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Friday, July 24, 2009

Full-time NSF tried for not cutting his hair and consuming SAF food

PTE Madana Mohan Das was tried in court for not complying regulations to have his hair cut and consuming food provided by the SAF. Based purely on the article by MINDEF, I would feel the private deserves no sympathy for his court trial. He deserves to be charged and put behind detention barrack for his non-compliance. Each year, thousands of male recruits undergo 2-years of compulsory National Service (NS) and all are required to comply with the standards laid by SAF. I see no reason why PTE Madana should be exempted and treated differently.

MINDEF response to court trial of PTE Madana Mohan Das [via]


  1. I would have to agree with what you have said. There is absolutely no reason for giving him any chance. This kind of browbeating and theatricals should not have a place in a democratic country like Singapore where everyone is treated equally and fairly. And Mindef's inaction too will set the unforgiveable precedence for other would-be Madana Mohansto act up. There will be a total anarchy.


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