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Google Halloween doodle featuring Scooby Doo comes with a Carousel !

Google latest doodle in celebration of Happy Halloween features Scooby Doo comes with a carousel! This means, you can navigate through a set of 5 doodles using the footprints or the previous/next buttons.

Gmail in mobile works like an app

Gmail mobile for Safari is seeing two improvements to make it work like an app instead of a website. Google is leading the way with HTML 5.0.

Gmail in mobile Safari: now even more like a native app - Official Gmail Blog [via]

Really: New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad

I had a hands-on on Windows Phone 7 recently and really do feel performing text, checking mails and doing social interactions are a lot faster than other phones, however, I believe the above "Really" ad is over exaggerating.

Swiss couple insulted by celebrant in Maldives while renewing wedding vows - Video

A Swiss couple was insulted by a celebrant in a muslim majority Maldives while renewing wedding vows. Curses and insults, calling the couple "swine" and disgraced were spoken by the celebrant in Maldives' own language not understood by the Swiss.

If not for this video posted on the YouTube, I wonder how many more couples were insulted before them. Receiving "blessings" in a language not understood can be dangerous.

Swiss couple victim of marriage 'hate video' in Maldives [via]

SMRT reported fall in net profit

Continued losses on Circle Line = Net profit fell 16.8%. Right to sell months back (SMRT share price has been falling steadily since then). Am still waiting for an opportunity.

Wall Street bankers just earn too much

Don't you agree?

Hedge fund and private equity managers, like professional athletes, put it all on the line every day. But the big banks pay their employees millions to gamble with other people’s money.
On Wall Street: All Reward, No Risk [via]

Advance to the Previous / Next Gmail Message After Archiving or Deleting

In Gmail, you will be brought back to the Inbox after an email is archived or deleted. To change this behaviour, you can enable the "Auto-advance" in Gmail Labs. The default option is to go to the older conversation, but you can also ask Gmail to send you to the newer conversation if you usually read the oldest messages first.

New in Labs: Auto-advance to the next conversation [via]

Messy November

Deadlines and more deadlines from work and school. The worst is project launch date falls on the same day as my exam's, which means I can forget preparing for my exam on the eve of that fateful day.

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Warren Buffett view on investing on Gold

Read for yourself on gold investing for value investors.

"Look," he says, with his usual confident laugh. "You could take all the gold that's ever been mined, and it would fill a cube 67 feet in each direction. For what that's worth at current gold prices, you could buy all -- not some -- all of the farmland in the United States. Plus, you could buy 10 Exxon Mobils, plus have $1 trillion of walking-around money. Or you could have a big cube of metal. Which would you take? Which is going to produce more value?"
Warren Buffett: Forget gold, buy stocks [via]

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TweetDeck CEO backlash against Jobs

Steve Jobs made some direct attacks on Google and Research in Motion in defence of their own "closed" strategy during Apple's earnings call. In his talk, he mentioned TweetDeck was in a nightmare trying to create applications for Android. In the following article, TweetDeck CEO rebutted and said there is never any mention on the "difficulties" in developing applications for Android.

Looks like Apple has made yet another enemy.

TweetDeck CEO continues backlash against Jobs [via]

Got his first ever successful IPO

After more than 3 years, I managed to get my first successful IPO using ATM, though only 1,000 out of 2,000 Global Logistics Properties Trust were allocated.

The other popular coming Mapletree Industrial Trust was unsuccessful and full 100% already refunded. This means, I am only left with 1,000 out of 7,000 of MIT shares gotten during placement period. Hopefully this counter will perform as well as GLP when it gets its turn to list on 21st Oct. GLP has since rose more than 20% since its debut.


Steve Jobs Slams RIM, Google

Below is a transcript of Apple's Steve Jobs' remarks, in Apple's earnings call. His remark lasted about ten minutes. During that time, Jobs rebutted characterizations that the Apple iOS platform is "closed," and positioned Google's Android platform as "fragmented".


Thanks Peter [Oppenheimer, Apple's chief financial officer]. Hi, everybody. As most of you know, I usually don't participate in Apple earnings calls, since you're in such capable hands with Peter and Tim.

But I just couldn't help dropping by for our first $20 billion quarter. I would like to chat about a few things, and stay for the rest of the Q&A, if that's all right.

First, let me discuss iPhone. We sold 14.1 million iPhones in the quarter, which represents a 91 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter, and was well ahead of IDC's latest published estimate of 64 percent growth for the global smartphone market in the September quarter. An…

Google Personalized Birthday Doodle for YOU

From Google official blog, Google will give you a little surprise in the form of a doodle when you visit Google search page on your birthday. Of course you need to first indicate your birth date on your Google profile and be logged onto Google before seeing this special treat.

This week in search 10/16/10 [via]

Downloaded first eBook: Project Gutenberg (1971-2009)

Project Gutenberg (1971-2009)

Author: Marie Lebert
Published: 2009
Language: English
Wordcount: 6,023 / 26 pg
Genres: Essays, History

Project Gutenberg Canada (PGC) was founded on July 1st, 2007, on Canada Day, by Michael Shepard and David Jones. Distributed Proofreaders Canada (DPC) started production in December 2007. There were 100 ebooks in March 2008, in English, French and Italian.

Project Gutenberg sent out 15 million ebooks via CDs and DVDs by snail mail in 2007. A new DVD released in July 2006 included 17,000 ebooks. CD and DVD files have also been generated as ISO files (since 2005) to be downloaded for burning CDs or DVDs on a CD or DVD writer.

Project Gutenberg reached 25,000 books in April 2008. eBook #25000 was "English Book Collectors" (1902), by William Younger Fletcher.

If Gutenberg allowed everyone to get print books at little cost, Project Gutenberg has allowed everyone to get a library of electronic books at no cost on a cheap device like a USB dr…

U.K. banks banned from selling credit insurance

Barclays Plc, Lloyds Banking Group Plc and other U.K. lenders will be banned from selling most types of credit insurance at the same time they sell the underlying financial products, an antitrust regulator said.

The ban is to ensure that the consumer can get products at the best market rate by shopping around and not being pestered by banks selling expensive credit insurance. Hope such measures can be implemented in other countries e.g. Singapore.

U.K. Banks Banned From Some Credit Insurance Sales [via]

Experts-Exchange BBQ Fundraiser for Ethiopia

From here.

Fundraiser raises enough to build second well

This past month experts "exchanged” earned rank t-shirts for a donation to help build a well in Ethiopia. In all, more than 750 t-shirt redemptions were donated and, thanks to the efforts of our generous experts, a large well will be built near a school in the Senale Tabia region.

Inspired by the t-shirt charity challenge, the Experts Exchange home office hosted a fundraiser BBQ last Friday, September 24th. We partnered again with WaterRun, a locally-based non-profit dedicated to providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education to those in need around the world. WaterRun founder Ryan Broersma was on hand to answer questions while family, friends and neighbors gathered to share a meal and contribute to the cause.

In addition to the barbecue, many employees and guests participated in “The Water Challenge.” Each person carried a plastic jug full of water weighing 45 pounds around a 1/8-mile course through the p…

Validate URL using regular expression

Code snippet to validate URL using regular expression in VB.NET language.

Dim s As String = "((https?|ftp|gopher|telnet|file|notes|ms-help):((//)|(\\\\))+.+\.+[\w\d:#@%/;$()~_?\+-=\\\.&']+)" Dim o As New System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(s) If o.IsMatch("") Then 'GOOD Else 'BAD End If

Mapletree Industrial Trust Pre-IPO

Manage to get only 1,000 shares instead of 7,000 due to overwhelming interest. 1,000 shares is really very little but then I still decide to take it.

Shall get more of it from IPO and open market soon.

Nice quote

Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry the person you think you can't live without.Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.3

Wife of Liu Xiaobo ‘Detained’

The Chinese government is detaining Liu Xia, the wife of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Liu Xiabao, at her Beijing apartment. She has not been charged with a crime, however, she is no longer allowed to leave her apartment.

Wife of Liu Xiaobo ‘Detained’ [via]

Doubt mutual funds

When the stock market is appreciating, mutual funds don't seem to rise as much in tandem. I am seriously in doubt how mutual funds work and the transparency of such instruments. Understanding or even finding out formula on its expense is a puzzle to me.

So much for so little

Crap! Spent 2 full nights writing key takeways for McKinsey Case 2 but the weightage is so little! Though I got 3/3, I still have to grumble!

Top 10 pages for past 7 days

GLP next

Mapletree Industrial Trust IPO secured by private invite. Global Logistics Properties Trust IPO now priced at $1.96. Shall snap up this mega launch.

Google Trends Oct 8, 2010 - ACJC Top !

Google Instant Adds EVEN More Keyboard Shortcuts

When Google Instant was launched, it came with several useful keyboard shortcuts to enable search to be more efficient. Today, Google Instant is improved yet again to bring the world even more keyboard shortcuts.

Earlier shortcuts:

Tab/Right arrow: pick the first suggestionUp/Down arrow: select another suggestion from the suggested listRight arrow while selecting a suggestion: I'm feeling luckyEnter/Esc/Delete: ignore the suggestions and find the results for your queryToday, you can navigate through search results by simply using your UP and DOWN arrow keys! Once you found what you want, hit the ENTER key.

Nielsen: Android Is Most Popular Smartphone OS

According to Nielsen, Android is now the most popular smartphone OS ahead of Apple's iOS and RIM's BlackBerry. This statistics is based on the number of smartphones acquired in the month of August 2010.

Google doodle with a video embed - John Lennon Doodle

In celebration of John Lennon's 70th birthday anniversary, Google unveiled a doodle with an embedded video. The video will only play once clicked.

Madam Kwa Geok Choo : 1920 - 2010

Lifted from TodayOnline

It was 1947. Miss Kwa Geok Choo, 27, one of Malaya's top brains, was just two months into law school at Cambridge University when the Christmas holiday started.

The plan was for her and boyfriend, Lee Kuan Yew, 24, to spend some weeks in Stratford-on-Avon and visit the theatre famed for William Shakespeare's plays.

What no one else knew was that the couple was heading to the quaint English town with a newly-bought platinum ring - to be secretly married. It would stay a secret between them for the next 51 years, even after they officially tied the knot here in 1950.

It also marked the start of a union ahead of its time: That between a man and a woman who saw each other as intellectual equals and forged an uncommon partnership in nation-building.

On Saturday, Madam Kwa - soulmate of Singapore's first Prime Minister and mother to its third - died at the age of 89.

"Choo", as Mr Lee, 87, affectionately called her, was his "wife and part…

jQuery getBoundingClientRect syntax error

You may experience a javascript error complaining on the line
var d=b.getBoundingClientRect(),
A solution to the above error is to replace it with the following
try{var d=b.getBoundingClientRect();}catch(ex){var d={top:0,left:0,right:0,bottom:0};}