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Offloaded Healthway Medical Today

After queuing for a week, I finally managed to sell off my remaining Healthway Medical shares at S$0.115 per share. The gain in the sale is a 15 per cent.

I am now left with just five stocks in my stock portfolio and they are Singapore Exchange, Singapore Technologies, SMRT, Marco Polo Marine and UMS Holdings.

I am still trying very hard to offload UMS Holdings.

Insurance funds need more transparency

Insurance funds need more transparency
Straits Times
31 Jul 2009

Distribution of bonuses is still a mystery to many policyholders

FOR a mass market product, insurance ranks among the most difficult financial products to understand. To raise the comfort level of consumers, the insurance industry has stepped up its efforts to better inform consumers, but there is still room for improvement.

For instance, policyholders are only now waking up to the fact that the way insurers go about operating the so-called participating (par) fund still remains largely a mystery. This is despite the past efforts of insurers to enhance the transparency and disclosure requirements of these funds.

To recap: The premiums that policyholders pay for their par plans, such as for whole life and endowment, go into a common pool called the par fund. This fund is invested in a variety of assets such as equities, property and fixed income to provide policyholders with a stable return.

As a participating policyholder, you…

Times Online article on Temasek Holdings Indecisiveness

"For now, the fund will remain under the control of its current chief executive, Ho Ching — unpopular because of her perceived mismanagement through the crisis. Her status as both head of one of Singapore’s two sovereign wealth funds and wife of the Prime Minister symbolises for many the overly cosy nature of Singapore’s political and financial elite."

Singapore’s Temasek scraps plan to bring in Chip Goodyear [via]

Bought Marco Polo Marine and SMRT shares

I bought Marco Polo Marine and SMRT shares today at a price of S$0.395 and S$1.75 respectively. Marco Polo Marine close price is S$0.385 from previous close of S$0.395 while SMRT close price is S$1.75 from previous close of S$1.82. In other words, I managed to buy SMRT at 3.9 per cent discount from last Friday's price. SMRT shares dropped by quite a bit because they exercise dividend today.

I shall keep SMRT shares for long term but will sell off Marco Polo Marine once there is more than 15 per cent profit.

Hai Leck Plunged as Expected

I managed to sell off Hai Leck shares at intraday high of $0.265 per piece on Aug 23. The sell off was made possible after an unusually high volume and an increase of almost 50 per cent over a month's period. The high volume was due to a married deal. I see the rally not sustainable and is not based on fundamentals.

As expected, Hai Leck plunged more than 14 per cent today to close at S$0.215. Those who have bought it higher than S$0.215 may need some time before they can breakeven.

Buffett proves investment skill again

Buffett proves investment skill again
Business Times - 25 Jul 2009

WARREN Buffett showed again why he is known as one of the world's best investors, thanks in part to another prominent investor, Goldman Sachs.

Mr Buffett's stake in Goldman is now worth US$9.1 billion, or about US$4.1 billion more than what he paid 10 months ago, according to an analysis by Linus Wilson, an assistant professor of finance at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

According to Prof Wilson's calculations, Mr Buffett would realise an annualised return of 111 per cent, if he sold his Goldman stake, which is held by his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

In comparison, the federal government received a 23 per cent annualised return for its Goldman investment.

Goldman turned to Mr Buffett last September, seeking a cash injection. In return, Mr Buffett negotiated what was considered even then to be very favourable terms.

Berkshire Hathaway received perpetual preferred shares in Goldman, which pay a 10 pe…

Petition to Prime Minister on Fair Compensation in Credit-Linked Notes Losses

Ex-CEO of NTUC Income, Mr Tan Kin Lian, is taking the lead in getting signatures from victims of credit-linked notes offered by the Singapore financial institutions and sending the petition to the Prime Minister of Singapore for fair compensation.

His attempt to seek coverage from 10 journalists from local media failed and none even dared to get back to him. Since none are willing to stand out and cover the news and be righteous enough for fellow Singaporeans, this news can only be passed around using social networking means.

Please broadcast this message to your contacts by email, Facebook and other social networks:

"Mr. Tan Kin Lian is organising a Petition to the Prime Minister to ask him to assist the investors to get similar compensation given to investors in Hong Kong. Please inform the people who are affected by the credit-linked notes to sign the Petition. The blog is"

The petition letter can be found below.…

Full-time NSF tried for not cutting his hair and consuming SAF food

PTE Madana Mohan Das was tried in court for not complying regulations to have his hair cut and consuming food provided by the SAF. Based purely on the article by MINDEF, I would feel the private deserves no sympathy for his court trial. He deserves to be charged and put behind detention barrack for his non-compliance. Each year, thousands of male recruits undergo 2-years of compulsory National Service (NS) and all are required to comply with the standards laid by SAF. I see no reason why PTE Madana should be exempted and treated differently.

MINDEF response to court trial of PTE Madana Mohan Das [via]

Just picked a stock

After some research on what stock to buy, I manage to single out one such company. I shall reveal the company if I manage to buy it next week.

The company being picked is expected to deliver approximately over 80 per cent rise in earnings estimates for FY10.

One possible reason for unusually high volume on Hai Leck shares

Yesterday (Jul 23), I sold off 10,000 Hai Leck shares at its intraday high of S$0.265 per share. Today, the price closed at S$0.25 unchanged from yesterday's.

I understand one of the reason behind the unusually high volume in the shares is because of a shareholder buying substantial amount of shares and increasing his ownership by 4.92 per cent all in a single day - Yesterday. The increase in share ownership is part of a married deal and I see it as a possible one-time increase.

Yesterday's high volume has increased interest on this stock but I am not sure how long will it last, given Hai Leck's corporate website does not give much information to investors.

Live webcams for polyclinics

Queue Watch is designed to provide you with timely information to plan your visit. It displays the following for respective polyclinics:
Number of patients waiting for registration and consultation
Live webcam images showing the waiting areas for registration, consultation and pharmacy/payment
Peak & non-peak periodsQuick Watch Service [via]

Exciting trading week

Monday profit taking on Koh Brothers continued today after I sold off all Epure International shares at a price of S$0.565 per share. Gain on Epure International is approximately at 14%. Reason for the sell-off is purely on profit taking.

An unexpected interest and high trading volume on Hai Leck shares made sell-off of my only 10,000 Hai Leck shares possible today too. The shares was bought at S$0.26 per share at IPO and is now sold off at just S$0.265 per share. This sell-off resulted in a small calculated loss inclusive of brokerage charges, however, this small loss is reversed into a small profit by an earlier distributed dividend. Reason for this sell-off is to get on with my life.

After three sell-off in a week, I am now left with just four stocks in my stock portfolio and they are Singapore Exchange, Singapore Technologies, UMS Holdings and Healthway Medical. I am planning to offload UMS Holdings and Healthway Medical soon.

Andy Xie view on current economic conditions

Stimulus, Storytelling and Bouncing Bears

20 Jul 2009

There is a saying on the stock market: Sell in May, and go away. Fund managers tend to take summer holidays. Before leaving, they tend to shift portfolios into conservative positions. In statistics jargon, this means decreasing the portfolio beta. When all fund managers do this, it amounts to a significant reduction in risk appetite that can push the market down.

What's occurring now seems to affirm this saying. Stock markets around the world (except China's A-share market) have been trending down since mid-June. The S&P 500 Index bottomed in early March at 676, peaked at 946 in mid-June, and declined to 901 by July 13. Similarly, the Hang Seng Index bottomed at 11,345 in early March, peaked at 18,888 on June 1, and declined to 17,663 on July 13. Other stock markets have shown similar trends. Odds are that the declining trend will continue into August.

At the end of 2008, I predicted a big bear market bounce i…

Powermat - The future of wireless power has arrived

From Powermat website,

"Powermat technology brings safe, simple, and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces including walls, tables, floors and desktops. It is designed to replace the need to access multiple electrical sockets with the flexibility and freedom of wireless power for real-time powering and charging of electronic devices of almost any kind in almost any environment. Powermat technology revolutionizes the way energy is consumed in the every day course of interaction with our environment.

Powermat offers the only scalable solution to transform large work surfaces and wall areas into safe and efficient conductors of electricity and is easily integrated into building construction and furniture design."

Introducing Powermat

Sounds rather cool.

Singapore Petition to Prime Minister on Fair Compensation in Credit-Linked Notes Losses

Ex-CEO of NTUC Income, Mr Tan Kin Lian, is taking the lead in getting signatures from victims of credit-linked notes offered by the Singapore financial institutions and sending the petition to the Prime Minister of Singapore for fair compensation.

The petition letter can be found below.

As of now, there are a total of 465 signatures.

Liverpool Tour of Asia 2009 - Thailand VS Liverpool

As part of Liverpool's Asian tour, they will be playing against Thailand today and then Singapore four days later. But loyal Asian fans will be disappointed that Gerrard did not make the trip due to an ongoing court case while Spanish stars Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso, are unlikely to play much part in the games because of their country’s appearance in the Confederations Cup in South Africa. These two Spanish players may just play part of the again towards the end.

I will be watching the delayed telecast against Thailand later tonight at 11:00pm on Channel 5. Thailand should play beautifully by tradition and I hope Liverpool will not play too many long-ball boring tactics in front of Samba football fans.

Goals and more goals please.

SFC, HKMA and 16 banks reach agreement on Minibonds

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and 16 distributing banks (the Banks) (Note 1) today jointly announce that they have reached an agreement in relation to the repurchase of Lehman Brothers Minibonds from eligible customers.

DBS Hong Kong is not on the list.

SFC, HKMA and 16 banks reach agreement on Minibonds [via]

Watched total solar eclipse on TV today

I witnessed today's total solar eclipse over China' Chengdu and Wuhan on Mediacorp 8 this morning. As the sun was slowly being eclipsed completely, Chengdu and later Wuhan soon turned darkness like night time. It's indeed a spectacular sight.

Simulation on a total solar eclipse

Total solar eclipse seen in Wuhan

Hong Kong Banks Agree to Repurchase Lehman Minibonds

Looks like Hong Kong investors are slowly getting what they wanted after fighting hard for months. Singaporeans affected by the Lehman default can only envy them.

Hong Kong Banks Agree to Repurchase Lehman Minibonds

22 July 2009

BOC Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. and 15 other banks agreed to pay at least 60 cents on the dollar to investors in notes linked to failed Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. after a 10-month dispute that stirred street protests and forced lenders to change the way they sell investment products.

The banks will repurchase the so-called Lehman minibonds in two stages, Securities and Futures Commission Chief Executive Martin Wheatley said at a press conference today. The total compensation will amount to about HK$6.3 billion ($813 million), said central bank Deputy Chief Executive Y.K. Choi.

Hong Kong, where banks sold $1.8 billion of the notes, is an example of how the financial devastation resulting from Lehman’s Sept. 15 bankruptcy rippled across the globe. As the secu…

Temasek Charles Goodyear walks away while Ho Ching stays as CEO

Temasek Holdings and supposedly incoming CEO, Charles Goodyear, have mutually agreed not to proceed with the CEO appointment that was to have taken effect on 1 October 2009. Mr Goodyear is to take the reins as CEO from Ho Ching but he now decided not to proceed due to differences in strategy.

I see this as a very big U-turn by Temasek. Is Temasek losing its plot? I personally do not have confidence in Ho Ching after she lost billions of dollars since she took over as CEO. Her track record before joining Temasek and in Temasek was very bad. Educated with a Engineering background, she joined Temasek Holdings as its CEO and that really puzzles me.

I wonder what made Goodyear changes his mind. Is it because of the "mess" Temasek is in now? Is it because of the transparent but not so transparent practice by a sovereign wealth fund? Goodyear departure means no more good years ahead. Will we see more losses again even in good times like before?

Temasek and Charles Goodyear agree not t…

Brookes fake RMIT certificates suspicion reported since 2007

A week ago, the Ministry of Education (MOE) cancelled registration of Brookes Business School after finding out the school issued fake degrees certificates from Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) for as little as S$12,000.

Today, ChannelNewsAsia reported RMIT had lodged complaint about Brookes to MOE as early as April 2007. MOE took two months to issue Brookes a warning for carrying misleading information on its website and other publicity materials. Two years later, hundreds of students are now left helpless, either without a school or worse still stranded with a fake degree.

I am not sure if the hundreds of students count is an underestimation or could there be several times more than that since the suspicion of such undesired behaviour was sounded out 2 years ago. Does this means RMIT issued degrees by Brookes for the past one or two years can be fakes? The number of private schools in Singapore for the past couple of years has grown exponentially and are …

Moonlighting is wrong

I am aware moonlighting is wrong and the consequences of getting found out by your main employer can result in getting the sack. I remembered telling a colleague that moonlighting is not right in a casual conversation but he ended up arguing with me otherwise. There were many other unnecessary debates between us because of his very lack in general knowledge.

Check with boss before taking on second job [via]

53% of flu cases in Singapore are H1N1 positive

53% of flu cases in Singapore are H1N1 positive

Channel NewsAsia
20 July 2009

SINGAPORE: More than half of flu cases here (53%) are H1N1 positive. The number jumped from just 13 per cent in a span of only four weeks.

The latest data by Singapore's Health Ministry shows that the country is well past the mitigation stage for the management of H1N1 flu cases.

Giving an update in Parliament on Monday, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said the virus circulating in Singapore currently is largely benign, with almost all patients recovering fully.

He added Singapore remains in Yellow alert because unlike seasonal flu, the at-risk groups involve younger adults with underlying medical problems.

Moving forward, Mr Khaw said H1N1 prevalence in the country should peak within a week or two.

He said more Singaporeans will get infected, reaching a peak before the numbers start to decline as in New York where the wave peaked in May and June.

Experts refer to this phenomenon as the community acquiring "he…

YouTube changes its logo to mark Apollo 11 40th anniversary

YouTube changes its logo to mark Apollo 11 40th anniversary.

Profit Taking on Koh Brothers

I just sold off all my 32 lots of Koh Brothers shares today for profit taking after it surged almost 20 per cent in just 2 trading days.

My judgement tells me to take hold of profit and not hold onto it waiting for it to climb higher, in anticipation of a possible better than expected financial result for previous quarter.

The global stock bourses had seen market rally since last Monday and I am not sure how long this will last before there is another correction. The climb in less than 7 trading days is just like a fantasy.

SMRT will not be soft on offenders eating or drinking in trains

According to the below video, there will be a total of approximately 500 enforcement officers patrolling in trains to catch commuters eating or drinking. Do note that eating sweets or drinking plain water are both not allowed too.

First time offenders will be slapped with a S$30 fine. This time round, offenders will not be let off with just a warning.

RazorTV - The Curious Case of the Cores

A lady was fined S$30 for eating a sweet on Singapore train

Singapore recently enforces strict NO eating/drinking regulation on MRT trains. LAst Thursday, an Indian lady was caught and fined S$30 for eating a sweet on Singapore MRT by a SMRT staff. The lady argued with the officer but her explanation was not enough to convince the officer. It is also said that even drinking of plain water is not allowed on trains. First offenders will be slapped with a S$30 fine.

Eating of food like cooked noodles, rice, burgers, and so on, and drinking of drinks other than plain water will carry a S$500 fine. This "NO eating/drinking" prohibited sign is displayed prominently on all trains since day one.

So, what's my view on this S$30 fine for offenders?

Initially, I felt the fine on drinking of plain water on trains is a bit too much. After some serious thinking, I thought drinking of plain water in trains should be prohibited. I understand even if plain water is spilled on the floor of trains, it can dirty the trains, cause discomfort and unneces…

Michael Jackson hair on fire 25 years old video leaked

25 years ago, Michael Jackson's hair was set on fire accidentally while filming for a Pepsi 1984 commercial. Mistimed pyrotechnics has resulted in his hair being ignited and him suffering from second and third-degree burns on his scalp and body, leaving him suffering from severe pains.

It has been claimed that painkillers prescribed to Jackson after the accident kick-started his addiction to strong medication, and the damage to his scalp explains rumours he was completely bald at the time of his death last month from a cardiac arrest. It was also rumoured that the incident kick-started his addiction to plastic surgery.

R.I.P. MJ.

Singapore confirms first H1N1-related death

Singapore has just confirmed its first H1N1-related death. The patient died of a heart attack, contributed by severe pneumonia and H1N1 infection. H1N1, by itself, is not deadly, however, if a patient's immune system is weak, then it could pose a serious threat.

Singapore confirms first H1N1-related death [via]

Jakarta Bombings Condemned

I condemn last Friday's bombings on Jakarta's two five-stars hotels. This terrorist attack was an coordinated well-planned effort to create havoc in the two popular hotels among the tourists. The two hotels being attacked were JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels.

According to news being reported, evacuation conducted by the staff of the hotels were calm and organized. If the terrorists responsible for the attacks wanted to see the tourists or/and Indonesians in disarray or chaos, then they will be very disappointed.

What impact would the bombings have on Indonesia? Very clearly, the now better improved Indonesia's economy with annual growth of more than 4 per cent, could be threatened. One of the first casualties are 100,000 fans who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Premier League champions Manchester United. The soccer team which was supposed to stay at Ritz Carlton when they arrive, had since cancelled their trip to Jakarta. Tens of thousands of soccer fans will be lef…

Second Google Adsense Payment Scheduled

My blog and a long forgotten homepage hongjun.wap both contributed to my second US$100 Google Adsense earnings target.

For this second US$100 earnings, there are a total of 35,578 page impressions and 341 clicks, of which hongjun.wap contributed only 871 page impressions and 3 clicks.

Not going to Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition 2009

Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition 2009 (AICE) is to be held in Suntec City from 18 - 19 July 2009. I believe this event is going to be just another avenue for companies to do their marketing on themselves. My personal opinion on this event is it would be biased and is going to be subjective.

Initially, I decided to attend Saturday's evening session since I am only free that time but now, I have decided to give AICE a miss.

What is “Chindonesia”?

Nicholas Cashmore, a Jakarta-based CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets economist, coined the term “Chindonesia”, which comprises of China, India and Indonesia. “Chindonesia” could be the next economic powerhouse after BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Epure investing in 38m yuan China project

I personally have invested on Epure International and it looks like it is bearing fruits.

Epure investing in 38m yuan China project

The Business Times
July 16, 2009

WATER treatment company Epure International is investing in a 38 million yuan (S$8 million) project in China's Shaanxi province.

The company announced yesterday the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary, Yulin City Jingzhou Water Co, which would handle the investment. The subsidiary has registered capital of 11.4 million yuan.

Under the terms of the build-operate-transfer (BOT) project, Epure and its subsidiary will be allowed to finance, design, construct and operate a municipal waste-water treatment in Yulin city for 25 years.

Incorporation documents for Yulin City Jingzhou Water were submitted on July 7 and approval was received.

Epure, which was named one of the 10 most influential water companies in China, is a leading water and waste-water treatment provider. It diversified into the management of water treatment pla…

Monetary Authority of Singapore Suffers Net Loss of S$9.2 Billion

SINGAPORE, July 16 (Xinhua) -- The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country's central bank, said on Thursday that it has suffered a net loss of 9.2 billion Singapore dollars (about6.43 billion U.S. dollars) in the last financial year ending March2009.

The loss represents about 3.5 percent of the central bank's average total assets, the MAS said in a press conference to unveil its annual report. In the previous year, the profits stood at 7.44 billion Singapore dollars (about 5.2 billion U.S. dollars).

MAS attributed the loss to the current severe economic crisis which has "pared back about 80 percent of the gains in the preceding two years."

Against the tumultuous external backdrop, the Singapore economy contracted sharply, posting an output loss of around 10 percent from its peak a year ago, the steepest decline in its history, by the first quarter this year, it added.

It also warned that despite improved performance in the second quarter, "The domestic ec…

Rally in Stocks

For the past 2-3 days, global stock markets, including the Singapore Exchange, rallied following U.S. indices. In Singapore, investors cheered after GDP for 2009 upgrade, Q2 GDP booster, and today's marginal rise in retail sales as compared to previous month.

At this point in time, the DOW Jones is trading higher by more than 2%. Time to sell soon, in a couple of days' time. Cheers!

Microsoft Office 2010 in Videos

Microsoft is planning to unveil the new Office 2010 suite today and very quickly, their introductory videos are now on YouTube.

I will only selectively post part of Office 2010 package here.

Microsoft Office Applications Introduction 2010

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft Access 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010

The MrBrown Show Answer to NDP 2009 Theme Song - lekuasimi


All my friends say I’m a chiongster
Who like to drink Teh Si
My Civic may be lau pok chia
But can almost hit 50
I just minding my own business
Why the others all cut me?
They change lane don’t use signal and
They always challenge me
Le Kua Simi?
Le Kua Simi?

See the light when turn green, see my super chio rim
Even though your car faster than me, my Honda still more swee
You may think you reach there faster then can order your ice cream
Le Kua Simi….
My car more swee

I only earn 900 but my petrol 550
They say now is the downturn but my car got leather seat
I know my car is not last forever
Because of COE
But a man must have his vision, and his density
Wa Kua Simi
Wa Kua Simi

Find more ger at the bar, when they see my new car
You can feeling the tetno beat, my bass tube sibei tua
I will drive you to Mt Faber and together we see star
Le Kua Simi

Le Kua Simi tonight
Got sea and got mountain
You and me tonight
We going to reach Milky Way
Together we can join to make the downpayment
Get a better car than…

What exactly are Cloud and Cloud Computing?

Cloud and Cloud Computing are in an identity crisis. What if The Cloud saw a psychiatrist? Listen in on the therapy session.

Scene: Office of Dr. Virgil I. Zation, a noted Silicon Valley Psychiatrist. Dr. Zation is having a therapy session with a new patient named Cloud.

Doctor: How can I help you, Mr. Cloud?

Cloud: You can drop the "Mr." and just call me, "The Cloud."

Doctor: Ok, Cloud. What brings you to my office?

Cloud: Doctor, I think I'm in an identity crisis. I just don't seem to know who I am anymore. On the one hand, I'm "The Cloud." I've got a handle on that identity, but now people are talking about "Cloud Computing," and it's really confusing me, and worst of all, it's confusing them!

Doctor: Well, before we get to your identity, tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

Cloud: That's just the point Doctor. I don't know WHAT I do. I've asked around and no one seems to agree on what I do or who …

Swearing can make you feel better, lessen pain

A study conducted by the school of psychology at Britain's Keele University found that swearing can make one feel better as it has a "pain lessening" effect. So, it looks like there is in fact a inverse correlation relationship between swearing and physical pain.

The more you swear, the lesser physical pain you would feel.

Swearing can make you feel better, lessen pain [via]

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