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Gmail 2.0 Going to Be a Hit With Features

Google's Gmail 2.0 is going to be loaded with new features
More storageIMAP supportColors for labelsDetaching messages from a conversationJabber transports to communicate with other IMNew contact manager

To suggest a feature for Gmail, you can go to below link.

Standard Chartered's e$aver Accounts Interest Rates Drop Again

Standard Chartered's e$aver Accounts interest rates is to drop again for the 3rd time since its launch.

On the first day of its launch, interest rate for deposit balance below $50K was at 1.88% before falling to 1.50%. In the latest announcement, interest rate for deposit balance below $50K will be further reduced to 1.20% p.a.

FYI, Standard Chartered's e$aver Savings Accounts still remain one of the best saving plans in Singapore.

There's actually another savings account in Singapore that offers a higher interest rate - MayBank's iSAVvy Savings Account. Since its launch, interest rate for deposit above $5K to below $50K was at 2.38%. This interest rate was reduced to 2.08% before reducing further to the current 1.68%. I forsee it to fall again soon but should stay above Standard Chartered's e$aver.

2 Times Lucky

I have been 2 times lucky on the stock market.

On 28th August 2007, I bought "iShares MSCI India ETF" shares at the price of US$6.65 per share. On 16 October 2007, I sold off all the shares at the price of US$9.05 (intra-day high) per share just before India's market took a downturn the very next trading day all the way down to US$8.15 on 22 October 2007. Today, after 14 days I sold off the shares, the closing price is now US$9.35 (down -3.6%). Even though the current price is higher than my sold price, it doesn't matter.

On 8th October 2007, I bought "China Hongxing Sports Limited" shares at the price of S$1.16 per share. On 29 October 2007, I sold off all the shares at the price of S$1.42 (close price) per share for profit taking. Today, just 1 day I sold off the shares, the closing price has dropped to S$1.32 (down -7%). This stock is going downturn.

Gmail's New Version Launching In Batches Now

Since its launch on year 2004 April's Fool, Gmail remains rather stagnant with no significant upgrades.

Finally Gmail is launching its version 2.0 now in batches. There are several new features including their new contact manager. You access the new contact manager from even if you don't have the new version of Gmail. Once the new version is rolled out to you, you will be able to access all new features from your Gmail itself.

ERP Rates Up Again

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates are going up again for the third time this year.

The goverment claimed that the introduction of the many previous ERP charges were to keep traffic congestion on expressways (particularly the CTE) in check. Despite many unhappiness and grievances by the public, the Singapore goverment still carry on with the move. After 3 ERP hikes in just 1 year and many additional ERP gantries installed, traffic on CTE never once see improvement.

This time round, yet another round of ERP hike will be introduced plus extra ERP gantries to be installed again. This latest hike comes just days after the opening of the new Kallang-Payar Lebar Expressway (KPE) Tunnel. I believe this new KPE will in some way ease CTE's traffic conditions and I see this round of ERP hike unnecessary! Is the hike meant to finance the construction of the new expensive KPE? Since the reason for ERP hike (as acclaimed by the Singapore goverment) is to control traffic, then does this mean ERP…

All newborn Singaporeans to be offered MediShield coverage from Dec

From December, all newborn Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will be offered MediShield coverage. For newborns and youths, premium is at S$30 per year and will be deducted from the father's Medisave account. If there are insufficient funds, then it will be deducted from the mother's Medisave account.

Google's SearchMash Is Flash Enabled

This search engine by Google is fantastic. Simply start typing and focus will be set on the search box automatically. Hit ENTER and search will be activated. Hit ESC and the original search criteria will be restored. After search results are returned, you can use arrow keys to navigate between the results and page preview of will be displayed at right pane. Hit ENTER key to go to link.

Thumbs Up!

SearchMash with Flash

My previous post on SearchMash

MayBank Has Replied

MayBank has replied to my earlier complaint email with an acceptable explanation. According to the one who replied, she said I am one of the privileged customers picked for the special promotion. So the officer whom I talked to a day ago was ignorant of it. I suggested to MayBank to keep remarks somewhere for individual customers so different customer officers will have an idea of what has happened previously.

My suggestion is noted.

Maybank Statement Mismatch

I applied for Maybank Subaru Platinum MasterCard more than a month ago after someone from Maybank called me up to offer me the card. From the Maybank's customer service officer, I will be presented a $30 worth of cash credited into my card account within 2-3 weeks after my very first transaction. The transaction can be of any amount. I was enticed by this offer and thus applied for the card.

Few weeks ago, I made my first transaction using the newly applied Maybank credit card. Few days ago, credit card bill for Maybank was mailed to me but I saw no $30 cash credited to my account.

This morning, I made a call to Maybank's customer service and was told that the privilege is only applicable for customers who have also applied for an additional Maybank product like their credit line, housing loan, etc. I resigned to my fate for having being cheated by the sales people more than a month ago. Back home this evening, I received a sealed letter from Maybank congratulating me that I wil…

Merrill Lynch Reports Loss on $8.4 Billion Writedown

Bad news and more bad news... Citigroup (Drop more than 50%), Bank of America (Drop more than 30%), etc... Now we have Merrill Lynch.

Third-quarter revenue fell 94 percent to $577 million, as losses in Merrill's fixed-income division overshadowed gains from underwriting stocks and providing merger advice.

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen Crowned Formula One Champion

Just in case you are unaware, Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen Crowned Formula One Champion. This season is the closest season with only 1 point separating first and second.,1,5266221.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-autoracing

SG Marathon 2007 Job Lobang (Still Open)

Vacancies are still available once again.

Anyone interested in working as a "Water Boy" for this coming SG Marathon 2007 Event? It's on 2 Dec 2007 from 12am to approximately 12pm. Basic job scope is to mix "100 Plus" isotonic drinks (cordial + water + ice) at selected water points and enusre cups are filled so marathon runners can take them and go.

Those interested please drop me a comment. You can also bring your friends along with you. Please note that only males are allowed.

Previous Posting

SGX - 43.7% Falls On 16 Oct 2007

Bad news around the financial world resulted in 43.7% of stocks fall in SGX on 16 Oct 2007. I managed to sell off 1 for profit taking.

43.7% Fall
13.1% Rise
43.2% Unchanged

Extracted from SGX

SG Marathon 2007 Job Lobang

Firstly, I would like to thank Yong Kiat for pointing out the wrong in date as posted below. I have corrected it to be 2 Dec 2007. Anyway, all vacancies have been filled vacancies still OPEN.

Anyone interested in working as a "Water Boy / Girl" for this coming SG Marathon 2007 Event? It's on 12 Dec 2007 2 Dec 2007 from 12am to approximately 12pm. Basic job scope is to mix "100 Plus" isotonic drinks (cordial + water + ice) at selected water points and enusre cups are filled so marathon runners can take them and go.

Those interested please drop me a comment. You can also bring your friends along with you.

The Business Excellence Awards

Singapore has just announced the Year 2007 award winners for The Business Excellence Awards. The Business Excellence Awards recognise organisations for their successful pursuit of business excellence.

Singapore Quality Award (SQA)

Recipients - Conrad Centennial Singapore, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Technologies Engineering

The SQA is the pinnacle award for organisations with outstanding business management capabilities. With the Prime Minister as its patron, the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) is the most prestigious award to recognise organisations for the highest standards of business excellence. The award is presented to organisations which have demonstrated outstanding management capabilities and delivered superior performance or results. Just 3 organisations are awarded SQA this year - Conrad Centennial Singapore, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Technologies Engineering.

Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation

Recipients - Singapore Police Force and Singapore Te…

The New ST Index Revisit

I attach a graphical illustration on the new ST Index. Just 26 out of the current 48 components remain.Extract from The Business Times

Revamped STI starting constituents for 8 October 2007 (30 constituents)

The new components for STI is more or less predictable.

The New Straits Times Index (STI) Components


3 Days of Demo

From Wed (3 Oct) to Fri (5 Oct), I had my Software Acceptance Test (SWAT). It involved people from various goverment agencies to evaluate the system my project team had developed. This is not the final version but it still took us 3 days to complete the test.

First 2 days were my show. I had to go through all the individual test cases.

The first day was reserved to showing all the functionalities that were agreed upon on many previous user requirements sessions. Lucky there were no major problems except some minor MMI changes. There was this particular evaluator from XXXX agency who kept asking questions that did not add any value at all. One of the many stupid questions from him is "why must we set a restrict users from entering values outside 15-25 XX units". My answer to him is straight and simple - "Reason being the system engineer gave me this range and have told me with this range, output will be guaranteed and optimal. Anything outside this range cannot be guarante…

881 OST - 最后一口气

*Chinese lyrics


wu bin wu tia jin gan ko
Suffering from sickness and pain is so torturous,
chu chu lip lip si pai po
Shuffling in and out of four-bounded walls [the hospital].
pa zan eh lak tao mo
Injections cause the hair to fall,
jia yo kiong be tou
While the strong medicine induces nausea;
gui jit dou teh min cheng po
Waiting for the end whilst bed-ridden.

kiow ti gong gua lai kiow hu zuo
Begging the gods, and begging Buddha,
hu gua ho ho lai kia lou
To let me go in peace.
kiuo bei bu nin diu lai chua gua
Calling out to my parents, you must come and fetch me,
chua gua ka nin lai zou pa
Fetching me to accompany you [in the afterlife].

kin ni zi wu si zap gua
I'm only 40 plus this year,
hu bin jia gua lai zhe bua
Yet sickness comes to torture me.
死袜死 活袜活
si bue si wa bue wa
Wishing for death, but unable to die; wishing for life, yet unable to truly live.
chun pua diao mia di lei tua
Left with half a life, being…

881 OST - 一人一半 (One Half)

You may watch and listen to this nice song for a Singapore local production by Royston Tan, 881. It is a touching and insightful film on the ‘Getai’ scene in Singapore.

*Chinese lyrics

改編詞:小寒 曲:伍加輝

一人一半 感情不散
一人一素故 感情才會久
時光累計 安靜的淚滴
一心去追 愛那么可貴

這樣的人 這樣地等
為愛翻滾 不計傷痕

這樣的人 別笑我蠢
傻傻的 心痛也不覺疼
就算天冷 就算殘忍

一人一半 感情不散
已經找到愛 為何要離開

時光累計 安靜的淚滴
一心去追 愛那么可貴

Repeat Chorus*

一人一半 感情不散
已經找到愛 為何要離開
已經找到愛 為何先離開