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Read the below from a forum.

I have been very troubled thinking about a very deep subject (well... kind off ;)

Many people think there are spirits living in houses along with their owners. I'm not about to start a discussion about this argument's authenticity.

If this was true, and you have invisible spirits living in your house and you know they are watching you...

1. Would having intercourse in your bedroom be considered exhibitionism?
2. Would the spirits be considered voyeurist peepers?

I decided to subscribe myself to the thread. Seems interesting to me.
An acquaintance icq-ed me just now

Yifei 3/30/200 12:07 AM Hello Hon Chun!

hongjun 3/30/200 12:07 AM hi

Yifei 3/30/200 12:07 AM Ha! How are you?

hongjun 3/30/200 12:07 AM fine

Yifei 3/30/200 12:08 AM ... fine. standard answer. Anyway, nite!

hongjun 3/30/200 12:08 AM nite nite

This conversation shall go into my weirdest icq session record book... LOL
This is what I heard from the radio.
"Go dig your nose and then eat the . Studies have shown that it is good for your health."
I have lived for 22 years 4 months and till now and yesterday was my first time a friend of mine requested me so seriously to go cut my hair today. Even reminded me again on our way home from school. I think I really ought to make some time to visit a barber.
Yesterday I overslept on the bus and missed my stop on my way home and so had no choice but to walk 2 bus stops.
Today I overslept again and missed all stops after my stop and end up at Hougang interchange. The moment I woke up, I found the bus parked at the bus park! This time I took a cab home.
A friend had a test today and as usual was very careless. FORGOT to WRITE down name for the last question this time. Cannot believe it but it has to be true.
Good luck to all my friends who will be taking a Practical Exam (CS1102) tomorrow.
Aiyo... At this time in the middle of the night still see my friend online studying for the test.
All the best.
My friend told me about the movie "Bug's Life" and how cute that movie was. It will be shown on channel 5 this coming Sunday and bet I either will be doing project that day. Just too bad that my video recorder has long passed away.
I am going to kill someone very soon. One of my project member told me this, "I cannot meet everyday because I have other work commitments. Plus my mom don't like me to stay in school after 6pm". What the hell! What the fuck is this! Deadline is near and the project is only 5% done and here she is telling me this lame excuse.
Test tomorrow
Learnt that today is Osama's birthday but then he will be having 1 less friend to celebrate with because Saddam is captured.
This is what my friend told me today. It is not exactly the same but it is similar.
My friend's mother, "Aiyo, that XXX always so late then sleep. Studying is really very stressful."
My friend's father, "I think first year is like that."

This is what my mom told me today, "I really got to salute you. You seem to be not tired at all even though you are having less than 3 hrs of sleep everyday." My reply, "Of course I am tired but I have got no choice."

Studying used to be an enjoyable process for me and I loved studying. As for now, I think I prefer sitting down doing nothing, watching TV, sleeping, etc. I am facing the fact now that studying is a bit of a chore to me. I jolly know well that staying up late is bad for health and it is I guess my lifespan will shorten every minute without ample rest. God give me more time.

Time god, time god,
1 year = 365 days
1 day = 24 hours
1 hour = 60 minutes
1 minute = 60 seconds
Time god, could you …
Announcement to all! Anyone know anyone working in IT? Need to get a company to upload a proposal for my Industrial Attachement. Able to take in 2 students.
It is a rainy day and it has been raining for the whole day. Many areas are flooded and Bt Timah and Rochor are th worst hit. I had dinner with a friend at Clementi KFC and we ordered "Shrooms meal" each. It cost $2.95 per set and as expected, the serving is quite little for us. Decided to go for a second round. While making our way to a coffeeshop near Mac, we bumped onto 2 very serious people doing project in Mac. haha...

As usual, I took 165 home but then it took more than half an hour and found itself still near Clementi KFC area. It caught into a very serious jam. 2 cars crashed onto each other and blocked 2 lanes which are supposed to be for right turning traffic. 165 is supposed to turn right :( and because of the blockage, it has to turn left. I thought the bus driver will somehow find a wide road and make a U-turn and continue its usual route. But then the stupid bus driver drove all the way back to the bus interchange and had the bus parked. He took another 10 minu…
Yesterday night, I was actually waiting and hoping my friend will sms or call me asking me if I wish to study in school today. But it never came. I decided to send her a good night message with a crappy self-proclaimed theorem "No dreams theorem". "No dreams theorem" states that no dreams is better than sweet dreams because very oftenly one will wake up forgetting what he/she has dreamt of. So I guess it is better to have no dreams than waking up forgetting a sweet dream. Trying to recall a sweet dream can be painful, isn't it?

Enough of my crap. I have been talking rot just too often ever since I entered NS that some of my friends are calling me lamer.

Never mind. I will stay at home.
Made a big hooha today by sending out a mass sms to all my NS friends informing them of a possible activation. I got this news from one of my camp's sergeant and he's now a NUS student. He Ord-ed many months before my friends and so only the sergeants are to be activated and not the men (they ORD-ed for merely 1 month).

Really very sorry about that.
the hawker near my house has finally completed its renovation.
alas, I get to have a taste at my favourite fried prawn noodle.
Was back in school today to do my homework :(
My friend suggested dinner to be at Long John partly because I mentioned I last had it many many months ago. After some discussion, we decided to go down to Tiong Bahru Plaza (after she told me YES there is Long John there). Made a trip there but then eh... see no Long John.. haha.. Live only 10 minutes walking distance away and yet don't know there isn't Long John. So embarassing. Went for Sakae Sushi instead. Boring Sunday afternoon in school but fun evening encounter at Tiong Bahru Plaza. This marks the end of Feb 2003.