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Showing posts from October, 2004
Here comes my report.
My dear contributed 70+ photos for my Ecommerce site and that constitutes close to 80% of all photos I have got at the moment. I have got a total of more than 100 photos (101 to be exact) of Japanese food!!!

All thanks to my dear.
All thanks to my dear for finding several pictures for my website. I will account how many after I finished compiling them.
Coded a total of 4298 lines of code today!
That's 2nd best behind my personal best - recorded during poly days (I think is slightly more than 5000).
I think I am the only one who ever keeps track of number of lines coded per day.
I am a weirdo.
Spent 12 hours coding a very complex 1044 ASP page with about half of it is JavaScript scripts. Of all the many webpages I coded, I think this is the most JavaScript-intensive one. Very proud of it.
1st November Deadline
1. CS3266 E-commerce website due (left with admin site)
2. GEK2000 US History 1,500 words essay (0% completion)
3. CS2281 Programming in Unix Game assignment (0% completion)
I am beginning to love to eat chickens more than usual. I had chicken rice for lunch and chicken wing rice for dinner today! OMG
Today is the third time it rained right after my GEM lecture and is my second time because of rain, I decided not to brave through the rain to attend my Ecommerce lecture.
I scored 5/5 for my CS3266 homework but I am not proud at all because almost all I see had the same score. No competition at all. Don't like this system.

Phase1 evaluation demo also was very brief and short. I did a very extensive and complete project with complete validation but then none was really shown because the demo is only 5 minutes!!! SP is better when it comes to demonstration for practical project. SP always require more than 15 minutes and sometimes even more than 30 minutes. NUS sucks!
My laptop is finally free from virus, worm and trojan horse. When I first log onto the internet after I reinstalled windows, virus, worm, trojan horse plus some spywares came pouring in like nobody business. My ad-aware, spybot and norton managed to catch some but then still there are some left lurking in corners of my harddisk. I am unable to go online because of some stupid trojan horse forbidding IE to go to any pages. I ran several diagnostic tests and found some deserving worth mentioned packages. On top of my original 3 musketeers - ad-aware, spybot and NAV, I am going to add online trend micro url, stinger, HijackThis and process explorer to my maintenance folder.

I am an expert in troubleshooting such similar cases now!
Some updates
1. Spent my last Fri night in NUS with my gf to study. I spent my night there using her laptop working on my CS2281 assignment although I brought mine. Mine just wasn't working because of a corrupted system file.
2. Reached home sleepily on a Sat morning. Formatted my laptop, installed windows, and installed some drivers before going for a bathe. Went to school again.
3. Continue installing drivers and essential software on the bus.
4. Continue my CS2281 and managed to complete it except for formatting and commenting in the afternoon.
5. My new windows have got lots of problem. I think I am going to perform many tests on my system in few hours time.

Cannot imagine I actually did not sleep for 1 Friday night and to carry on with my usual routine without resting or sleeping until later Sat midnight.
So happy for my gf. She scored 53% for her CS2105 network test and I believe 50% is the average. I knew that was a tough paper with many new policies implemented, like getting marks deducted for wrong MCQ answers and that was never the case for my time. On top of that, they even had structured questions!

I am also happy for her stats paper. When I asked her how much she got, she gave me the gloomy look and answered me only after my 2hr lecture. This really made me worried. After my lecture ended, she showed me her script and my worry was all along unnecessary. She scored 66 out of 80! That is above average :)

Keep up the good work.
Myo was back from Bangkok job trip.
Junren will be going to LA this Friday till mid of next month for a job trip.
Wow!!! So envious.
I am enjoying myself in doing CS3266 project. For more than 5 years, I have been helping and answering questions on ASP and now, I am applying it. I think no one will believe someone actually enjoys doing a project.
Very quickly, my To-Do list is growing again with many deadlines to meet.
1st Nov - CS3266 Phase 2
1st Nov - GEK2000 1500 words history essay
My gf told me I haven't had any good sleep since last semester and I never realized that at all. But I think I am doing fine.
Today's UNIX lecture was conducted by a guest lecturer. His programming skills really impressed me. I went on to check out his teaching information and realized he teaches "Competitive Programming"! No wonder he is so fast in programming.
I am starting to worry for my gf. She did not score well for most of her mid-term tests but I cannot do much about that except to try my best to help her academically. However, my ability to help is limited since some modules she took are unfamiliar to me.

I think I also have got myself to worry for having scored not that good for my security test. I scored 26 out of 35 only. I have to pull my socks to be still in contention for at least a B+ grade.

My gf will be having her statistics test tomorrow. Hope this time she can do better. All the best!
I am going to miss my laptop tomorrow.
I will be lending my laptop to my elder brother and I will use my gf's laptop instead.
Had my computer security test about 7 hours ago. Out of the 35 questions, I had got 4 of them wrong because of careless mistakes. Sigh... I hope I can get at least 28 out of 35.