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How Brain Works

Brain is so complicated. Try out below:WITHOUT anyone watching you (they will think you are GOOFY.....) andwhile sitting where you are at your desk in front of your computer, liftyour right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.Now, while doing this, draw the number " 6" in the air with youright hand.Continue making the 6 in the air.......
Your foot will change direction. It works every time.Explanation from "Infinity08", Experts-Exchange member."Those two movements are very basic, but your brain is not accustomed to doing them together. It can't consciously do two different things at the same time : in this case clockwise and anti-clockwise movements of foot and hand ON THE SAME SIDE of the body.However, you can train yourself to do this correctly, by doing it so often that it becomes an unconscious action. When you start to think about it actively (consciously), it fails.

Compare it to learning to drive a car. Driving a car requires a lot of diffe…


I guess many have already heard of getting George Bush, US President as the top result in a Google search using keyword "Miserable Failure". This is an exploit in "breaking" Google's search algorithm known as "GoogleBombing".

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How to Disable GPRS on Your PDA Phone?

Install PHM Registry Editor

You will need to first install a registry editor. Windows Mobile does not come together readily with a Registry Editor. Do not ask me the reason as to why the decision was made like this/that because I don't know why. Nevertheless, there is a freeware downloadable from the Internet that provides us with a GUI to "mess" with the registry. Download and install PHM Registry Editor now. Perform a soft reset after installation.

PHM Registry Editor:

Tweak your registry
Open your registry editorGo to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ConnMgr\Providers\{7C4B7A38-5FF7-4bc1-80F6-5DA7870BB1AA}\Connections\IDEAS Internet (GPRS)\EnabledEdit the key 'Enabled' by double-tapping or otherwise.Change its DWORD Data from '1' to '0'.Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ConnMgr\Providers\{7C4B7A38-5FF7-4bc1-80F6-5DA7870BB1AA}\Connections\IDEAS…

To GDC Enginners

I sent below complaint feedback to the Chairman and CEO of CPF on the working ethics of Goverment Data Centre (GDC) today. Below is my feedback.

To whom it may concern,

I would like to comment on the way the engineers of Goverment Data Centre (GDC) handle the 21st Jan 2007 SingPass downtime.

On 21st Jan 2007 around 11am, I tried to access my CPF statement via CPF website using my SingPass but was greeted with a "Page Not Found" error. I went back to CPF site and found there's no announcement on the landing page announcing on SingPass authentication downtime. At around 12pm same day, I tried again but was greeted with the same.

At around 1pm plus, the result was the same but this time round, I saw an announcement on CPF homepage indicating there would be an expected downtime of SingPass authentication service from 1pm to 2pm due to system maintenance at GDC. Since it is a system maintenance, I assume it should be predicted, planned and scheduled. At around 3pm, I tried aga…

Shopping for CNY

Today is so tired.

Met up with Regine at Takashimaya Coffee Bean at 10.30am for breakfast before kicking off our CNY shopping spree. We did our shopping at Takashimaya, Bugis, and Queensway Shopping Centre.

All in all, I bought a pair of black leather shoes at Takashimaya and 2 shirts at Queensway Shopping Centre.