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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maybank Statement Mismatch

I applied for Maybank Subaru Platinum MasterCard more than a month ago after someone from Maybank called me up to offer me the card. From the Maybank's customer service officer, I will be presented a $30 worth of cash credited into my card account within 2-3 weeks after my very first transaction. The transaction can be of any amount. I was enticed by this offer and thus applied for the card.

Few weeks ago, I made my first transaction using the newly applied Maybank credit card. Few days ago, credit card bill for Maybank was mailed to me but I saw no $30 cash credited to my account.

This morning, I made a call to Maybank's customer service and was told that the privilege is only applicable for customers who have also applied for an additional Maybank product like their credit line, housing loan, etc. I resigned to my fate for having being cheated by the sales people more than a month ago. Back home this evening, I received a sealed letter from Maybank congratulating me that I will be getting my $30 worth of cash which will be credited to my credit card account. I still managed to get the privilege after all.

Questions to Maybank - Is there a miscommunication somewhere among the customer service officers? Why aren't all customer service officers trained and have equal knowlege of Maybank's products? This is even more shocking considered the fact that the officer who attended to me this morning actually spent almost 1 hour to double confirm her findings before reverting back to me through phone again.

This is very disappointing. I am sending this post to Maybank.

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