Lau Pa Sat to have a BBQ Seafood feast for dinner. We ordered BBQ Stingray, Kailan, Satay sticks and chicken wings. The serving was quite a lot for all the items especially the Stingray. I rate the Stingray, Satay and chicken wings highly and as for the Kailan, I thought it was average.

After our feast, we took a bus down to Cathay Cinneleisure for a movie. We watched Just Like Heavens. It belongs to the romantic comedy category. I highly recommend the show. Try it and you know why.



Ghostzilla is a Web browser like Firefox, but it shows up and disappears instantly, discreetly, blended with your application -- any application -- so the Web pages look like part of it and not like the Web at all. (Read here how.)

What would you use it for?

1. Hide from your boss and coworkers. Not a good idea; you can get fired (the network administrator sees everything you do) or end up wasting lots of time.
2. Survive endless meetings (if you have a laptop; kind of like (1) but a little better).
3. Have a browser instantly available and dismissable within your work application, washed out from ads and unnecessary pictures. This is actually useful -- except you risk developing attention deficit disorder. Seriously.

So what's it for then?

* Entertainment. Ghostzilla is a form of computer art.

Microsoft Support For My Conjecture

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for the reply.

Currently, the Singnet customers are facing the Windows Update issue
where the Windows Update page shows "Checking for the latest version of
software" and it hangs. Sometimes they might get the error code
0x80072F78 or 0x80072EFF stating that "Web site has encountered a problem and
cannot display the requested page".

We are still investigating on this issue and have escalated the issue
to the concerned department. We are still waiting for further updates
and will appreciate it if you may co-operate and provide us some time to
resolve this issue. Once the issue is rectified we will update you with
further information.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Wisut Pisitsangkakul
Support Professional
Microsoft Customer Service and Support (South East Asia)

Singled out WindowsUpdate Woe

I managed to single out the reason behind why my windowsupdate at home does not work. This is a problem of Singnet. Using my same laptop, I successfully connect myself to windowsupdate on NUS wireless network and an anonymous wireless network. However, my test failed on my home Singnet broadband and Regine's Singnet broadband. Test also failed on my friend's Singnet broadband.

I called up Singnet again and this time the customer service officer knew his stuff. At least he knew what I am talking about even though he got the MTU as Maximum Transfer Unit which is wrong. He confirmed that I am not the only one complaining about this and so is most likely a Singnet problem. Hope they will revert back to me asap.

Gave a lecture to a Singnet Customer Service Officer

I realized my windowsupdate problem could be due to ISP MTU setting. I made a call to Singnet 1800 call service and my first call was pleasant. The customer service officer was knowledgeable and direct me to the steps to do the configuration. However, I was not ready to launch the configure program at that moment of time and so just relied on my memorization of steps. I made a second call to the 1800 service but was attended to by another person. This person was not knowledgeable. Described to him the whole situation and kept telling him I am able to connect to the internet but just couldn't get to windowsupdate. I told him I am able to get to windowsupdate in NUS but not at home. WindowsUpdate just returned an error number and I managed to find an article telling me that it could be deal to ISP MTU setting being not setup correctly. That stupid guy just kept telling me that Singnet does not provide the level of help if it is not found in their database. But I just couldn't un…

Windows Update Woes

Yesterday, I formatted my laptop and re-installed WinXP. I applied SP2 and installed NAV 2003. But then I end up not able to perform Windows update. WindowsUpdate.log shows download failed for some crucial *.cab files which really puzzled me. HOSTS file is not tampered but then I just cannot contact I tried whatever possibilities on the internet to troubleshoot but to no avail. I am now a serious windowsupdate troubleshooter. Below are 2 postings made by 2 gurus.

Extract 1 - MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006] from microsoft.public.windowsupdate newsgroup
Open Internet Options in the Control Panel. If you're NOT running a proxy server, click the Connections tab.

Click the LAN Settings button. If any boxes are checked there, UNcheck them. Click OK.

Click the Advanced tab. Scroll down to HTTP 1.1 settings. UNcheck the box next to " Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections ".

Under Java ( or Microsoft …

As a Web Developer

I have land myself a job as a Web Developer with salary after CPF deduction at S$2,400 and rejected a job offer. The rejected job offer is a Software Engineer position at S$2,300 but before CPF deduction. I will start work on 3rd Jan 2006 but it is only 3 months contract. I wouldn't mind for the attractive salary.

Smurf Goodnight Song

Try to sleep now, close your eyes
Soon the birds would stop singing
Twinkling stars, are shining bright
They'll be watching you all night

All the things, you enjoy
On this beautiful day
All your friends, all your toys
will be waiting for you to play

"Mr moonlight will come bring you dreams
As soon as the lights are out
And tomorrow you must tell me
what those dreams were all about"

Try to sleep now, close your eyes
Try to think of tomorrow
All of us wish you good night
So I'm switching off the lights

One more hug, one more smile
Kiss you once, kiss you twice
I'll be here for a while
Try to sleep now and close your eyes


For you all to enjoy.

Too bad I lost the mp3.

YouTube version:

Custom Misfortune

I made a trip to JB last Thursday to buy 2 return train tickets from KL. At the counter, a train on its way back to Singapore arrived. I decided to buy ticket for that train to return to Singapore. Everything was in a rush and I was the last passenger for that train. I quickly bought the 2 tickets from KL-JB and 1 ticket for that just-arrived train back Singapore. I rushed to get my ticket punched and hopped onto the train. None of the JB immigration officers stopped me to have my passport checked. They just let me pass them. On the train, I realized I forgot to have my passport stamped to prove my exit from JB! I made a call to Regine and she advised me to go back to JB custom and have my passport stamped to avoid future problems. I reached Singapore-Woodlands arrival hall, had my bag scanned, made my way to Singapore-Woodlands departure hall again, exit Singapore, and then finally reached JB custom again. This time the queue was a lot longer than earlier. When it's my turn, I ex…