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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brookes fake RMIT certificates suspicion reported since 2007

A week ago, the Ministry of Education (MOE) cancelled registration of Brookes Business School after finding out the school issued fake degrees certificates from Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) for as little as S$12,000.

Today, ChannelNewsAsia reported RMIT had lodged complaint about Brookes to MOE as early as April 2007. MOE took two months to issue Brookes a warning for carrying misleading information on its website and other publicity materials. Two years later, hundreds of students are now left helpless, either without a school or worse still stranded with a fake degree.

I am not sure if the hundreds of students count is an underestimation or could there be several times more than that since the suspicion of such undesired behaviour was sounded out 2 years ago. Does this means RMIT issued degrees by Brookes for the past one or two years can be fakes? The number of private schools in Singapore for the past couple of years has grown exponentially and are they all "clean"?

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