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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The MrBrown Show Answer to NDP 2009 Theme Song - lekuasimi


All my friends say I’m a chiongster
Who like to drink Teh Si
My Civic may be lau pok chia
But can almost hit 50
I just minding my own business
Why the others all cut me?
They change lane don’t use signal and
They always challenge me
Le Kua Simi?
Le Kua Simi?

See the light when turn green, see my super chio rim
Even though your car faster than me, my Honda still more swee
You may think you reach there faster then can order your ice cream
Le Kua Simi….
My car more swee

I only earn 900 but my petrol 550
They say now is the downturn but my car got leather seat
I know my car is not last forever
Because of COE
But a man must have his vision, and his density
Wa Kua Simi
Wa Kua Simi

Find more ger at the bar, when they see my new car
You can feeling the tetno beat, my bass tube sibei tua
I will drive you to Mt Faber and together we see star
Le Kua Simi

Le Kua Simi tonight
Got sea and got mountain
You and me tonight
We going to reach Milky Way
Together we can join to make the downpayment
Get a better car than I can afford

Chor kang cannot keow kar, I must work extra hard
I must work in the sun until my face become chow tar
When patience is a virgin, you must wait long long time
No Ah Beng at the traffic light can hope to challenge me
Le Kua Simi
Le Kua Simi

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