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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A lady was fined S$30 for eating a sweet on Singapore train

Singapore recently enforces strict NO eating/drinking regulation on MRT trains. LAst Thursday, an Indian lady was caught and fined S$30 for eating a sweet on Singapore MRT by a SMRT staff. The lady argued with the officer but her explanation was not enough to convince the officer. It is also said that even drinking of plain water is not allowed on trains. First offenders will be slapped with a S$30 fine.

Eating of food like cooked noodles, rice, burgers, and so on, and drinking of drinks other than plain water will carry a S$500 fine. This "NO eating/drinking" prohibited sign is displayed prominently on all trains since day one.

So, what's my view on this S$30 fine for offenders?

Initially, I felt the fine on drinking of plain water on trains is a bit too much. After some serious thinking, I thought drinking of plain water in trains should be prohibited. I understand even if plain water is spilled on the floor of trains, it can dirty the trains, cause discomfort and unnecessary inconveniences to other commuters. Some may argue that they may get thirsty, or mothers need to feed babies with milk from bottles while travelling, there is always an alternative solution. Water coolers can be installed on train concourse area for commuters to make use of if they get thirsty. Water coolers should not be installed on the platforms so the platforms will not get wet and slippery, posing a danger to commuters. Mothers who wish to feed babies with milk can do so on chairs fixed on train concourse. Water coolers with hot water facilities will come handy for the mothers.

Fine on eating sweets on trains should be imposed. However, fines should be on a case-by-case basis e.g. taking medicines should be allowed on trains.

There is no doubt that there will definitely be a grey line when it comes to what is to be allowed and what is not to be allowed. After years of trying to educate commuters to "behave" themselves on trains, I still see people eating Nasi Lemak, finger food like curry puffs. Commuters drinking bubble tea is a common sight too. From my observations, many such offenders are students. Shame on them!

It seems Singaporeans can only learn when their pockets are hurt.

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