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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jakarta Bombings Condemned

I condemn last Friday's bombings on Jakarta's two five-stars hotels. This terrorist attack was an coordinated well-planned effort to create havoc in the two popular hotels among the tourists. The two hotels being attacked were JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels.

According to news being reported, evacuation conducted by the staff of the hotels were calm and organized. If the terrorists responsible for the attacks wanted to see the tourists or/and Indonesians in disarray or chaos, then they will be very disappointed.

What impact would the bombings have on Indonesia? Very clearly, the now better improved Indonesia's economy with annual growth of more than 4 per cent, could be threatened. One of the first casualties are 100,000 fans who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Premier League champions Manchester United. The soccer team which was supposed to stay at Ritz Carlton when they arrive, had since cancelled their trip to Jakarta. Tens of thousands of soccer fans will be left disappointed. Hotel occupancy rates in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia will be affected by fearful tourists and cancelled business trips by companies.

I strongly condemn any attacks on the innocents.

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