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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Experts-Exchange BBQ Fundraiser for Ethiopia

From here.

Fundraiser raises enough to build second well

This past month experts "exchanged” earned rank t-shirts for a donation to help build a well in Ethiopia. In all, more than 750 t-shirt redemptions were donated and, thanks to the efforts of our generous experts, a large well will be built near a school in the Senale Tabia region.

Inspired by the t-shirt charity challenge, the Experts Exchange home office hosted a fundraiser BBQ last Friday, September 24th. We partnered again with WaterRun, a locally-based non-profit dedicated to providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education to those in need around the world. WaterRun founder Ryan Broersma was on hand to answer questions while family, friends and neighbors gathered to share a meal and contribute to the cause.

In addition to the barbecue, many employees and guests participated in “The Water Challenge.” Each person carried a plastic jug full of water weighing 45 pounds around a 1/8-mile course through the parking lot, simulating the work women and children of Ethiopia often do up to 48 times per day. Many participants struggled and found it quite difficult to carry the jug the entire way.

“It is much harder than it looks to carry that jug…my arms and body got tired very quickly,” said one employee. “I couldn’t imagine having to carry it for three miles—makes me appreciate getting water out of the tap.”

Check out a video of folks walking the course here.

The barbecue was a success, generating enough funds to build a second well in the Senale Tabia region. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Here is a little more information about the specific water well we’re funding:

Village: Gerebmkurate
District: Hinatolo-Wajirat, Senale Tabia
Region: Southeastern zone of the Tigray
GPS Reading: North - 13 degrees 01’56.9, East - 39 degrees 42’22.5, Elevation – 2255m

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