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Monday, October 29, 2007

ERP Rates Up Again

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates are going up again for the third time this year.

The goverment claimed that the introduction of the many previous ERP charges were to keep traffic congestion on expressways (particularly the CTE) in check. Despite many unhappiness and grievances by the public, the Singapore goverment still carry on with the move. After 3 ERP hikes in just 1 year and many additional ERP gantries installed, traffic on CTE never once see improvement.

This time round, yet another round of ERP hike will be introduced plus extra ERP gantries to be installed again. This latest hike comes just days after the opening of the new Kallang-Payar Lebar Expressway (KPE) Tunnel. I believe this new KPE will in some way ease CTE's traffic conditions and I see this round of ERP hike unnecessary! Is the hike meant to finance the construction of the new expensive KPE? Since the reason for ERP hike (as acclaimed by the Singapore goverment) is to control traffic, then does this mean ERP charges will be reduced if CTE's traffic is improved? I really doubt so! Everything goes up will never come down.

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