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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keep Gmail account safe with Gmail security checklist

Gmail new security checklist can be found here.

Help keep your account safe with the Gmail security checklist [via]


  1. My Gmail account is always opened .Can not sighn out.Why?

  2. exactly clear your browser history and cookie.

  3. Somebody Hacked into my GMail account this morning and emailed eveyone on my contact list, Ads for Viagra, etc. Is this common and do I need to change email service's? I already changed my password, what else should I do?

  4. Changing password is the first to be done.
    You can also try to monitor the activity of your Gmail by checking the IP address.

    It is somewhere bottom.

    Last account activity: XXX minutes ago on this computer. ...

  5. once we logon an email id from a new computer, how can we avoid the same email id automatically comes second time in the same system.......

  6. Do not save form information.
    This can be set on IE, firefox, chrome or any other browsers.

  7. just reading these posts i can relate..and wtf is up with viagra? like why are people so hell bent on bombarding you from random accounts trying to sell you that

  8. Pls how do i disallow a User Name and Password,that has the capabilty of accessing my User mail and Password Just by changing only it's User name From Chibaby To Kasugh,even without typing a change on the password,how come same password for different

  9. Dear Sir,

    I am munna singh, my mail id is " ".

    I forgate password of this mail id, which is used another person, therefore i want to close this mail id.
    I request to you please close this mail id.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Munna singh

  10. Do you know how to prevent forwarding in Gmail?

  11. When I was sent and email to A, How to prevent A to chain my email to B.

  12. Do not think it is possible unless you write your own smtp mail agent and changing the sender address.

    However, if I am not wrong, using gmail smtp does not allow you to "hide" the sender address.


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